Thursday, 10 December 2015


There is a word that I have always liked. The word is PACE. And it tends to present itself quite regularly this time of year, when life amps up a pace, with a pre-Christmas cheer race. Reminding me to pace myself.

And that's when I link it in with another meaning. One I like even more appreciatively. The Italian meaning, albeit pronounced differently, PACE, meaning, PEACE.


Cutting back on complexity, and making it a time of meaningful simplicity, deliberately, and how it feels within.


That's The Christmas Present.


A PEACE PACE. To appreciate the season, leading into Christmas.

Scheduling, to take account, and invite in, the Christmas feeling. With a PACE of PEACE.

Being receptive to the art of slow, contentment, and deliberate savouring of the beauty a PACE of PEACE brings. So that the sacredness of Christmas, and what it means, really, sets in.

Fitting PEACE in.

Because waiting for peace, for a later date, is less appealing, than feeling it right here. Leading up to, and throughout, Christmas.

Finding, and savouring it now, during the time it is meant to set in, and embedding it, into the scheme of things, regularly, creates it more tangibly as a set point for longevity, and into next year.

A PACE of PEACE. In time, mind, heart and relating. Really appreciating. The peaceful beauty that the season brings. And the wonder it brings.

Validating it as a word, a prayer, and a regular activity, so that the Peace on Earth we sing this time of year, can open as more of a possibility, collectively, as the real thing.

An inner aspect radiating out into the world, and mirroring back more genuinely. Practicing a PACE of PEACE, weaving it in, and rippling it out energetically, into the wider scheme of things.

Willing, and creating, a PACE of PEACE for the rest of the year, and carrying it wholeheartedly and giftedly into 2016.

SaraSwati Shakti

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