Sunday, 19 June 2016

Wild, For Life.

There are beautiful and wild forces within us.

I love these words by St Francis of Assisi. They totally encapsulate the power and mystery that lives within us. And how we live our lives.

And how pertinent that I came across it again recently. As it also connected me with two other themes. This year's World Environment Day theme 'Wild For Life'. And the contrasting news broadcasts of what could easily be themed 'Wild with Strife'.

Wildness, in it's completeness, enacting.

And isn't life truly wild! And are we not wild for life! Absolutely being challenged. To live more wholeheartedly. A life worth living, and fulfilling. As the climate around us is intensifying, and changing.

The weather we bring, and the experiences we are in, is calling each of us in, to choose. What we will soulfully bring to the whole scheme of things.

Nature, both human and climatic, is transforming, in the world dynamic, constantly. Like wild waves of mystery generating. It is creating an intimate inter-relationship between emotions, and external circumstances, playing out, regularly.

Any transition and transformation in our life impacts us. And calls us. To deconstruct and reconstruct what will better serve us. And the life we will live. And the legacy we will leave.

Compelling us toward re-building...and finding, new ways of thinking, being, acting, that better serves the future of our humanity.

Challenging us to leave old foundations behind, and start a process of building on the positive things that are working, and combining them with new visions and actions for where we may be heading, and consciously recreating.

And sometimes, emotionally, and tangibly, that can feel overwhelming. And yet, it presents, an opportunity. To create something more stunning. Something to be more positively wild about. In being. And in having.

And that process of transition, and the wild intentions and emotions it brings, offers soulful presence, consciousness, and attentiveness.

The wonderful Mary Oliver once said, and I wholeheartedly agree,

This is the first, wildest, and wisest thing I know, that the soul exists and that it is built entirely out of attentiveness.

Because attentiveness is life. Noticing. Feeling. Experiencing. The Soul within. Such a wonderful opportunity to connect to what speaks audibly to the Spirit, of humanity. Vibrantly. And Peacefully.

And that is why I believe that wholistic self-awareness, self-knowledge, and self-exploration, that can be gained from therapeutic coaching, is a good thing. It calls for attentiveness. Soul presence. Wisdom. And actions that are relevant, in a deeper sense. So that choices call forth consciousness. And a time to define and align the wildness for life that is brightest. And one that keeps bringing you home, to your Soul. Whole.

And as Carl Jung's words so aptly add to it presupposes a conscious connection of the inner and outer worlds and it requires constant, meticulous attention to all circumstances to the best of our knowlege and conscience. We must watch what the gods ordain for us in the outer world, but as well as waiting for developments in the outer world we must listen to the inner world: both worlds are expressions of God.

May your expressions of wildness, and life, be beautiful, attentive, conscious and Goddessence creative. A Wild, For Life.

Much love

SaraSwati Shakti

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