Monday, 15 August 2016

Love, Where You Are

In the midst of change, life can be challenging. In the midst of unrest, life's dynamic may be confounding. In the journey of self, you are both founding, and unfounding...perhaps floundering.

And that's normal.

And that's ok.

Your life is a magnificent work in progress.

And it is unfolding day by day.

Be with it. Stay with it. And choose day by day. Choose you, and love where you are, as you take breaths, everyday.

Focus on what takes your breath away, and change the energetic attunement that creates each new day.

Admire, and attune to the beauty within you, and around you. In the Divine wonderplay.

Learn to Love, Where You Are...and select your magic along the way. 

Love, Where You Are...a poem for today.

Love, Where You Are

Love, Where You Are

Sometimes easier said than done.

Love, Who You Are

Tough, when you compare yourself to another one

Love, What is True


That's true.

Love, You!

With all your complexities, and foibles.

You, is True.

Love, You!

With all your vulnerabilities, and difficulties.

It's all, You.

Unconditionally Love, You.

And all that is right, and whole, and true.

Will meet you, greet you, and love you, too.

Love, Who you are.

Love, Where you are.



Astonish yourself with the unfolding beauty that life brings you.

© SaraSwati Shakti poetry