Monday, 18 November 2013

Sweet Setting Days

Summer evenings are coming on
I can feel them nearly here
Readying for southern hotness
End and new year party cheer

The days are getting longer
Potent, bright, and light
Heightened activity
Greeting welcome restful nights

It can all get rather busy
on Summer high temp days
Waiting for day end southerly's
to recover from the haze

A favourite time in Summer
is to sit in cooling breeze
Feeling sunset and the setting day
of soft, sweet, nature scenes...

Single Rose, Like Sweet Shiraz
Wafting through the air
Breeze on skin, Dessert Treats
Company to share

Light and Shadow
Of leaves on trees
Creating pretty scenes
Of gentle ballerina movements
Lovely and serene

Garden blossoms Bright as buttons
Swooning in soft play
Appreciating the simple setting
Of another day

Butterflies moving fast
Above the glistening lawn
Snatching spots of sunlight
Before it moves along

Insect critters making beds
Ready to recline
The final activity they complete
Their rest to now define

Setting hues with songbird tunes
Getting in their share
Of last news and announcements
Before the night descends

Daylight colours inching out
Revealing ending light
Moments edging slowly
Closing hours of delight

Goodnight dear Sun
It's been a blast You gave the world today
The Moon now shines her glowing face
Till you come back again

SaraSwati Shakti

Copyright © 2013. All rights reserved.

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