Saturday, 28 November 2015

InTension of Beauty

Everything that happens to us in the world passes into us. It has become part of the inner temple of the soul and it can never be lost. This is the art of the soul: to harvest your deeper life from all of your experience.

Beautiful words from the late John O'Donohue, an excerpt on his topic on Beauty.

Life presents opportunity to dive deep into the well of soulful existence. To focus on the beauty of you, and humanity, in the whole scheme of reality, in all of it's truth. Glory and Gory. In abundant clarity.

Moving in you, and through you, in deep and meaningful ways.

Enhancing and challenging a soulful experiential eternity for you and those around you.

And in knowing that the soul is beauty, is always seeking beauty, and is comfortable in the company of beauty, creates the opportunity for enhancing the wellspring of beauty and wellbeing that enhances your existence.

And yet, the world view, and your view of you, can often seem much less beautiful, as things confront you, and as you observe the world around you, and that which is presenting to you.

Life can present a continuum of tensions. Sadness beside Joy. Love beside Indifference. Destruction alongside creation. Tightropes of positive action and depressive recession. Battling the head and heart in decisions. And other many tensions to mention. As cycles are turning.

Harvesting the deeper essence is an important part of the process toward finding the inner beauty of your reality, and decision-making, wherever it is in the wheel, for you, rotating.

Feeling, and freeing, your way toward a continuing and sustaining process of greater elation, joy generation, soulful presence, and enlightening, and consequently what you are contributing, becomes more motivating as fruits of inner process for harvesting. 

Balancing the subtle tensions, as your soul continues the journey of unfolding.

And noticing, more readily, appreciatively, and embracingly, John's further words that...

'We continue in our days to wander between the shadowing and the brightening, while all the time a more subtle brightness sustains us',

And, I would add, maintains us, and inspires us, to continue on our way.

Practicing the intention and value of beauty, brightening, and enlightening, us, and the world around us, each and every day.

Much Love

SaraSwati Shakti
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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Entering the Cauldron

The events in the past week globally, and the fire temperatures rising climatically, and energetically, are having an enormous effect on everybody. We have been entering into the fire cauldron of transformation.

And it has been showing up in many ways. Great sadness, angry outbursts, fires, burns, war words, stress, body symptoms, and tension. Both big and small to mention. On a large scale, and for individuals as they are making personal changes.

Walking into the cauldron, burning up attitudes, pushing through fears are the elements, that fire energy brings.

How to choose to deal with fire energy is personal. Remembering that it can warm inspiringly and gently, or burn greatly. It can be cooled, fanned, or made temperate. It can simmer or sizzle. Or burn to a frazzle.

Pausing, and Surrendering. Choosing carefully, actions, thoughts, words, and values, in dealing with responses and people, when fire energy is significant, is becoming more paramount in managing graceful and dignified breakthroughs.

As leaders of self, and others, and with your families, adopting and offering options to overcome fear-based stress and tension, as a form of solution management during transformation is an important action.

Uncertainty can bring anxiety. About many things. Emotional intelligence is necessary.

And as you or your people are walking into areas that worry you, that challenge you, fire energy can be present. As you enter into the cauldron, and overcome obstacles, as difficult as they may appear, you are burning through things that no longer serve you, in meeting the objectives that you're moving into.

It is a process that may warrant taking extra tender loving care for you, and those around you.

Meditation, rest, relaxation, hydration, adequate sleep, therapy, coaching, self-care and awareness, to ease bubbling anxiousness, can provide exactly the right space to get perspective.

Releasing pressure by becoming accountable for Selfhood, taking right action, and moving forward maintains an element of heatproof.

Taking steps to adequately calm and relax, and communicate, can make an enormous difference when temperatures rise and intensify.

Take care with fire energy, as it burns around you and in you, and as you enter the cauldron of improved Selfhood.

SaraSwati Shakti

Copyright © 2015.All rights reserved.