Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Confident Competence Steps

The last two weeks has encompassed learning. People letting go of what is known to embark on newer growth. Overcoming uncertainties. Taking the next brave steps on which they are embarking.

Feeling vulnerabilities. Unearthing underlying fears that need clearing. And facing increasing uncertainties.

'I was on a clear path. It was easy. And now it feels clumsy? What do I do? Where can I start?'

Normal inquiries. For each and every mind. When finding itself on a new less certain path. Wanting to fix things quickly, while on a learning path.

And in that state of uncomfortable unknowing, if you feel a time of perceived standstill, and the big 'where next' step keeps pulling, feeling urgent, and pressured, and stressful, then slow down...

1. Keep your heart to task acknowledging the small steps you are building. And processing internally. Developing confidence and competence in and for the next new stage. And looking at the priorities that each day and moment entails.

2. Keep an eye on the big picture you desire, and let it show itself and sort itself out one heart full day at a time. From the simple, to the grand. Treading, body and mind, into braver new land. Asking for reliable guidance wherever you can.

3. Surrendering and learning, one step at a time. Meeting with people, where inspired solutions abound. Paths through confusion, and asking questions, will offer optional movement. Holding the big picture, and the goals solid. And adjusting the plans as you move forward.

4. Choosing what's possible, and realistic, within the values and resources you hold. Adjusting and resting, when necessary. And allowing Divine right timing to enter the mould.

5. One day at a time.

The linear mind struggles with such sureness of sense. Following the heart path with pure intent. Taking account of human frailty, and using acceptance and gentleness around vulnerability. Loving yourself as you create, sure footedness, in a new landscape.

Our world is changing, rapidly, certainly. 

And while busyness may make sense. Perhaps its time to slow down the adrenal tense.

Take it easy on yourself. Build competence, confidence, and presence, in every step.

Much love in a growing heart learning sense.

SaraSwati Shakti

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.

Monday, 13 October 2014

This One Precious Life

How Precious This Life

This One Life

This One Precious life

Your Life

My Life

Our Life

One Life


How Precious!

This One Precious Life

May we Appreciate, Participate, Love, And Venerate

This One Precious Life

May we create Holy Happiness, Blissfulness, Delightfulness, and Heartfulness

In this One Precious Life

This Truly Precious Life.

© SaraSwati Shakti, 2014. All rights reserved.

Monday, 6 October 2014

To Live a Life of Love

The time has come
To refine
What it means
To Live
A Life
Of Love

To Live a Life of Love

Place the words in your heart
Ask your mind
To listen

Your Head to Your Heart

To Live a Life of Love

Leave the words there
As you move through your day

To Live a Life of Love

Hear it
Feel it
Heed it

To Live a Life of Love


And see what happens
As you take care of business
And you go about your day

To Live a Life of Love

Motivated by those words
In your heart
To your mind

To Live a Life of Love

For You and Your World

What it feels like
What it brings up

To Live a Life of Love

What it tastes like
What it wakes up

To Live a Life of Love

What it looks like
What it shakes up

To Live a Life of Love

To Live a Life of Love

© SaraSwati Shakti
All rights reserved.

Monday, 22 September 2014

A mandala art story

I have been having opportunities to speak about my book of mandalas and poems that I recently published. And the telling of the stories of the mandalas has been fascinating. It seems people are interested in the backstories of some of the images, and the poetry.

Many of the mandalas do indeed have a story. Rich in symbolism and meaning. That is why mandalas are so beautiful and powerful to me. They are like a photograph, or a snapshot, that I have drawn, of something important. A message, or a scene. Their own revealing poetry. And though they are relevant broadly, they have a personal perspective, to the person creating it. Which is what I find so interesting.

And while my intention was that it lead the readers on their own journeys and perspectives personally without my own interpretive, it occurred to me that perhaps you might like to know some of the stories, occasionally, of the mandala drawings, and what they mean to me. So here, in short form, is one such story. Of how one of my mandala's found itself evolving after an event one evening...

In a tall corporate office building. I was busy handling client meetings.

On this one particular day I had a window. In my schedule. One I specifically put there. Because it was going to be monumental.

A foyer of that city super-scraper had a television. Running news all day.

On this one particular day I chose to view it. Standing. In front of the large screen. Watching. An amazing scene.

The Prime Minister of Australia had something important to say. And so did Parliament, on this one particular day.

One word.

One very important word.


History in the making.

Something extraordinary.

And I watched it.

With no-one beside me.

In that super busy office building.

Tears in my eyes. At what I was witnessing. My heart opening. With gratitude. For this restorative act and attitude.

That evening it emerged in a mandala scene. My inner plane, showing me, that event, and what it meant to me, meaningfully.

In that structured office building, with barely another person noticing, this amazing happening.

I, in my window, alone, heart beaming, loudly.

The mandala is now called Clearly Heart. And it has it's own poem that emerged separately later.

Both can be seen in my book Heart Art mandala'verse, now available in Australia. You can order it at your retailer or find more details here http://lovingpsyche.com/Products/Books/mandala-verse.html

Much love

SaraSwati Shakti

Copyright © 2014. All right reserved.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Soulful Art

I attended the Hay House Author's Workshop in Sydney at the weekend. An exciting, energetic, and grounding event, of what it takes to be a writer and an author. Part of the formula they suggested is to be an avid reader. And to have a story to share that can be relevant to others. I listened to the shared stories of the life-changing books that are available, and the influence it is having on the lives of others. Their soul lights shining. A lovely selection and inspiring collection.

And I thought about my own reading life. And how I have selectively chosen books relevant to my own transition. And how we all move and change and work through each new reading and life phase.

Yesterday, I came across one of them. A book I once owned. M. Scott Peck's People of the Lie. I lent it to someone many years ago. It never came back. Long lost. Yet, at times, I yearned to have it. To revisit it. To read it and absorb it's message again. Curious about what peaked my interest in it.

And, of course, at the right time, a copy surfaced again. I had a look at it. Dipped into it. Found a passage or two that spoke to me in it. Closed it. And put it in a pile to give back away again.

That book. That moment when it was relevant. The life I led way back when. Has passed. No longer relevant. Just a curiosity of what I have been missing. Now gone. Irrelevant. Old element. Cleared away.

And I could completely let it go. With the exception of one important component...the statement

'God creates each soul differently, so that when all the mud is finally cleared away, His light will shine through it in a beautiful, colourful, totally new pattern. Keats described this world as 'the vale of soul-making'.'

It just so happens, that on that give away pile, is M. Scott Peck's first book, The Road Less Travelled, that I also removed from my shelf at the weekend. A pivotal book in the turning of my life, which led me into psychotherapy training. A book, for me, life changing. Leading me on a deeper spiritual path. Clearing the muddy puddles of my life.

The two books are back together again. Ready to move out.

And what has moved in? A pile of my own books. Somewhat different to the word depth books in which I was immersing myself. Featuring art and poetry. A simpler, deep, meaning. Colourful. New. Original. Heart Art.

New butterfly colours emerging. On a new road travelling. A new pattern revealing. On the true heart path.

May our soul patterns keep emerging like butterfly wings in the Sun as we each shine our divine true heart path life.

Details of my book now launching in Australia can be found at http://lovingpsyche.com/Products/Books/mandala-verse.html

Much love

SaraSwati Shakti

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Peaceful Sacred State

International Peace Day is coming up in September. Enormous planning is in the making for celebrating this most important date. It made me contemplate the lead up for each of us in creating a peaceful state.

And some valuable offerings have been available to prepare people for this event.

For the last two months I have participated in three sets of free on-line meditations. Deepak and Oprah completed the run, after a series with Osho, and Deva Premal and Miten prior to that. Three lots of 21 days. Each offering their own meditation practices, using mantra, teaching transmission, and reflective journaling options, on their mission, of enhancing the lives of many across the globe. Kind and generous offerings for exponentially lifting the collective vibration, and peacefulness, of humanity.

As a seasoned, and regular meditator, I appreciated the variety they offered.

My more formal meditation training began with the Buddhist tradition. And, since then, in wanting to deepen the philosophies and benefits, I have practiced many methods. Determining what works best for me at each chapter of my meditative maturing, and what fits into my life. Among the many options: receptive, guided, command based, mindfulness, body awareness, relaxation and energetic transference.

And silence.

The sweetest silence.

It is this silence, when entered, that has been the deepest, richest, and most sacred, treasure.

Walking through the door. Into the silence. And feeling the heart. And meeting the soul. And realising, that it's enormous. It is vastness. It is limitless. It's life completeness, and light essence. And nothing else is needed. It is really truly home.

And wanting to stay there.

Because it is so indescribably expansively peacefully blissfully ecstatically grand.

For those of you who have experienced it, it is seductively brilliant. Floating beyond all the cares and worries of the world.

Yet the soul has a role in trust, to be on sacred earth ground, enacting a purpose found, that brought it to earth. To be in the beautiful body and to do the work it came here for.

So you return. Because you know that you have found the door. And can visit anytime. And because you have a job to do in the practical world. Better for it, and creating it more regularly and readily for yourself and those you love, here on earth.

May we each find, and create, our meditative peaceful soulful state, embody it, bring it back to earth, and spread it all around.

And may International Peace Day be the grandest, deepest, richest yet, for spreading our most sacred state.

Much love

SaraSwati Shakti

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.

Monday, 25 August 2014

All Walks of Life

On a walk along the river by my home yesterday, it was quiet. And teeming with life. All walks of life.

A dog barking vigorously and delightedly on a hill so that he could hear his echo before he took a dip for his daily thrill. A man with a New York cap sitting and clapping in a gentle Tai Chi reverie. Walkers, chatting, simply and animatedly, about many private things. A man singing to Allah, his voice travelling beautifully along the river. We nodded knowingly as we passed each other. A pelican, 5 cockatoos, and 4 seagulls passing a ferry travelling with numerous passengers on deck and inside. Three bicycle riders going somewhere and nowhere at the same time. A lonely broken tricycle discarded, with the memory of a child riding it. And ten branches of golden yellow wattle blossoms on some wet grass beside me, a gift from some cockatoos intent on nibbling. I collected the wattle, now placed in a vase across from my keyboard. A gift of nature on my hour with myself, and with many walks of life.

The Golden Wattle now next to The Red Book.

The Red Book. Carl Jung's seminal art and soul work.

And I recalled what I know about the inscription above the door of Jung's home, and on his tombstone, in Latin. It reads Vocatus atque non vocatus, Deus aderit. And it means, Bidden, or unbidden, God is present.

Knowing, in heart and soul, that a greater force is always present, that we can connect to in our own essence. Within, between, ourselves and with others. A heartmindsoul connection that is unsurpassed.

The source, from the heart. Simple, and hard, at the same time. In the battleground between heart and mind, soul and ego, and the confrontation with the unconscious as Carl Jung put it, and surrendering control to our higher Soul wisdom. In the here and now.

I revisited an extract from Jung's book about his own inquiry of his Soul in his quieter self moments. He asked how to attain the knowledge of the heart. And the reply...

You can attain this knowledge only by living your life to the full. You live your life fully if you also live what you have never yet lived.

He articulated it further. The life that I could still live...and the thoughts that I could still think.

Living what remains uniquely unlived. The courage and fulfilment that it brings. As well-being. For each of us, on our walks of life, facing and embracing progressively our real selves, making decisions, and consequently creating well-being, for me, and you, and humanity.

Much love on our individual collective walks of well-being life.

SaraSwati Shakti

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.