Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Crafting Heartfully Mindfully

On the school run this morning I was listening to boys discussing their hottest iPad app Minecraft. They were working in tandem. They were deciding whether to create their own new world. Or join each other in building a new world. Ultimately they decided to join each other. Individually together.

They described how it works. 'You mine. And then you craft'. Fabulous metaphor reinforcement of the subject of my last blog. Find the treasure. Create a new world with the virtues unearthed and found.

On continuing to listen I also discovered that apparently Minecraft has a sensitivity feature. You can either keep the feature, which apparently slows things down. Or you can block it, so you fast pace ahead. A personal choice.

It made me think of the bigger picture.

The world we are in now.

People are being called to build a new world.

Russell Brand is leading intensely, using his firey brand, of Spiritual Revolution.

Andrew Harvey is preaching more quietly, a Sacred Activism.

The Vatican is moving more popularly, taking social media by storm.

Jeff Brown is spreading more intimately, ascending with both feet on the ground.

Everyone has a brand, so to speak.

The core for each of us is about getting to the Truth. Mining for that. Crafting with that. Digging deep for it. And following that. The Way. And the Light.

I see it as a necessary and inevitable evolution of the world needing to improve itself.

There are choices we will necessarily and voluntarily make as the world changes. And those choices will be based on our own preferred sensitivity. What speaks to us personally. Our own truth and validity. And who we will build the new world with.

We can burn off quickly, or more slowly. The pace can be firey. Or it can be gently. Both are significant and powerful energies.

Whatever your choice, consider crafting it lovingly, gracefully, heartfully, mindfully, with sensitivity. We are all in this together.

Perhaps, as the Dalai Lama puts it, we can do it kindfully, and peacefully.

Much love on your spiritual evolution solution. Crafting Heartfully Mindfully Lovingly.

SaraSwati Shakti

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Friday, 25 October 2013

The Royal It.

The last week or so has had a full concentration of princes and princesses. Princess Mary was in town with her little ones. And Prince George had his christening surrounded by all number of princely and princess royalty.

There has been much attention, celebration and ceremony.

This led to some friendly facebook banter between a colleague and I about what it would be like to live the life. The pluses. And the minuses.

It came as a reminder about the light and shadow side to everything.

Every Princess has a pea.

Every Prince can be a frog.

That's what the wisdom of fairy tales reminds us of.

The psyche holds both. The beauty and the beast.

The story revolves and evolves around this reality.

Around how the beast is acknowledged so that the beauty is encouraged.

So what is the beastly pea or the frog for the psyche?

It can be low self-esteem. Or perhaps guilt. Or shame. Or fear. Something hiding unrevealed. Any number of lurky, jerky, icky, sticky 'It's'.

There can be countless unique Its. Which present in dis-ease.

And It keeps presenting itself. Until we've mastered It.

We can block It. Medicate It. Sedate It. And distract It. But It is still there. It has a purpose.

Its aim is to polish us. To make us work on things so that we can evolve into our own better royalty.

It gets louder and louder, until we've dealt with It.

As we learn to greet it, welcome it, each time it arrives. To say 'hello, Ah yes, I've seen you before'. To love it. To invite it in. We begin to master it.

In acknowledging it we make it conscious. We take it's subversive power away.

It can no longer work on us underhandedly. We can work on it.

We've caught it, revealed it and then, can beat it. No longer in the shadow. Now in the bright light. Transformed. Out.

We've wonderfully cleared it. And then can replace it. With something better. And more beautiful.

May you find and transform your Royal Prince and Princess It. And reveal more better and beautiful within.

SaraSwati Shakti

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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Now Love

The world is under enormous pressure.

There is an urgency emergency.

To love.

There is no other time.

To love.

Love like you have never loved before.

Love yourself.

Love others.

Love the world.

Now is the time.

Right Now.

Every Now Love counts.

And if it's hard.

Just love yourself in that limitation.

In any loving way.

And wait...

for the hardness to dissipate.

Whatever it takes.

Till you feel the expansion.

Just love.

In work. In rest. In play.

In action.

In feeling.

In vibration.

Just Love.

Now Love.




SaraSwati Shakti

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Monday, 21 October 2013

Love Throb Heart Beat

I have been marvelling at how magical life can be. In complexity. In simplicity. And, in wonderful multi-dimensionality.

Despite the busy-ness, God/the Universe/Guru/The Force/Divine Love, whatever your version, insists on finding a way in. Always there.

It was only last week, among running a number of errands, that I happened upon and joined the local library. A couple of people suggested it to me. To fill the void of the emptying bookshelves that I have been decluttering. The receiving, and not the keeping, is becoming more appealing.

A book on display, on Poet's Day, naturally, caught my eye.

The Complete Poems of Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

That same night my Jungian Depth Psychology facebook feed posted a note. On Coleridge.

Clearly the universe had something in mind that I was meant to learn, to read. And what a poet, & poetry, indeed.

I could barely contain my inner enthusiasm for the gift that I had found. Further deepening my love of poetry and topics of many things for me divine.

Let me share just some of his incredible lines from a notebook.

Those of you who know me will need no explanation, of why it has created in me a sensation.

I just love the last two lines.

And in Life's noisiest hour,
There whispers still the ceaseless Love of Thee,
The heart's self-solace, and soliloquy.

You mould my Hopes, you fashion me within;
And to the leading Love-throb in the Heart
Thro' all my being all my pulses beat.

You lie in all my many Thoughts, like Light
Like the fair Light of Dawn, or summer-Eve
On rippling Stream, or cloud-reflecting Lake.

And looking to the Heaven, that bends above you
How oft I bless the Lot, that made me love you.

Called a Doctor of the Soul, Coleridge was not only a poet. He had diverse interests as a lecturer, a promoter of non-violent society, a philosopher, folklorist, psychologist, playwright, travel writer, and hobby naturalist. And a literary critic of Shakespeare. Quite an awesome multi-dimensional career.

May your Love Throb Heart Beat be filled with multiple magical moments. Hearts are throbbing everywhere. Finding their beat. Can you feel it?

SaraSwati Shakti

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Friday, 18 October 2013

Last night, I had a dream...

There is nothing like the creative force that is the dream. It can provide amazing breakthroughs and revelations.

There is the big dream. For the future. The one that inspires us. Keeps us on the superconscious, big picture, path. What I want to be and achieve in the world. The day time dream.

And then there is the night time dream. The one that swells from our inner resources, from our alternative to logical living state. This dream provides its own fodder. Its own creative information about the process that is going on for us. It's often related to the big dream theme, aimed at getting our attention, and getting on with it. The issue needing clarity is seeking our attention, so it can be identified or transcended. And so our worldly work can better come about.

The day and night dreams often work in tandem. Influencing one another in deeper, wider cycles.

Today, I am talking about the latter. The night time dream. Excellent topic for a powerful eclipse full moon night tonight. The full moon being the rich, symbolic representation of the feminine. Of deeper issues coming to light. Those gurgling below the surface. Wishing, to come into sight. When dreams can certainly become more potent over those few nights.

In doing so, I will take a step back in time...

Many years ago when I was confronted by a significant and very painful change in my life, and told a friend at the time, she described a dream she had.

I had a dream about you night before last, then the next day your email arrived...which serves to remind me that dreams are far more than I give them credit most of the time. The general gist of the dream was about living in a new environment which was full of glassed walls but all on different levels like a sunken lounge room that opened onto a huge garden with many people and lounges surrounding, open fires but there was exotic jewellery for sale and the treasures were abundant. You went for a walk to the end of the street and returned...

The dream captured my attention. I was intrigued by it. I took it to my clinical supervisor who, like me, revels in psychodynamic work and symbology.

This dream preceded the richest, deepest, multilayered and most necessarily Self indulgently subconsciously experimental part of my life. A metaphor for the time I immersed myself willingly and compellingly into the deepest, darkest, and most painful parts of my psyche, desperate to come out. And finding the many rooms, and layers of abundance buried deep within, opened, revealed. The garden of blossoming jewels and treasures, within and without.

I called it my night work. Because that was when I was free to enter my many inner rooms.

As a parent and as a professional I had a busy day schedule. It was at night, how appropriately, when all was asleep and quiet, that I could learn, integrate what I explored in the day, and clear many of my inner states, using tools that I learned from various sources and traditions.

It was safe work. I was well supported in the shifting paradigm, to understand and to mine the learnings from my deeper self. And to tune into a new wisdom. Listening, and honouring, my own intuition.

Others were out
I was within
The Sun and the Moon
The Light and the Dark
The Day and the Night
The Sky and the Sea
To have, and To Be

Staring into Space
Peering at Life, looking
  Squarely in it's face
Knowing without a doubt
Something important
Was playing out

Revelling in the passion
for the Self, in compassion
And of Ages, and Sages
Sifting through pages
Esoteric, Religious Wisdoms
Wonderfully divergent &
  united schisms
Separating out, re-uniting
Without doubt
The Inner Self is Out.

Rich dreams. Not all is as it seems. From the dark arises much light.

SaraSwati Shakti

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Monday, 14 October 2013

Right Now. Now Right.

It amazes me how often we take ourselves out of real life.

We ruminate over the past. And that is gone.

Or we worry about the future. And that is unknown.

We forget what is truly real. And that can only be, Right Now.

Right Now is really the only reality.

Right Now in every moment is what it's really about.

Each precious moment as we are in it, is what is so rich, so palpable, so infinitesimally, immeasurably, real.

The past is a memory, and the meaning we put on it. And while memories are always important, they can also be distorted, in the present.

As for the future. We can't really control it. We can make plans. And reliably take actions to secure the best for future days. We can predict. Yet we really have no idea what will actually transpire. Our world can change in an instant. It is our vision and feeling in the now that will precede it. Negativity will hinder. Positivity will linger.

And that is the power and the prayer.

Holding respectful acknowledgement of the past and an ideal vision for the future is important. Yet staying in one or the other keeps us somewhere else rather than right here and right now where the only real wisdom and power resides.

In this moment check in with yourself. Right here, right now, how are you? Acknowledge it. Honour it. Accept it.

If it feels good and right, appreciate it. That allows you to appreciate life. And have gratitude. Acknowledging that all Right Here Right Now is good and right. That is your gratitude prayer. For more Now Rights.

If it is not tolerable, acknowledge it, express it to yourself, feel it with your body and your heart. Free it. Then make a choice to change it, leave it, or just accept it. Choose wholeheartedly, and stay in it knowing that your choice or action will work toward making it Now Right too.

Energetically and intentionally you are then Now Right. On track. Right Now. The inner condition of satisfaction, gratitude and relaxation perpetuates itself. You are Being, Right Now.

Wishing you all wonder and self appreciation in the right now, real life, now right, delight.

SaraSwati Shakti

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Photo mandala titled Yes © SaraSwati Shakti, added in 2015 and published with it's own verse separately on www.facebook.com/lovingpsyche.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

God/dess Largesse

It is the Festival of the 9 Goddesses in India. Where they celebrate Navaratri over 9 days in honour of each Goddess and her Divine qualities. And I have had the privilege of hearing about the beautiful experiences and tapping into the energy of the retreat in Peedam.

For me Goddess is everything feminine.  All the features of Self determination and individual and collective creation.

She is a force and creative power of her own. And combined with her God, she is even more pervasive. Shakti, with Shiva, in union, and communion.

God in Heaven, Above. Mother Earth, Below. Conscious & Subconscious. So many variations.

Spiritual traditions honour both the Divine Mother and the Divine Father. You can't have one without the other.

If you have recently been following my blog/tweets you will notice an evolving Loving Psyche theme of the Yin Yang, and their loving combination. Both heart and mind revelation. Fabulously fine qualities independently and equally splendidly in evolution.

I encourage you to remember, during this lovely Goddess week, that

God/dess stirs in Largesse
God/dess lives in detail
God/dess is in all time
Inside, & Outside
Above, & Below
And Side By Side

May we honour God/dess within, without, and all about.

SaraSwati Shakti

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Monday, 7 October 2013

Reclaim HeartFlame MindFrame

I often find the world out there
Over stimulating
I come home
For a holiday
In my Temple
Where I can reclaim
My Laughter
My Play

in Nature
To break the illusion
of Reality
& Find
with my Soul Self
my psyche
Authentic Inner me

When complete
I can venture out
On wider terrain
The circle moving around
My secure frame
Peaceful gain
Spreading it out there
Lighter HeartFlame
Clearer MindFrame

Inner Outer
Sweet Neat
Resplendently Complete

These are a couple of the ways that I like to reclaim my HeartFlame MindFrame.

May everyone be blessed with the wisdom of knowing how to reclaim their HeartFlame MindFrame so that the world can continue to be a better beautiful place.

How do you reclaim your HeartFlame MindFrame?

SaraSwati Shakti

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Friday, 4 October 2013

Dark Light

This morning I was reminded of the importance of the dark work. I do it regularly. Yet I needed to be reminded again. Of course. It's the new moon tonight. A time to release and let go of what has been suppressed. So that more light can get in, and spread.

When we focus purely on the light and ignore the dark work we can get sidetracked into thinking everything is sweet and neat. And then kapow! Something hits. Something we haven't worked through. An old wound, a repressed state, a negative blackness. It can feel hard, & get ugly.

Yet it is the dark night that can bring the greatest riches. That requires us to face things, to recalibrate to what is true for us.

When we do not take responsibility for our own dark, our own shadow, it can leak out in ways that can damage us and others. We protect and project. And do not embrace our own inner turmoil or discomfort so we can transmute it.

That is why there is day and night. Spiritual maturity knows this to be true. So we can deal with the subconscious suppression lurking to come out. To purify our inner intent so the light can continue to come about.

Go into yourself. Find what's irksome. What fears and attitudes limit your progress. Name them. Write them down, draw them, dance them out. Choose your method. And burn it. Let it go. Let it out. Safely. Then replace it, with what you want for yourself so that it waxes with the growing light of the moon into the next cycle of life.

So sweet the hour, 3 am
Awake and open, New Moon again
Releasing all tension
From eons past
Remastering intention
Raising new mast
Steering again
On course, to last

And given that spiritually we need to work in deeper cycles until the levels are released for certain, you may wish to keep using the new moon cycle for that cleansing. It's a lovely and potent calendar reminder. All you need to do is look up!

All love

SaraSwati Shakti

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