Thursday, 10 December 2015


There is a word that I have always liked. The word is PACE. And it tends to present itself quite regularly this time of year, when life amps up a pace, with a pre-Christmas cheer race. Reminding me to pace myself.

And that's when I link it in with another meaning. One I like even more appreciatively. The Italian meaning, albeit pronounced differently, PACE, meaning, PEACE.


Cutting back on complexity, and making it a time of meaningful simplicity, deliberately, and how it feels within.


That's The Christmas Present.


A PEACE PACE. To appreciate the season, leading into Christmas.

Scheduling, to take account, and invite in, the Christmas feeling. With a PACE of PEACE.

Being receptive to the art of slow, contentment, and deliberate savouring of the beauty a PACE of PEACE brings. So that the sacredness of Christmas, and what it means, really, sets in.

Fitting PEACE in.

Because waiting for peace, for a later date, is less appealing, than feeling it right here. Leading up to, and throughout, Christmas.

Finding, and savouring it now, during the time it is meant to set in, and embedding it, into the scheme of things, regularly, creates it more tangibly as a set point for longevity, and into next year.

A PACE of PEACE. In time, mind, heart and relating. Really appreciating. The peaceful beauty that the season brings. And the wonder it brings.

Validating it as a word, a prayer, and a regular activity, so that the Peace on Earth we sing this time of year, can open as more of a possibility, collectively, as the real thing.

An inner aspect radiating out into the world, and mirroring back more genuinely. Practicing a PACE of PEACE, weaving it in, and rippling it out energetically, into the wider scheme of things.

Willing, and creating, a PACE of PEACE for the rest of the year, and carrying it wholeheartedly and giftedly into 2016.

SaraSwati Shakti

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Saturday, 28 November 2015

InTension of Beauty

Everything that happens to us in the world passes into us. It has become part of the inner temple of the soul and it can never be lost. This is the art of the soul: to harvest your deeper life from all of your experience.

Beautiful words from the late John O'Donohue, an excerpt on his topic on Beauty.

Life presents opportunity to dive deep into the well of soulful existence. To focus on the beauty of you, and humanity, in the whole scheme of reality, in all of it's truth. Glory and Gory. In abundant clarity.

Moving in you, and through you, in deep and meaningful ways.

Enhancing and challenging a soulful experiential eternity for you and those around you.

And in knowing that the soul is beauty, is always seeking beauty, and is comfortable in the company of beauty, creates the opportunity for enhancing the wellspring of beauty and wellbeing that enhances your existence.

And yet, the world view, and your view of you, can often seem much less beautiful, as things confront you, and as you observe the world around you, and that which is presenting to you.

Life can present a continuum of tensions. Sadness beside Joy. Love beside Indifference. Destruction alongside creation. Tightropes of positive action and depressive recession. Battling the head and heart in decisions. And other many tensions to mention. As cycles are turning.

Harvesting the deeper essence is an important part of the process toward finding the inner beauty of your reality, and decision-making, wherever it is in the wheel, for you, rotating.

Feeling, and freeing, your way toward a continuing and sustaining process of greater elation, joy generation, soulful presence, and enlightening, and consequently what you are contributing, becomes more motivating as fruits of inner process for harvesting. 

Balancing the subtle tensions, as your soul continues the journey of unfolding.

And noticing, more readily, appreciatively, and embracingly, John's further words that...

'We continue in our days to wander between the shadowing and the brightening, while all the time a more subtle brightness sustains us',

And, I would add, maintains us, and inspires us, to continue on our way.

Practicing the intention and value of beauty, brightening, and enlightening, us, and the world around us, each and every day.

Much Love

SaraSwati Shakti
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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Entering the Cauldron

The events in the past week globally, and the fire temperatures rising climatically, and energetically, are having an enormous effect on everybody. We have been entering into the fire cauldron of transformation.

And it has been showing up in many ways. Great sadness, angry outbursts, fires, burns, war words, stress, body symptoms, and tension. Both big and small to mention. On a large scale, and for individuals as they are making personal changes.

Walking into the cauldron, burning up attitudes, pushing through fears are the elements, that fire energy brings.

How to choose to deal with fire energy is personal. Remembering that it can warm inspiringly and gently, or burn greatly. It can be cooled, fanned, or made temperate. It can simmer or sizzle. Or burn to a frazzle.

Pausing, and Surrendering. Choosing carefully, actions, thoughts, words, and values, in dealing with responses and people, when fire energy is significant, is becoming more paramount in managing graceful and dignified breakthroughs.

As leaders of self, and others, and with your families, adopting and offering options to overcome fear-based stress and tension, as a form of solution management during transformation is an important action.

Uncertainty can bring anxiety. About many things. Emotional intelligence is necessary.

And as you or your people are walking into areas that worry you, that challenge you, fire energy can be present. As you enter into the cauldron, and overcome obstacles, as difficult as they may appear, you are burning through things that no longer serve you, in meeting the objectives that you're moving into.

It is a process that may warrant taking extra tender loving care for you, and those around you.

Meditation, rest, relaxation, hydration, adequate sleep, therapy, coaching, self-care and awareness, to ease bubbling anxiousness, can provide exactly the right space to get perspective.

Releasing pressure by becoming accountable for Selfhood, taking right action, and moving forward maintains an element of heatproof.

Taking steps to adequately calm and relax, and communicate, can make an enormous difference when temperatures rise and intensify.

Take care with fire energy, as it burns around you and in you, and as you enter the cauldron of improved Selfhood.

SaraSwati Shakti

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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The art of meaning

The Art Gallery of NSW opened an exhibition last weekend called The Greats, Masterpieces from the National Galleries of Scotland.

Along with the Gallery's wider collection, Rembrandt, Monet, Constable, Gainsborough, and my personal favourites Botticelli, Leighton, and Gauguin, it offered a marvellous afternoon of enjoyment, interpretation, and meaning, accompanying each of the pieces in the quietude of appreciation.

Art speaks in many languages. Languages of perception, symbolism, connection, and experiences.

And art touches each person individually in their reaction, and interpretation, at a particular moment. And that connection can change, depending on experiences, thoughts and emotions.

Each art piece is a life of detail and perspective in it's own emergence, totality and story.

Just like you and me. Each an art piece of evolving meaning.

And there are many, many layers of meaning.

Just like for you and me.

One of the stunning pieces in the collection is Botticelli's The Virgin adoring the sleeping Christ child.

My experience of it was holistic, and influenced by my training in psychotherapy, spirituality, and art as symbolism in context of the whole piece. To me it reflected motherhood, peace and abundance. In contrast, the narrator on the audio focussed on the Christ child, a more detailed element of the piece, and an impending death theme. Forming a completely different art of meaning. Likewise our interpretations on the position in which the Christ child was sleeping was of a different perspective.

The art of meaning can be affected by many influences, and preferences in the context of time, detail, knowledge, history, memory, contemporary reality, and mastery.

Observing an art piece is like observing life at a point in time. It offers a snapshot. And a meaning as you relate to it.

And art, like life, reveals an evolving mystery. Of detail, and larger landscape, as it touches and inspires you personally, in heart, mind, and body.

Opening the heart, mind, and body into an expanding sensory can connect you to a side of yourself that forms a part of that mystery as it is unfolding.

That is why many wisdom traditions incorporate art and symbolism so frequently. To provide connection to a deeper landscape, an inner-knowing, access to universal archetypes, identity and mastery.

Observing the detail as well as the landscape, can connect you to parts of yourself that have been latent, and can offer rich and vibrant connection. Revealing attitudes, beliefs, inspirations and meanings peculiar to your reality.

And knowing when to look at the wider landscape of your life, and when to dive more deeply into the detail of your behaviours and identity, can also be a progressively important artistic process in your life.

Understanding your changing dynamic unfolding as a wider mystery, can be both fascinating, and enlightening, as a way of acknowledging you and your life as a masterpiece.

And building a sense of self appreciation, robustness and belonging to a process that is both a part of you, and a mystery bigger than you is the wonder of creation. And an area always available for review.

Enjoy the art of meaning that is you. And the masterpiece of greatness that it brings into your world view.

SaraSwati Shakti

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Saturday, 17 October 2015

At the still centre...

Last week I had an opportunity to see a performance by the Sufi Chamber Orchestra and Whirling Dervishes in Sydney. It was a mesmerising experience. And one that touched me greatly, flooding back to me my love of Rumi.

And I have been re-immersing myself in his poetry.

A silent space touched again by it completely.

Rumi, a great guide to spiritual growth, addressed humanity as a whole.

His poetry is recited extensively across many traditions around the globe. Focussing on the intensity and extensivity of Love, in, and through, the human being.

The event focussed on the mystical and musical SEMA ceremony of the whirling dervishes, declared by UNESCO as one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

And how beautiful to have experienced it, live, locally. It was all encompassing. And moving. In the witnessing, of honouring a beautiful ritual ceremony.

At the still centre of the turning world.

The ritual is a physical way to reach a higher degree of spirituality. The whirling representing the way electrons and planets spin. And the dervish journeys to the truth, and advances there. Revolving around the heart, embracing all humankind, all creation, with affection, and love.

At the still centre of the turning world.

Finding that still centre is an important process. Developing a ritual to connect to the inner space creates an ability to cut through to the heart of things.

Consider it.

Creating space, stillness, at the centre, of your turning world. White space that cuts through the busyness. Meditative practice, rituals, restfulness. And creative immersive elements.

Giving your heartmindbody permission to reach a soulful truth. Listening, in the pinpointing presence. And acquiring that sweet centred essence of knowledge necessary for you in your revolving and evolving world.

SaraSwati Shakti

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Saturday, 10 October 2015

From Little Things...

A former client recently dropped a book in to me. A book that she had completed earlier that week. She wanted me to share in her reverie, of what was increasingly making sense to her new state of being, and her continued development.

It's a book by James Wallman, called Stuffocation, Living More With Less. It fundamentally focusses on the process of decluttering.

And, for me, it called to mind that place of constant stuffocation, of accumulating, and of excessive busyness, that is diminishing to humanness. And clearing it. For uplifting.

Many of you may be more regularly in that place of creating, or re-creating, in a dynamic of change that is accelerating. Working out how to live valuably daily while staying focussed on where you're heading, what you're needing and wanting, and how you're continually creating a new reality.

And it may be tempting to accelerate and maintain a process of moving more rapidly, competitively, aggressively, anxiously on all cylinders, constantly.

To rush.

To push.

Before the river is ready.

Suffocating, and Stuffocating, the necessary process of it falling into place more swimmingly, peacefully.

Slowing down, a little more patiently, for the current to run through, and with you, more easily, for your part in the play unfolding, helps you achieve it more consistently.

Allowing the ducks line up, so that the process falls into place increasingly effortlessly.

Letting go of what's not important, patiently, and creating space for opportunity as it comes knocking.

Just as any organisation goes through life cycles, so do people, in lifespan development, and energetic attunement.

And where you are on your lifespan, and what you are experiencing, can be complimenting or contradicting your fulfilment and well-being, and the well-being of those around you.

A delicate balance of decluttering internally, and externally, regularly, assists you to recalibrate your emotional and cognitive experiences, so you can let go to the bigger process, more gracefully.

Spending time validly identifying and clarifying attitudes, beliefs, patterns, behaviours, things, systems, that are inhibiting your ideal next stage of happiness development, is of benefit. Reviewing. Attuning. And then, detaching.

A well executed internal restructure, can be a brilliant circuit breaker, to avoid being too exhausted to glide easily into your next stage of development.

Let go, and breathe, regularly. Float above your experiences to look at the bigger picture of your life, scope the map out, the values and vision you wish to create, and mindfully and heartfully, act, right timingly, with the changes you will accommodate.

Have a good look at where things are at, and declutter progressively. Ongoing little steps, every few months, taking a stocktake, makes a big difference. It is a great way to stay ready for the next opening, so you are better able to accommodate and embrace opportunities co-operatively as they present in a changing dynamic.

Make way for the good and great you wish to cultivate. Because From Little Things, as Paul Kelly so adeptly sings, Big Things Grow.

SaraSwati Shakti

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Friday, 25 September 2015

Puff and Stuff

In the last few weeks I have been reminded several times of a show from my childhood and wondering why it was presenting so regularly. H. R. PUFNSTUF. Do you know it?

I watched it again, but it gave me no real sense of what was needed. Until I listened, to the theme song that introduces it...

H.R. PUFNSTUF. Who's your friend when things get rough.

And in my own stream of thinking, it occurred to me that it was a theme presenting with a number of people I was seeing.  About the Puff, and Stuff, people get involved in that is getting in the way of their real life living, and decision-making.

Many of my clients have come to me after an event that has affected them. They may be feeling confused, misunderstood, at the end of their tether, or at a cross roads and unable to work through it.

Finding themselves in a situation that is not working smoothly.

And while they have many people and friends around them, no-one seems, to them, to be listening, to what they have been needing.

It can be a common story.

And often times, when I drill down into the story, it's a pattern that has been ongoing. And this time they are being presented with a new opportunity. To listen, authentically, and adequately, to themselves, and to become their own best friend.

In many ways it is easier to get caught in the Puff, and Stuff, of the world around. And to be captured by behaviours, attitudes and thoughts, than it is to really stop and listen to what's real and important, in the moment. And to do something about it.

I feel privileged to be in a position to do the listening, reflecting back, and assisting with better self-awareness, that consequently helps to build a kinder and more fulfilling self-relationship, and better decision-making.

Identifying where their private testimony and public persona are inconsistent, and finding that sweet spot in between. That place that works better for them. That place that is more authentically real as they are evolving. And building their own steam, of self esteem, as they are re-building.

I am what I am. Nothing more. Nothing Less. The middle ground between inflatedness and deflatedness.

Wonderful words that I memorised long ago. From recollection, by Robert A Johnson.

Those words remind me of that ideal place between the Puff and Stuff. Where things just flow. That place that defines what is most important, while travelling along the road.

When you have a moment. Meditate on it.

I am what I am. Nothing more. Nothing less. The middle ground between inflatedness and deflatedness.

And see what comes up. Listen, for what is authentically true in those words for you. And what Puff and Stuff is getting in the way of that for you.

Enjoy your friendships, and befriend yourself too.

Much Love

SaraSwati Shakti

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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The Winds of Change

The Winds of Change. A poem I wrote three years ago. On a September day, when the winds blow wild, windy and warm.

Good days to spend some time, to go within, be silent, and set an intent, while you meditate, as the winds whirl around you.

And be mindful of what heartfelt world you wish to create, for you and those around you.

The Winds of Change are blowing
Maintain your inner knowing

The Angels are A'Rushing
Cleaning, Clearing, Flushing

Surrender to the Power
Where new things will take Flower

The seeds have all been planted
Just sow with glowing lantern

The fertile soil, God's Garden
You've asked, and it is Granted

Taking heartfelt actions along your way. Daily requirements in work, rest and play. As your life's journey awakes.

Changes can be challenging. Sometimes you don't quite know where life will take you. Your vision and the higher plan may not quite correlate, in the interim, and may, at times, astound you.

Nor can you always know for sure how the world will change you. And how you will change things around you. Yet, holding the intention of values that inspire you, can inform you, and create you. With cycle's turning, as your future progressively comes into view. A future that is purpose built for you.

May your life blossom and glow. As you Stay in the Know. Of Your Grow. While the Winds of Change softly Bellow.

Happy meditating. And Gardening.

Much love

SaraSwati Shakti

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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Father Love Legacy

It has been a week of connecting to fatherhood, with Father's Day a key feature this weekend.

It's Father's Day, Early Spring
What seeds of life those men brought in!

Their children are sprouting all over the place
Spreading more blessings for the world's embrace

How important their guidance
  And their protection
Building the best
  Of paternal connection

Happy Father's Day all daddy's true
Your Legacy is in front of you.

It's a poem I wrote some time ago. And it came to mind again as I sat down to write this weekend. Thank you to daddy's true.

And contemplating on it again on many levels, two particulary stood out for me with events this year.

For families without fathers: Legacy Week this past week, highlighted, and raised the torch, for widows and children of fallen soldiers. An annual appeal, and a perpetual need. For me I am lucky, I still have my dad, and while I see him regularly, we spent time together especially, to celebrate him. For Legacy families theirs are no longer here. Supporting women to lead their growing families, in the absence of fathers who risked everything in the call of duty, continues their legacy.

For fathers looking for safety and hope for their families: The message was brought home so potently with the plight of refugees as they move across roads, borders and seas. Searching for a better future, and a safe haven for their families as their priority. My own dad was a refugee, and as I witnessed the stories on the news reels, I wondered what may have become of him and his future family, had he not found himself with my mother safely on the shores of Sydney. 

A moving week indeed. Knowing that in one instant, or through a series of events, everything can change for a family. And appreciating Father Love blessings.

Much Love

SaraSwati Shakti

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Friday, 7 August 2015

One Single Orchid

On a trek in nature this past week, in a beloved bushland near my home, I happen chanced upon a group of people walking. Like me, enjoying, an opportunity to mingle, with an enchanting morning.

It is rare to come across others on my dates with solitude on this particular walk. Communing with the magic of my surroundings.

A favourite place where my inner world rests with it's own loving heartlings and mindings.

Providing a few quiet hours of raw beauty, and unity, with the weather inside and outside of me.

With the wildlife brilliantly intruding, regularly, in it's own freedom, to just be.

One woman, this day, shared her own enchantment, joyfully.

Intent on pointing out to me, something new, and original, that meant a great deal.

An orchid blooming.

One, single, rare, wild, orchid, amongst the bushland greenery.

Tiny, and Majestic, in amongst the scenery.

Can you see me? It spoke gently, in it's offering.


We did.

And we marvelled.

And appreciated.

And remarked, on the splendour, of this magical event.

Unmissed. Noticed. And reverent, to it's song sung to this passing audience.


Bringing in new Springtime bling, early.

Stunning. Beauty.

A heartfelt moment shared.

May you too contemplate your blooming. Your single, rare beauty, leading into brilliant Spring. And may it be shared splendidly.

SaraSwati Shakti

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Illustration: One Single Orchid © SaraSwati Shakti 2015. From her Heart Art collection. Heart Art is a registered therapy services trademark of SaraSwati Shakti.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Meant for Fulfilment

Have you noticed that gratitude feeling of full? When your body is communicating happiness to you.

That feeling of sufficient, glad, satisfaction, content.

The just right sense that Goldilocks meant.

That wonderful feeling of appreciation. 

Cultivate that feeling.

When the sun is shining. The day is warming. Your body is healthy. Your heart's expanding.

Cultivate that feeling.

Each bit of the day, that is bringing joy, and what you love, so dearly.

Cultivate that feeling.

All the bits that fill you to bits. All the things in life that you love to bits.

And the ways they make you feel. Whatever that is.

Fullsome Fullfillment is where it is.

Cultivate those bits.

Fill yourself up, whenever you need, with those feelings, deliberately. With all the pieces that make up the jigsaw puzzle of what is good, for you, in your world, perpetually.

Enjoy it utterly, and constantly.

Positively creating your reality.

Finding the natural feeling, of worth to you, and in you. Abundantly.

Notice it, in each minute it's here.


Knowing that all you have been going through, has been creating the life that is right, for you, with the choices you make, and the actions you take, each instant. As you choose the path of true you. With courage. And beauty too.

Focussing on the life that is meant for you.

An obligation of Fulfilment.

Of Heartfelt Intent.

Of Happiness Meant.

That's why you're here.

Meant, for Fulfilment.

SaraSwati Shakti

© Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.

Photo Illustration:  Fullsome Fullfillment by SaraSwati Shakti © 2015 from her Heart Art collection. Heart Art is a registered therapeutic service trademark of SaraSwati Shakti.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Structure and Spirit

Last week completed with a day of appointments in the city. Another raining day was presenting. Another opportunity to slow down, refine the mind, clear the unnecessary, and get to my destiny, more comfortably.

And in the slowing down between travelling, and meeting, I paused for another connection. A connection with my solitude, and stillness, in the busy city. To those finer things of brilliance and meaning. Meditating.

In the beautiful new relationship that I have developed. Getting acquainted with a building. The Anglican Parish of Christ Church St Laurence, poking unobtrusively, between buildings in Central, in the City. I have discovered it recently. A little gem waiting to serve a need. To sit in shelter and quiet peace, with spirit, inside, of busy.

Offering such great beauty, and clarity. Amongst the structure, the ritual, and the art. Reinforcing a symbol of perpetual heart.

And grounded so solidly, with rooftop peaks reaching up to the heavens, resplendent with sacred symbology. To connect to a personal rendition, of heartfelt vision. Standing between the higher mind, and earth mission.

And, in amongst this restful quietude, I had occasion to discover the richness of the frescoes. And the artwork of Earle Backen, undeniably beautiful, in the ancient icon Orthodox tradition, and with a modern personal flair in it's detailed condition.

I love how art can cross traditions, and build bridges between peoples, cultures, and visions. A language so personal to the artist, and viewer. Yet universal in it's intent. To bring the soul closer to it's ascent.

Such a peaceful, uplifting, and grounding, visit. With Structure and Spirit.

May you find your quietude, to connect to your ascent, and the things that bring beauty and peace to ground your soulful intent. In the perpetual heart temple that is you.

Much love

SaraSwati Shakti

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Photo Illustration: Perpetual Heart by SaraSwati Shakti © 2015. From her Heart Art collection. Heart Art is a registered therapeutic service trademark of SaraSwati Shakti.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

The Truth of Beauty

I have been thinking on the truth of beauty. And how we each see it. When I came across the makings of a poem in an old manuscript, amongst some notes I was clearing. The poem, describing a day progressing, reflected on contrasts while going to work in a busy city. And here it is...

The house is dishevelled. But I've hugged my child.

The lawn needs a mow. But oh, the grass has a dewy glow on my feet as it grows.

The windows need cleaning. Yet the patterns glisten with the Sun streaming, creating dreamy pictures, in the evening.

The bills are strewn, being paid on the run...Yet my dog's been washed, and he's soft to the touch.

This rug's a little worn. But it's rich in colour and gloriously proud.

A focus, on the bright, un-forlorn. A new dawn in the morn. A new norm.

Then the rain pummels down on the trip into town. I slow down, and watch. A beautiful chaotic of colour I found. A new morn. A new norm.

A walk, and a bus, and a train all in one, travelling the route to the day to be done. My feet on the run.

I buy shoes that are flat, throw stillettos to the ground. My hips now move better as I step on a cloud. A new morn. A new norm.

A client in tears, with mascara running down, more beautiful than ever as her guard comes down, clearing the way for more real work to get done.

The perfection previously perennial, a new attitude now preferable.

The spiritual sensuality of a heart now found, with mind, body and soul unbound. Noticing the pleasures all around. Participating in the feelings, out loud.

Open, for beauty. Slowing down. The wild sensual world of sight and sound.

From an abandoned manuscript 'Dying to the Old, of Controlled', now re-found.

The truth of beauty is in the attitude you find. Your own spirituality. Your own soulful reality. An attitude you choose to listen to. The practices that maintain you. The beauty you attend to.

And in that contemplating I recalled a friend's story in the retelling, with a varied attitude that it too was unfolding. Called, My Life Sucks, It's Amazing. Perhaps you will find the beauty message in it for you.

Consider where the truth of beauty is uniquely rich for you, the poetry that life creates for you. The poetry you bring into a life that is true.

Much Love

SaraSwati Shakti

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Illustration: Flames of Beauty by SaraSwati Shakti © 2015. From her Heart Art collection. Heart Art is a registered therapeutic service trademark of SaraSwati Shakti.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Natural Joy

Notice the Joy
That sets in

When you pause
For the in love things

When you pay attention
Taking it all in

The love in things
And all they bring

Natural joy comes 'round
And settles in

A riveting feeling

A heartfelt singing

Into everything

A Wellspring

Your loving psyche

Your living being

Natural Joy

SaraSwati Shakti

Copyright © 2015. All rights reserved.

Photo illustration: Wellspring mandala by SaraSwati Shakti © 2015. From her Heart Art Collection. Heart Art is a registered therapeutic service trademark of SaraSwati Shakti. 

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Sweet Kisses

When the news looks bad
And the world is sad
It's a time to refine
Where the Soul is Glad
A Soul Kiss,
A Heart's Bliss

Heart Blisses, Soul Kisses
The Sweetest Things
Happenings, Around Us
News stories, differing...

A Boy waiting
With an Umbrella
For another, Juggling
School Bag and paraphernalia
A Good Fella, Helping

A smile at the Checkout
At supermarket peak hour
And a Laugh Out Loud
Of patience, found
In a grocery traffic crowd

A whistle in the wind
As a couple walks by
Getting drenched
In the rains, washing from high
A nod and a wink, happy to be alive

A delectable chocolate
At a David Jones counter
Offered for tasting
With European banter
A sweet treat, in any language, a delicious sigh

A call from a friend
Been away, for awhile
Nothing affected
Conversation connected
From a time long by

The little things
The sweetest things
Countless happenings, around
Eternal echo's, worth noticing
Little news stories, abound

Sweet kisses, Soul Blisses
Profound Gladness, Filling you up,
Heart blesses, Love caresses
Overcome stresses.
Lucky. To be alive.

SaraSwati Shakti

Copyright © 2015, All Rights Reserved

Photo Art: Sweet Soul Kisses by SaraSwati Shakti © 2015. From her Heart Art collection. Heart Art is a registered Therapeutic Service Trademark of SaraSwati Shakti.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Holy Moments, For Us

What a time it has been
Tuning in
To the moments
Of living
rich contemplative happenings
In the world around
And within

Holy moments
That the life surrounding
Is confounding, and finding

Our challenging frailties
And happy comfortabilities
A diverse and common humanity
Around, and within

Happen chances
Happen stances
momentarily, and daily
To meet and greet

Evolving opportunities
To listen
And make a difference
In the moment
Of how we live our lives
For Us.

Slowing, for the wondrous
Holy moments
And outside
Of Us

The world within me
The world within you
Extraordinary and Glorious

Holy moments
Noticing them
For me
For you
For Us

SaraSwati Shakti

Copyright © 2015. All rights reserved.

Photo Artwork: Mirrors Of Us by SaraSwati Shakti © 2015, from her Heart Art collection. Heart Art is a registered therapeutic service trademark of SaraSwati Shakti.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Soul Flames Lit, in Business.

This week I had the privilege of addressing a business meeting. A group of women, small business leaders in various industries, in a very large community, was gathering. Buzzing with brilliance  in the businesses they are building. I was invited there to talk about Loving Psyche, and what it means to business.

A wonderful hour was spent imparting, and focusing, poetically and artistically, on navigating new territory in the world of business today. And the circumstances of our lives transforming, rapidly, from old paradigms, shifting, to a new age.

I explained that the meaning of Psyche is Soul. And that both they and their businesses have an energetic soulful existence.

And I also reflected on Psyche as the Goddess in Greek mythology, in the story of Eros and Psyche. Psyche is the Goddess of the Soul. And the myth is relevant because it talks of the tasks a woman must take to become whole. Tasks that are also fundamental to each woman who is a leader in business.

Psyche had spiritual tasks to achieve to succeed. And I explored one task in the timeframe from Psyche's story for the audience. Psyche's first task. To sort the seeds.

Psyche had to spend the night in a granary filled with seeds of different sorts, and to sort them by daybreak.

And what that means in modern day is to choose what is right in the whole scheme of things. Learning to set priorities and decide what really matters, as a whole soul human being, doing the leading in business and a life of meaning.

Fortunately for Psyche, when she grew most hopeless, ants appeared and taught her how to sort them, and helped her in need.

It gives us a message, as all good myth stories do, about making choices more lovingly to succeed, holistically. Getting help when in need. Taking care of what's important and critical when dealing with people.

And that became the analogy for how to live a life purposefully. And run a business more mindfully. To take care of leadership holistically. And to think about business in a new way. Lovingly, humanly, and the why of it's being, in context of a complete life living.

And also, that every business has a soul, a collective, that reflects the people in it. An energetic system as well as the tasks, skills and products in it. All the intentions, choices, and actions, that are made, constitutes the prayers that create, or break, momentum.

How the story translated pragmatically to the group, in summary, from the hour long reverie, was to focus on four priority seed sorting areas for being holistic leaders, that you may also consider:

Love Yourself : Sort your needs and wants. Each cycle in your life, and each event that presents to you or confronts you can test you, and your limits as human beings. It can require re-setting daily how to act, and react compassionately. Sometimes it's a breeze, and sometimes it's not easy, to do it lovingly. Sorting the seeds of what is important in each moment for your health and wellbeing as a living, breathing, person helps build joy and resilience.

Love Your Families : Know that those you go home to, deserve the best from you. If you have children, they are your dharma, and primary purpose, as the lives you put on earth to nurture. And each change in the family paradigm requires adjusting, communication, hugging, and building a sanctuary, of friendly fun, and safety. Considering removing pressure that is unnecessary, simplifying, and sharing responsibility.

Love Your Work: The place you spend much of your directional time, and external purpose, acting in the world. Building happiness as the key to success in what you do. Knowing your strengths, ambitions, and inspirations, and the why of your business and career existence. Know what activities make you happy, flow through you, and energise you. What naturally draws you. And build those into the scheme of things. To reveal your path and what you are here to do. Sort the seeds that work in business. And get help that you need.

Love Your Surroundings:  Mother Earth is also an energy body, and is calling on our assistance for her being-ness and beautiful existence. And caring for her, loving her as our collective home is important. For longevity and healthy, creative living for now and eternity. The seeds of what grow, what needs harvesting in the world around you, to create thriving people and community is necessary. And the decisions made in business, the product chain, ethics, and practices affect humanity and what you bring to it.

By focussing on the tension that can present between serving your purpose and taking care of yourself and those around you, it allows you to evaluate the seeds for sorting, and supporting, you. When things go well, or when things are challenging, sorting the seeds of support differently for optimum healthy living. Consider it daily, and when necessary, as you are intending, and building the busy-ness of business right for you.

May you sort your seeds lovingly and joyfully.

Much love

SaraSwati Shakti

Copyright © 2015. All rights reserved.

Photo Artwork: Fraternity, Soul Flames Lit in Unity, by SaraSwati Shakti © 2014, from her Heart Art collection. Heart Art is a registered therapeutic service trademark of SaraSwati Shakti.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Gardens of Abundance

There is a Frangipani Tree. Outside my window. I saw it today, flowering away. I have never noticed it before. A favourite tree, and flowering, wanting for noticing, by me. And so lovely is she.

How stunning to see.

It made me ponder how sometimes it is hard to see what is actually, already, within our vicinity.

The beauty surrounding, so confounding, waiting, for noticing.

I have always wanted a Frandipani Tree in my own garden. Yet, this one, planted firmly in another, across the street, is ideal for me. It gives a better view from my wide open window than one from which my own garden would be.

My eyes now focussed on this one delight giving Frangipani Tree. Gorgeously Blooming. Whenever I need to see. That what I love and need is already here.

And that someone else's Garden of Abundance is also available to me. Being shared in the caring from across the street. Beautifying our collective surroundings. Marvellously and generously.

A reminder to appreciate the beauty surrounding. Opening, to see. What may have been missing. May already be here. In ourselves, in our friendships, and our neighbourly relationships. Being thankful for it. And building on it. Creating the Gardens of Abundance we need.

Much Love

SaraSwati Shakti

Copyright © 2015. All rights reserved.

Photo: Gardens of Abundance, Heart Art mandala couplings, by SaraSwati Shakti © 2015. Heart Art is a therapeutic service trademark of SaraSwati Shakti.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

True Love's Kiss

Pure love is like a beautiful flower with an irresistible fragrance ~ Amma (Mata Amitanandamayi)

A quote, a mandala drawing, and a movie I watched this week, converged to create a brief log this week. The movie was Maleficent with Angelina Jolie. A delightful, visually arresting piece, on the Sleeping Beauty fairytale myth. And the reminder of True Love's Kiss. What that is. Purifying what is most important in the whole scheme of things. The fragrance to life that that, with it, so potently brings.  

A pure and open, fragrant heart, given and received. Waking up.

Consider it for yourself as inner contemplation this week.

Much love

SaraSwati Shakti

Copyright © 2015. All rights reserved.

Heart Art mandala drawing Fragrant Heart by SaraSwati Shakti © 2015. Heart Art is a registered therapeutic service trademark of SaraSwati Shakti.

Thursday, 5 March 2015


It was with sadness that I completed a nine month program with Andrew Harvey last week, diving into the cauldron of Christian mysticism on a Christ Path intensive. It was riveting, both in Andrew's delivery, and the content compiled for the weekly sessions. I loved it. It moved in me and through me. I will miss it. Though I know it will have an impact for years to come.

This week the discussion included the statement that Christ consciousness is now being birthed most vigorously by woman. And I see it evidenced in communities everywhere. Big and small. Woman taking an active place in spiritual healing, awakening, and development. Because Spirit comes through the feminine, in both men and women as Christ consciousness. The heart, balanced with the masculine mind, both hemispheres connected. Grounded in the body. With purity and surety of loving intent. Heart and mind prepared to act, create and relate in a way that overcomes discontent. It is so gratifying to see it being embodied, increasingly individually, and in community building, toward wholesome being.

And with the Dalai Lama also stating that the world will be saved by western woman, the spiritual leadership by women is becoming acknowledged as more and more relevant and prevalent. Equalising and leading, with men, in places and on stages in communities locally, and worldwide. The power of the feminine heart to change, create, and transform in daily life, and on the world stage, at centre, is compelling.

International Women's Day corroborates in events leading up to and on this weekend. This year, on March 8, the theme is Make It Happen. Indeed the Christ Path, of Action. An opportunity to take further steps forward in heartfelt ways. Lovingly restoring and creating new political, social, and familial pathways. To keep contributing healthfully and restoratively in larger focussed doses, choosingly. In areas that transform lives with beauty, joy and passion, to raise vibration. And in areas that alarm, and break the heart, so as to repair despair and disharmony that no longer serves the planet. A range of ways to create balance, in a new age.

Men and Women joining in actions around the Globe in understanding. Of the importance of the health and welfare of woman in creating a better society. From creating art instalments in Sydney in corporate arenas, to wearing skirts in Turkey in protest against violence, exhibitions, conferences, workshops, and legislative considerations, are having a spiritual impact on psyches collectively. The breadth, depth and diversity is brilliant, and reflective of the enormous gifts they contribute.

I am spending time at an Open Day, at a Marist College on International Women's Day. Serving on an Italian CafĂ©. Marist, short form for Mary'ists, and Mother Mary as patron, is a school for boys my son attends. Behold Thy Mother, Jesus said, acknowledging the sacred feminine. The Marist motto, strong minds and gentle hearts, is a fitting validation of the Spiritual element of the masculine and feminine, connected.

And as a loving focus of my own for International Women's Day, a Make It Happen Prayer of Intent, for the Feminine, called Woman, for people everywhere.


May You Thrive
And Come Alive
To Your Precious HeartBodyMind
May You be Blessed
And Caressed
By a Graceful Tide
Of Beauty and Compassion
With Love by Your Side
To Birth and Co-Create
A Peaceful Loving Planet

Photo: Woman by SaraSwati Shakti © 2015. All rights reserved.

About the drawing: I drew it while on a trip for some recuperation and relaxation earlier in the year. I was facing the ocean, as she was emerging in the drawing. It dawned on me later that it has elements of the Empress, from the traditional tarot. My version of it. The quintessential matriarchal maternal figure is obvious in it. A primary symbol of fertility and the mother-goddess, and often depicted traditionally as the Christian Virgin Mary. How fitting.

Much Love

SaraSwati Shakti

Copyright ©2015. All rights reserved.

Thursday, 26 February 2015


My favourite time of year, Autumn, is just around the bend, nearly here again, on the weekend.

My heart is filled with anticipation of heartworks of all nature and pleasure that is just about to burst in creative colours and movement in the next season.

May many Heartworks inspire this new turning, of yearning, for all that is burning, bringing great measure of treasure to awesome Autumn again.

Let the heart work it's magic
Let the loving begin
Let the joy fill the heavens
In flowing glowing streams
Let all that is wondrous, fill all your extremes
And bring you to brilliance
and glorious beams
May the sacred bless you
And passion possess you
Laughter lighten you
And adventure brighten you
May your life please you and funny bone tease you
May you be blessed with smiling gleams
May your eyes glisten
And ears listen with wild appreciation at nature's abandon
May you shine from head to toe
The colours that are your own
And bring all that is you
To a warm welcoming world

SaraSwati Shakti

Copyright © 2015. All rights reserved.

Heartworks poem and mandala by SaraSwati Shakti © 2015

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Travellers of Love

Yesterday I visited North Sydney. I was surprised by it's silence. Unlike the busyness of it's normal business mecca weekdays, it was possible to smell the sea air from the harbour as I walked along the streets there. To my destination. To Sunday slow, in a day out in a city environment.

And the occasion was a visit to Mary McKillop Place. So quiet, and beautiful to sit and contemplate, and listen. In the peacefulness and reverence where her body is now laid to rest.

Churches are lovely places for rest and contemplation. And in that contemplation I was reflecting on her words 'Crois aux paroles que Dieu murmure a ton coueur'. To 'Believe in the whisperings of God in your own heart', she said.

The listening to whisperings of inner wisdom, the Godliness, Source, Universe, Higher Power, Mother, whatever your flavour, undisturbed, inside the pureness of our own hearts, in us. Quietening for the answers as we keep considering our next steps. To help us with attention and reflection. Silencing out the distractions and focussing on the heart's power.

The last time I visited Mary McKillop Place was a few years ago when a friend asked me to accompany her there on her birthday. To spend time with the memory of her mother, who had not long passed away. It was a moving day. The image from the most beautiful stained glass window, of Jesus with his Sacred Heart above the altar, provided welcoming whisperings to my own heart's love path.

This visit was with my own mother, alive and well, to share a Sunday day out together. A peacefulness and playfulness that we both appreciated. A time of bonding and reflecting, separately on our own journeys, and the one we've had together. Reminiscing and spending time quietly on our travels, alone, and together.

And as we sat at the side of Mary McKillop's tomb I read on it the words 'Remember we are but travellers here'.

Indeed. Travelling the travels that matter to us. The decisions we make each day. The actions that our hearts relate to us, and that become the path for us, and those around us. Our travels of love. As travellers of love.

May you too be true to the quieter travels of love within you.

SaraSwati Shakti
Copyright © 2015. All rights reserved.

Saint Mary McKillop was the foundress of the Order of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart, and their many works of compassion and action in the world.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Different Name. Same Soul.

The last week has been spent changing my name. Progressively. On all of my public profiles. To SaraSwati Shakti, officially.

My friends and newer community colleagues are used to it. The transition that they have been witnessing of my emerging has been a normal aspect of the fabric of our lives evolving. It has been a graceful process with them in the intervening years between Marie Bonney and SaraSwati Shakti.

This marriage to my Spirit self publicly has created many new endeavours that have been fulfilling for me and those around me. I have started to receive increasing requests for articles, and public speaking around my book, my art, and the journey that led to this new name, this new beginning.

And it was time. To make a choice. To draw a clear line in the sand. To adopt one name. And to alleviate any confusion of the path my life was taking. A name accompanying the introduction of Loving Psyche, a suite of services of my trademarked business launched last year, with a renewed energy that it brings with it.

And while it initially challenged me about how I would bridge the distance between those who knew me with a different name, as I re-enter the marketplace among them, I have found that it has been easy.

I have been embraced wholeheartedly.

'Different Name. Same Soul' was a response I received recently.

Indeed. Different name. Same Soul.

I am still doing what I came here for. Making a positive difference in a changing world.

I look forward to doing that with you more.

Attached is my updated profile on my website for those new among you.

And for those concerned about making a mistake, and how to get used to it, as I say hello again, I have retained Marie as my middle name.

And, it's Sara, for short.

So all is easy and right with the world.

Much Love

SaraSwati Shakti

Copyright © 2015. All rights reserved.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

True Self Knowledge

All true knowledge is self-knowledge.

How you act, react, feel and function.

How you think, decide, plan and relate.

Your wants, desires, disappointments, and automatic responses.

They each make up a kaliedescope of the who that is you.

And there is no other like you. You are the totality of an individual of remarkable existence and potential.

One of the things I like to do in my work is to help you to unearth what is the trueness of you. 

I have found that as soon as people begin to befriend themselves, it makes a difference, in their self-perception, and with those around them.

It has an enormous impact on them when they discover, and validate parts of themselves, that they have not yet consciously embraced. An identity that is enhanced, and advanced with self-knowledge.

I help you to come home to yourself.

A tool I sometimes use to help do this is the MBTI, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. Used extensively for decades by qualified practitioners worldwide.

And while no tool is foolproof in identifying the complexities of you, it has helped me show people the beauty of some of their natural elements, and to normalise those as part of the way they operate.

MBTI focuses on personality, personal preferences innately, as a basis for self-acceptance and self-knowledge. The benefits from which people can operate more wholeheartedly with themselves and others. It's the soulful work of defining the personality in which your soul is operating.

As a qualified MBTI practitioner I  have used it privately in sessions when clients desire it, in workshops for building co-operative, fulfilling and more vibrant teams, as well as for the beginnings of understanding couple differences, and families.

This year I am offering workshops for groups and organisations interested in learning more about who they are, and who their colleagues are, as a way of better understanding themselves and those that work close by. Building awareness, co-operation and a greater appreciation of the nuances of everyone in the group creates an easier flow when people know you, and you know them, more innately and appreciatively.

And for change and improvement in group dynamics to take place in any organisation, it requires the inner power of self-knowledge, inspection and reflection to enhance co-operation and empathy with self and others. It refines the people aspects of the skills set of members of  a team or group.

My colleague Josephine Luna from Helping to Restore Balance and I are joining forces again this year to run MBTI sessions as part of the Loving Work series. Details of the sessions are in the flyer below.

If you are a leader who wishes to get the best from your team, I urge you to consider the benefits it offers as a wonderful opportunity to validate and enhance everyone's contribution to a group, and how the group can operate more brilliantly as a team.

Josephine and I love working together, and have done so on numerous projects over many years. We have had great fun, and success running workshops and helping organisations build more self-awareness and related benefits. We look forward to working with you in relationship too.

Please contact for further details.

Loving Work is a registered therapeutic service trademark as part of the Loving Psyche suite of services.
And may you always find a way home to your true self individually and collectively.
Much love
SaraSwati Shakti
Copyright © 2015. All rights reserved.

Friday, 30 January 2015

Blazing Sun

I want to exist from my own force, like the sun, which gives light and does not suck light ~ said Carl Jung, in The Red Book.

And here it is, in a Heart Art mandala I drew last night. Titled Blazing Sun.

An invitation for all to blaze their light in a shining world.

Jung's words were so important to me during my years of transformation.

To bear witness that there is deliverance. And that dark nights have an end.

That it takes time, and work, and perseverance. Care and attention. So the soul can blaze again.

Because the soul yearns to blaze. In joy and serenity, and wholeness.

Making the dark conscious, moving in reflection. In a process of transcendence.

And a shining world.

SaraSwati Shakti

Copyright © 2014. All rights reserved

If you need help with a renewed light in the world I can assist you to find ways to help your soul blaze. Connect with me here

Monday, 26 January 2015

Nature Springs

In a long hot Summer, the rain returns again. A temporary measure to soften things. Creating the benefits of heat, with gentleness.

The freshening that it brings.

The cycles of life moving, around the wheel. As Nature Springs, into wisely nurturing, in cycles, the way she has always been.

Trusting her flow, to let us know, the pace and gifts she brings. As we are listening. To the abundance that life, from her heart, springs.

The lusciousness it brings.

Allowing Suppleness as strength. Softening brittleness, and creating an ability to flow, with how she glows. The feminine in action. Wisdom of creation, emotion, and devotion.

So many people complain, about the rain. That it gets in the way, of their planned day. Yet, standing back, and looking at the bigger picture, it is critical to sustaining a balanced way. And in recognising this, rather than seeing it as an impediment, it remains a critical life element, sustaining healthy loving luscious days.

As droplets of life, blend with sunlight. Creating a different form of play. Releasing to that energy as it creates. A time to refrain, and reframe, the love in the day.

Where can you create some gentleness in your day? The stillness to sit with the lusciousness of the day? The tuning in to the falling of the rain? The suppleness it brings in going about your day?


Suppleness Sustains

Life brings Life

Life lives Life

A Luscious Life

Consider it, again.

Much Love

SaraSwati Shakti

Copyright © 2015. All rights reserved.

Illustration: © 2014 'Lush' from the collection of mandala'verse, a registered trademark of heart artworks by SaraSwati Shakti.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Dreams. And Landscapes.

The ultimate faithfulness of life is the faithfulness of landscape. Landscape is always there...Your body is made out of clay, so your body is actually a miniature landscape that has got up from under the earth and is now walking on the normal landscape. If you go out for several hours into a place that is wild, your mind begins to slow down, down, down. What is happening is that the clay of your body is retrieving its own sense of sisterhood with the great clay of the landscape.

I love these words from the marvellous writings of John O'Donohue. They came to me after a walk in a new neighbourhood last week. An early walk. In a new landscape. Of slow, slow, quietude. Breaking the clay of the day.

As the sun was rising I climbed a hill. My body was struggling at that early hour in the morning, resisting, the incline. Yet it was also insisting, that I reach the top. Nicely, Slowly, Surely. Honouring the pace that I could embrace. And, as I did, the breeze came up. Lifting me to where the vista was opening.

Stunning me. With a valley, in it's iridescent beauty. Gasping, in gratitude, for the scenery unfolding. The landscape of my body that had been carrying me, released itself to the amazing scene. Breathtakingly serene. Wonderfully green, with an early mist, newly fresh and clean.

And on reflection, it reminded me of the hills we climb, in faithfulness, in attempting new enterprise, developing new relationships, and pastimes. And listening to our body's wisdom. It's own landscape of attention, intention, and insistence. Towards a wondrous brilliance.

Pacing the landscape of small hills, graceful thrills, and beauty, of the soulful journey. Moving through temporary difficulty. Honouring, with a grace, and rewarding positivity. Remaining pliable. Persevering, and gaining traction, for a renewed pace of loving action.

Developing. Dreams. And new landscapes.

Dreams. And Landscapes.

We each have them...a healthful body, a finer mind, more genuine companionships, happier families, travelling broadly, working kindly, creating beauty, healing calamity, leading a new earth rebuilding, moulding a new clay of well-being, career pruning, a life budding, or flowering or re-newing...they are numerous, and of personal value and importance. A landscape that perfectly reflects your own wishful orientation. Beyond limitation.

Keeping an eye on that landscape, staying refreshed by its presentation. Taking action, steadily, and thoughtfully. Shifting the clay.

May you continue gracefully, and faithfully, on your soulful travels. Enjoying your inner and outer landscape. One that is breathtakingly brilliant. And a truly remarkable place.

If you would like some help with your dreams and landscapes my diary has new openings. Please contact me via my website here

Much love

SaraSwati Shakti

Copyright © 2015. All rights reserved.

Photo: A Landscape Scene, original artwork by SaraSwati Shakti © 2014.

Note: John O'Donohue was the author of Anam Cara and the repeated immortal words in it: 'Come home to yourself'. Anam Cara was the subject of a previous Loving Psyche blog in 2013 titled Anam Cara Family, which you can read here

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Tracks of Our Hearts

A friend is leaving for London, UK her origin
We took one final walk. Along our meandering seaside parkland
One final talk. As memories unfolded
Where tracks of our hearts were moulded
Hers and mine, a beautiful design

We met on a Harbour circuit. Some years ago
One of those magical moments. Of recognition. Of soul
As we set our hearts on purpose bold
Meeting regularly to renew our weary energy:

Dips in the sea, Meals at Manly
Project planning, Lives expanding

Meditating on Rocks, resting
Headlands as the backdrop, Breathtaking.

Sydney to Hobart, with a view from her hearth
Christmas meals, and topics of heart

Books and poetry, eternal and momentary
Ideas to share, worlds exploring

Kindled by the light of being.

Our paths entwined, now set apart. Each a new chapter about to start.

The seasons we spent are true and dear. As she now moves across the great big sea.

Goodbye, Good luck. A new adventure's come up.

We'll share the same moon, sun and stars. And transmit across the many miles.

Connected eternally, by the seasons on Sydney Harbour, now captured permanently in my mind's eye mandala.

With love and appreciation for friendships of deepening developing sensations. And lives well lived in loving connections.

SaraSwati Shakti

Copyright © 2015. All rights reserved.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Mandela Inspired Mandala

On the last day of 2014, I met a quote that spoke to me. By Nelson Mandela. From 1994, twenty years earlier, in the Long Walk of Freedom. And it said...

I have walked that long road to freedom. I have tried not to falter; I have made missteps along the way. But I have discovered the secret that after climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. I have taken a moment to have a rest, to steal a view of the glorious view that surrounds me, to look back on the distance I have come. But I can only rest for a moment, for with freedom comes responsibilities, and I dare not linger, for my long walk is not yet ended.

And Mandela inspired my Heart Art mandala yesterday.

And while it's interpretation is very real to me personally, both his words, and the details of the mandala image, I know it has relevance to many. It became an inspirational mandala'verse on my facebook site yesterday.

So many of you have travelled journeys that have been difficult, and devastating, in the way that they have affected you. Realisations that have been confronting. Realities that have been challenging.

And you have come through.

And having cleared the muddied elements, internal remnants, and external debris, you have hopefully taken a rest to count all that has been blessed in the completing and finishing off of the past few years, finding a new freedom in your authenticity.

And as I linger a little longer before going back to my soulful work in my own unique way, I hope you all get a chance to determine what way that will continue to be for you.

It doesn't end until it ends. And there is much to do for our big world ahead, and the people in it. May we all use our freedom responsibly. Beautifying ourselves and our surroundings, honouring our earth and humanity, and creating an increasing divinity in everything we meet.

Think of the butterfly effect. Every thought, every act, visible and invisible, has an impact.

Make a list of what that will be for you in 2015. The 5 most important things, one in each, for your health, wealth, happiness, family, and community. And the key qualities that will guide your activity. Keep an eye on it throughout the year. Adjust it if need be as the year proceeds. And may it guide your freedom abundantly.

Much love in this wonderful new year.

SaraSwati Shakti

Copyright © 2015. All rights reserved.