Monday, 25 November 2013

Paved Way

I was reminded in a conversation yesterday about one of my all time favourite movie scenes. It is in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Where Harrison Ford has to cross the big chasm and take a leap of faith. He can't see the path. But when he throws sand out into the emptiness in front of him, the bridge that crosses the ravine reveals itself. It shows up. And meets him.

That is a bit like life. When we have faith and grace. What we need, we meet. The right time, place and conversation, creates the bridge that keeps us going.

The promise of what could be, and the reality of how, start to reveal themselves in the now.

Each step creates the next meet. And, as we follow it, trusting our heart and gut, more of the mystery, is revealed. Helping us reach, our destination.

We set an intention, have a mission, are full of purpose, and when we can't quite see how the Universe will greet us with it, we let go. And see. And take each step that reveals itself wholeheartedly. Knowing intrinsically. Only in that moment. That it is the right component.

And that happens when our foundations are set. When we have done the preparation. Of love and faith in ourselves. The willingness to take 100% responsibility. For our destiny. And our belief in our divine life mission. We have clarity, with each decision.

We know. Why. We are here. And we move with a purpose clear. Grateful, for every opportunity. To live a life personally, unstintingly, dear.

The Way is paved
Let the road
Rise Up
To Meet You
Greet You
With Intention
And Gratitude
As Grace lifts You
Shifts You
To the Next Right Place

Much love

SaraSwati Shakti

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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Stay. Right. There.

Go into that space. Your sacred place. At your centre. Of Life. Stay, Right there. In your heart.

Feel the force.

A force, capable of creating a phenomenal difference in the world, lies right there. In that place.

Listen to it. To the voice. Of love. And wisdom.

Engage. In that Truism.

Silence there speaks possibilities. Of human dignities.

Sacred Centre.

Loving Mentor.

Stay. Right. There.

SaraSwati Shakti

Copyright © 2013. All rights reserved.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Sweet Setting Days

Summer evenings are coming on
I can feel them nearly here
Readying for southern hotness
End and new year party cheer

The days are getting longer
Potent, bright, and light
Heightened activity
Greeting welcome restful nights

It can all get rather busy
on Summer high temp days
Waiting for day end southerly's
to recover from the haze

A favourite time in Summer
is to sit in cooling breeze
Feeling sunset and the setting day
of soft, sweet, nature scenes...

Single Rose, Like Sweet Shiraz
Wafting through the air
Breeze on skin, Dessert Treats
Company to share

Light and Shadow
Of leaves on trees
Creating pretty scenes
Of gentle ballerina movements
Lovely and serene

Garden blossoms Bright as buttons
Swooning in soft play
Appreciating the simple setting
Of another day

Butterflies moving fast
Above the glistening lawn
Snatching spots of sunlight
Before it moves along

Insect critters making beds
Ready to recline
The final activity they complete
Their rest to now define

Setting hues with songbird tunes
Getting in their share
Of last news and announcements
Before the night descends

Daylight colours inching out
Revealing ending light
Moments edging slowly
Closing hours of delight

Goodnight dear Sun
It's been a blast You gave the world today
The Moon now shines her glowing face
Till you come back again

SaraSwati Shakti

Copyright © 2013. All rights reserved.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Cultural Croative

I recently came across some notes from a conference I attended at the National School of Arts in Sydney some years ago. One of the keynote speakers covered the topic of Diversity and the Sustainable Society. Key to the address was the concept of a silent revolution. And he described it as the rise of cultural creatives. Those individuals with a more evolved consciousness, concerned with personal growth, a holistic, balanced, cultural, artful, experiential approach.

It reminded me of the work I see many individuals doing. Quietly. Individuating. Reclaiming. All parts of themselves. Authentic, Diverse, and Creative. Defining, and refining. Their true selves, in the making.

And it is in that process of becoming more whole and complete, that the questions of culture and diversity meet.

It is clear that our world is rich in variety. And how lucky we are to experience its enormity. We can learn so much. From partaking in everything. From the smorgasbord of availability. A beautiful, rich and riotous pot of tastes and flavours. Cultural, traditional, creative and spiritual concepts to savour.

And we create, our own personal take, on the samples we make. We choose what best fits into our own selective creative ingredients. At each point of development. As we mature. And nurture. The life we prefer.

A few years ago I felt a compelling need. To claim back a part of my family of origin's cultural heritage and creed.

I was born in Australia, blending in, splitting off those parts of my blood link that I had dissociated with.

But my innerverse had other plans.

With persistent sincerity, my family of origin's culture came knocking within. Signs and reminders telling me, perhaps it's time to dip back in.

A trade show called Croative at Sydney Harbour reconnected me, to Croatia's cultural and creative history. And all those parts inside of me that were calling back to me.

I explored some more. Refamiliarised myself. With memories, trips, and family gatherings. Cultural objectives. Spiritual Religious creeds. Habits. Language. Historical stories and feeds.

A new cultural link ignited in me. It was time. To re-marry my Australian and Croatian identity.

I am now a citizen, of both nations. Balanced and together. Separate compliments. I found, common ground. A more whole, content, development.

It reminded me that while there is diversity. And we are each different. We are all the same.

In each of us finding wholeness, completeness, and authentic sustainability, respectful individuality and commonality, our collective Spirit has much to gain.

I hope each of you finds those parts of yourselves calling you back to what is creatively and culturally yours to claim.

SaraSwati Shakti

© Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Enchantment Enhancement

Recapturing our childlike sense of wonder and awe at the marvels of life and the universe creates a magical quality. It connects our spirit to those things that capture and enrapture us. And it invites the universe to meet us. At that place of resonance, passion, innocence. A joyful unfolding, enfolding. That new pilgrimage beginning. Of freshness. And newness. Creating, trueness to you'ness. This is enchantment. A magical incantation. A delightful meditation.

Every day enchantment enhancement is a necessity. To remind us that we are here. To experience an epiphany. That God works brilliantly.

And it is only in hindsight that we often get that revelation. After we have trudged, and trialled, and resisted. The unfolding plan of our destiny, on track, with who I AM.

As Shakespeare said it.

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.

And it is that we owe to ourselves. To find what it is that is our rapture, enchantment, beauty and contentment. An inner moment that explodes into outer enjoyment. Our heart beat. And mind feat. Our sumptuous banquet of enchantment enhancement. And only you know what that is. Explore it. Indulge it. Give in to it. Cultivate it.

But what about my responsibilities, my duties, my fears and anxieties, I hear you say...Aha, that is precisely when we need to play. It calls for an emergency enrapturement. A joy rehydration. A funplay intervention invention. A deep immersion. A creative intrusion. And then, magic...attitudinally we shift. We see the wood for the trees. And deal with what is truly real, in front of us. Not the fears and anxieties, but the opportunities and enlighten-ings.

Tune in today. Don't wait. Breathe and say 'I feel great'.

'Right here. Right Now. It's terrific'.

'I am enjoying myself prolific'.

Energy shift. Enchantment Enhancement lift.

And to put Shakespeare another way. All the world's a stage. So play!

Joy and Rapture
Wonder Creature
Awesome Feature
Love to meetchya!

So Hum.

SaraSwati Shakti

Copyright © 2013. All rights reserved.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Pilgrimage Begin

The word pilgrimage has come up a lot lately. A sacred voyage.

Often described as a voyage to another place, somewhere away, somewhere immersed in an alternative reality. To find communion with oneself, out of everyday disparity.

And what a valid way to reconnect, and explore, a different cosmology of people and places foreign. To tap into something that has been uncommon. A new dimension and way of gaining clarity. Of an issue. A wound needing healing. A clean depth of feeling. A more peaceful way of being.

Yet, what if all of life is a holy endeavour, a sacred pilgrimage, an opus dei. A meaningful, symbolic, purposeful harmonic. Where every experience can be opened like a gift of potential musicality. A divinely orchestrated dance of poetry. Every day. Joyful pleasure and practicality.

And, with every journey, a plethora, an orchestra, a walk with nature. An experience of the wild and tame. A gentle experiment. A passionate contentment. An ordinary extraordinary. And vice versa. So much to see. Heartfelt. Mindful. Soulfully clear.

No matter where we go, or where we stay, our inner castle is always right here. And every exchange a rich wholesome sphere.

I have been revisiting Robert Bly's writing and poetry this weekend. His book Iron John was passed to me yesterday by a dear friend. The author's note and prologue were enough to reconnect me again. To something Robert Bly narrated, that resonated, so strongly way back when.

What is most alive of all is inside your own house. And so you are from one holy city to the next.

And so You Are. Alive. Inside. Holy.

You are your home. Your essence. Always. Wherever you are. Wherever you go. Whatever you do. Moment by moment. Your pilgrimage always emerging. On your life's journey. Passionately from within. A playful poetry. Of the novel, the deeper, the truer thing. Always ready, to begin, and begin, and begin...

Many happy pilgrimage beginnings.

SaraSwati Shakti

Copyright © 2013. All rights reserved.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Soul Reveals

One of my all time favourite poets is Kahlil Gibran. Along with Rumi, I will dip into his works and stay constantly in awe of his writings, their depth of beauty, and intensity of emotional integrity.

I was recently gifted his complete Treasury hardbound. Yet it is my copy of The Prophet in a gorgeous purple embossed jacket, so lovely to hold, and a tiny spiritual compilation by Suheil Bushrui, that continue to capture my heart. Two books from which I will not part. Collections that include his fine art. Visual and literary topical poetry. Universal eternal relevancy.

He writes on a number of themes. On Truth. On Peace. On Life. On Death. On Laughter and Tears...

And each time I return, there is something new that I learn.

I was pondering today what it is to be a traveller of life. When things don't quite go the way they seem and there is a need to let go and see what appears. To go into that place of the unclear.

And then, as usual, his wise words revealed.

A traveller am I and a navigator, and every day I discover a new region of my soul.

It reminded me of how much there is to know. To experience. To discover.

With each new day. And with every opportunity. An immense curiosity.

With every connection with oneself and another. A brilliant developing glimmer. Of newness, reflection and connection. Of learning, revealing, affection.

What it is to be human. What it is to see. To know and to believe. The divinity that exists in you and in me. Namaste. At a deep soul level.

To discover more intently, more honestly, and clearly, as we continue to travel.

A soul journey of exception. How lucky are we!

May you navigate with beauty. And with ease. All new regions your Soul Reveals.

SaraSwati Shakti

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Friday, 1 November 2013

On Awakening

Another morning. Another day. Another invite to explore and play. To live a life of earthly delight.

To experience. To create.

To meet. To art.

To dance. To do.

To be. To craft.

Each day presents endless possibilities.

Presents of tuneful proclivities, illuminations, new opportunities.

Blending the regular with other alternatives. Collecting and selecting memories, activities.

Doing and No doing. Routines and Surprises. Dealing and Creating. Appreciating, Venerating.

Today. Is Saturday. Some scheduled. Some Not. Allowing God/dess to work a divine beauteous plot. And Listening. To the Birds. A Wonderfully Noisy Lot.

Sunrise accompanies
holy epiphanies

Joyous harmony
Happy symphonies

Awakening, Intending
Rising, Ascending

God, in veins, travelling
Oxygenating, playing

Life Force engaging
Energy heightening

Shifting, Lifting
Revealing, Enlightening

Soulful Essence
Daily Presents

Enjoy the gifts your day brings. Awaken to the presence within.

SaraSwati Shakti

Copyright © 2013. All rights reserved.