Saturday, 16 November 2013

Cultural Croative

I recently came across some notes from a conference I attended at the National School of Arts in Sydney some years ago. One of the keynote speakers covered the topic of Diversity and the Sustainable Society. Key to the address was the concept of a silent revolution. And he described it as the rise of cultural creatives. Those individuals with a more evolved consciousness, concerned with personal growth, a holistic, balanced, cultural, artful, experiential approach.

It reminded me of the work I see many individuals doing. Quietly. Individuating. Reclaiming. All parts of themselves. Authentic, Diverse, and Creative. Defining, and refining. Their true selves, in the making.

And it is in that process of becoming more whole and complete, that the questions of culture and diversity meet.

It is clear that our world is rich in variety. And how lucky we are to experience its enormity. We can learn so much. From partaking in everything. From the smorgasbord of availability. A beautiful, rich and riotous pot of tastes and flavours. Cultural, traditional, creative and spiritual concepts to savour.

And we create, our own personal take, on the samples we make. We choose what best fits into our own selective creative ingredients. At each point of development. As we mature. And nurture. The life we prefer.

A few years ago I felt a compelling need. To claim back a part of my family of origin's cultural heritage and creed.

I was born in Australia, blending in, splitting off those parts of my blood link that I had dissociated with.

But my innerverse had other plans.

With persistent sincerity, my family of origin's culture came knocking within. Signs and reminders telling me, perhaps it's time to dip back in.

A trade show called Croative at Sydney Harbour reconnected me, to Croatia's cultural and creative history. And all those parts inside of me that were calling back to me.

I explored some more. Refamiliarised myself. With memories, trips, and family gatherings. Cultural objectives. Spiritual Religious creeds. Habits. Language. Historical stories and feeds.

A new cultural link ignited in me. It was time. To re-marry my Australian and Croatian identity.

I am now a citizen, of both nations. Balanced and together. Separate compliments. I found, common ground. A more whole, content, development.

It reminded me that while there is diversity. And we are each different. We are all the same.

In each of us finding wholeness, completeness, and authentic sustainability, respectful individuality and commonality, our collective Spirit has much to gain.

I hope each of you finds those parts of yourselves calling you back to what is creatively and culturally yours to claim.

SaraSwati Shakti

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