Monday, 25 November 2013

Paved Way

I was reminded in a conversation yesterday about one of my all time favourite movie scenes. It is in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Where Harrison Ford has to cross the big chasm and take a leap of faith. He can't see the path. But when he throws sand out into the emptiness in front of him, the bridge that crosses the ravine reveals itself. It shows up. And meets him.

That is a bit like life. When we have faith and grace. What we need, we meet. The right time, place and conversation, creates the bridge that keeps us going.

The promise of what could be, and the reality of how, start to reveal themselves in the now.

Each step creates the next meet. And, as we follow it, trusting our heart and gut, more of the mystery, is revealed. Helping us reach, our destination.

We set an intention, have a mission, are full of purpose, and when we can't quite see how the Universe will greet us with it, we let go. And see. And take each step that reveals itself wholeheartedly. Knowing intrinsically. Only in that moment. That it is the right component.

And that happens when our foundations are set. When we have done the preparation. Of love and faith in ourselves. The willingness to take 100% responsibility. For our destiny. And our belief in our divine life mission. We have clarity, with each decision.

We know. Why. We are here. And we move with a purpose clear. Grateful, for every opportunity. To live a life personally, unstintingly, dear.

The Way is paved
Let the road
Rise Up
To Meet You
Greet You
With Intention
And Gratitude
As Grace lifts You
Shifts You
To the Next Right Place

Much love

SaraSwati Shakti

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