Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Tell me your story

I had an opportunity to visit the National Portrait Gallery recently. They have an exhibition of photos as part of the National Photographic Portrait Prize 2016. Each of the photos captures striking moments.

And each striking moment is wonderful, serious, and resplendent, in the way each person's world is snapped in an instant. And the explanation and meaning the photographer puts in it.

It is full of story. In image, and glory.

We each uniquely see stories differently, from our own perspectives. And we learn from the stories and perspectives that others bring. In the relating.

Each moment is a story in the living. And it is only understood richly as a whole life story in hindsight...when the various snapshots are pondered with insight.

As you live your days, from holy moment to moment, in awareness, or daze, it creates a tapestry that can truly amaze.

Tell me your story. A powerful opening in therapy, relationship, and coaching. So much can be learned from that process. The meaning, the dialogue, the perspective, the monologue.

It is personal. And it is private. And it is selective. In the telling.

It provides a process for bringing out the truth, of the person, as they see it, at that moment.

It is beautiful. And it is glorious.

It is serious. And wondrous.

How you weave your stories to your liking, and disliking, and observing, is poetic and majestic. And changing.

And understanding the process of self-knowledge and courage that life's makings and breakings, can bring to the story, is captivating. It is poetic. And it provides a great perspective to build new moments of clarity and reality.

All of the arts...therapeutic, creative, generative, for art makers and observers, has an amazing ability to help tune in to what is true within us. A beautiful dialogue between the storyteller and receiver.

Tell me your story. What is your poetry? What is your art piece? And the unique and precious glory that it brings. Such a lovely place to begin.

SaraSwati Shakti

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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Sit, And Admire

When my son was very little, we had a ritual.

He was always busy, curious, and keen to move from activity to activity, regularly. Projects were moved through, quickly. From one to next, without a breath.

So I taught him something worth doing. To Sit, And Admire, before moving on, to the next thing.

To Sit, and Admire. A ritual. Celebrating.

To give thanks for what he had done. To appreciate what he had achieved. To pat himself on the back, and honestly critique.

To Sit, and Admire.

And to learn from each achievement. To take in the aroma of the wonderment of each project.

The conclusion, and the pause. The ending, for a new beginning.

Easter is a great symbolic reminder of end, and renewal. A chance to pause over the weekend. Honouring the process of closing an old chapter, for beginning anew. A timely opportunity to partake in a life review.

Considering what you have learned, where you have grown, what you have achieved, and gratefully taken on.

A conscious pause. To savour. Before moving on. Before going beyond, where you have been. To say goodbye to what was. And to welcome a new life chapter in.

As the end of the first quarter of 2016 is nearing, you may wish to consider where your footsteps have been.

Sit, and Admire. How far you've come.

1. What are you most proud of? In outer achievements, and inner dialogue.

2. What have you learned? In lessons, and blessings, and views.

3. Where will you next head? For more satisfaction, and happiness.

Sit, and Admire. And Celebrate. And have a lovely Easter weekend.

SaraSwati Shakti

Copyright © 2016. All rights reserved.