Friday, 25 October 2013

The Royal It.

The last week or so has had a full concentration of princes and princesses. Princess Mary was in town with her little ones. And Prince George had his christening surrounded by all number of princely and princess royalty.

There has been much attention, celebration and ceremony.

This led to some friendly facebook banter between a colleague and I about what it would be like to live the life. The pluses. And the minuses.

It came as a reminder about the light and shadow side to everything.

Every Princess has a pea.

Every Prince can be a frog.

That's what the wisdom of fairy tales reminds us of.

The psyche holds both. The beauty and the beast.

The story revolves and evolves around this reality.

Around how the beast is acknowledged so that the beauty is encouraged.

So what is the beastly pea or the frog for the psyche?

It can be low self-esteem. Or perhaps guilt. Or shame. Or fear. Something hiding unrevealed. Any number of lurky, jerky, icky, sticky 'It's'.

There can be countless unique Its. Which present in dis-ease.

And It keeps presenting itself. Until we've mastered It.

We can block It. Medicate It. Sedate It. And distract It. But It is still there. It has a purpose.

Its aim is to polish us. To make us work on things so that we can evolve into our own better royalty.

It gets louder and louder, until we've dealt with It.

As we learn to greet it, welcome it, each time it arrives. To say 'hello, Ah yes, I've seen you before'. To love it. To invite it in. We begin to master it.

In acknowledging it we make it conscious. We take it's subversive power away.

It can no longer work on us underhandedly. We can work on it.

We've caught it, revealed it and then, can beat it. No longer in the shadow. Now in the bright light. Transformed. Out.

We've wonderfully cleared it. And then can replace it. With something better. And more beautiful.

May you find and transform your Royal Prince and Princess It. And reveal more better and beautiful within.

SaraSwati Shakti

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