Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Coherence Appearance

Tomorrow I have a meeting with a group of wellness providers that I am leading. And we are concentrating on the theme of LinkedIn as part of connecting to our audience, who needs our services, and the technicalities of attracting, communicating, and reaching them.

And the word coherence came up for me. Suggesting the importance of aligning with everything, coherently. With the values we hold dearly. Selecting that which illuminates and resonates with our paths, and the paths of significant others like our families, our clients, our communities, moving brilliantly. Adding flowingly to how the world can be continually evolving lovingly. And peacefully.

And I drew it in a mandala. What coherence looks like in a picture. Visually. People holding hands, moving, forward. From left to right. Across a path united. Rising, and dipping or resting, for decision-making when need be. Intersecting and connecting with the flowing beauty of an energetically seamless heartbeat, along a bright horizon.

Perhaps you can connect to the picture. In your own individual way. What it may mean to you. And meditate with it. That is what I will be doing with the group tomorrow morning when we begin. Linking together some themes of our group cohesively as we move on with our individual and collective illuminated journeys. Refining, fortifying, and deepening, our co-creative relating.
And in your inquiry, with the meditative mandala in heartmind, you may also like to consider:
1. Who are your coherence friends, families, colleagues, customers and communities?
2. How do you energetically and purposefully connect mindfully, heartfully, and taskfully?
3. Where do you flow rhythmically, and how do you intersect abundantly, so that opportunities for co-creation present seamlessly.
4. What are the benefits each person is bringing to the transactions and interactions that are supporting a jointly fulfilling higher purpose into being.
Such a lovely inquiry to be undertaking as you move into the last parts of the year. 
Much love on your coherent connecting.
SaraSwati Shakti

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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Isn't it funny...

I came across a quote today from the legacy of C.S. Lewis. And it said...

Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different.

And it was funny, to come across that quote today, because I had just finished writing a list of all the things I have achieved this year. And the list is longer than I had thought. And more meaningful than I have given my life credit for. Energetically, relationally, and tangibly.

But in every day, it seemed not much was happening, not much was changing.

In the big scheme of things, much has shifted. I feel different. Because daily, mindfully, I was making choices that were right for my life, my values, and my purpose. And from that place, more of what I love has surfaced. And more energy and space is available to give to those around me that I love.

My love list might not be valuable to anyone else. It is personal to me, and very precious. It entails the foundations I am building on for my next steps.

And your life, to you, is precious too. It is truly valuable. And what you do now is foundational to your next steps, and the contributions that you continue to make.

So, with the partial Solar eclipse on our doorstep as a motivation, perhaps it is opportune for you to do an 'Isn't it funny' list to see just how much has been achieved, in your precious life.

1. Write down your achievements and the things that have been working in your life. This makes it real, and encourages more to appear.

2. Acknowledge the foundations that you have built that you know are solid and sound. The things you have focussed on this year. And look at it with gratitude for You and what you do.

3. Define what you now want to build on those foundations, personally and professionally, and what you wish to next see happening.

And may you continue to witness your unfolding as precious and divine, and keep building a brighter new life.

Much love

SaraSwati Shakti

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Confident Competence Steps

The last two weeks has encompassed learning. People letting go of what is known to embark on newer growth. Overcoming uncertainties. Taking the next brave steps on which they are embarking.

Feeling vulnerabilities. Unearthing underlying fears that need clearing.

'I was on a clear path. It was easy. And now it feels clumsy? What do I do? Where can I start?'

Normal inquiries. For each and every mind. When finding itself on a new less certain path. Wanting to fix things quickly, while on a learning path.

And in that state of uncomfortable unknowing, if you feel a time of perceived standstill, and the big 'where next' step keeps pulling, feeling urgent, and pressured, and stressful, then slow down...

1. Keep your heart to task acknowledging the small steps you are building. And processing internally. Developing confidence and competence in and for the next new stage. And looking at the priorities that each day and moment entails.

2. Keep an eye on the big picture you desire, and let it show itself and sort itself out one heart full day at a time. From the simple, to the grand. Treading, body and mind, into braver new land. Asking for reliable guidance wherever you can.

3. Surrendering and learning, one step at a time. Meeting with people, where inspired solutions abound. Paths through confusion, and asking questions, will offer optional movement. Holding the big picture, and the goals solid. And adjusting the plans as you move forward.

4. Choosing what's possible, and realistic, within the values and resources you hold. Adjusting and resting, when necessary. And allowing Divine right timing to enter the mould.

5. One day at a time.

The linear mind struggles with such sureness of sense. Following the heart path with pure intent. Taking account of human frailty, and using acceptance and gentleness around vulnerability. Loving yourself as you create, sure footedness, in a new landscape.

Our world is changing, rapidly, certainly. 

And while busyness may make sense. Perhaps its time to slow down the adrenal tense.

Take it easy on yourself. Build competence, confidence, and presence, in every step.

Much love in a growing heart learning sense.

SaraSwati Shakti

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.

Monday, 13 October 2014

This One Precious Life

How Precious This Life

This One Life

This One Precious life

Your Life

My Life

Our Life

One Life


How Precious!

This One Precious Life

May we Appreciate, Participate, Love, And Venerate

This One Precious Life

May we create Holy Happiness, Blissfulness, Delightfulness, and Heartfulness

In this One Precious Life

This Truly Precious Life.

© SaraSwati Shakti, 2014. All rights reserved.

Monday, 6 October 2014

To Live a Life of Love

The time has come
To refine
What it means
To Live
A Life
Of Love

To Live a Life of Love

Place the words in your heart
Ask your mind
To listen

Your Head to Your Heart

To Live a Life of Love

Leave the words there
As you move through your day

To Live a Life of Love

Hear it
Feel it
Heed it

To Live a Life of Love


And see what happens
As you take care of business
And you go about your day

To Live a Life of Love

Motivated by those words
In your heart
To your mind

To Live a Life of Love

For You and Your World

What it feels like
What it brings up

To Live a Life of Love

What it tastes like
What it wakes up

To Live a Life of Love

What it looks like
What it shakes up

To Live a Life of Love

To Live a Life of Love

© SaraSwati Shakti
All rights reserved.