Thursday, 14 August 2014

A Vision

For the past few weeks I have had the great pleasure and privilege of participating in an intensive, with Andrew Harvey, the spiritual scholar and mystic. My interest in his perspectives were peaked when he was last in Sydney, on a Son of Man, Kabir & Rumi, weekend. And later, on a greater Sacred Marriage, retreat. I have now joined the Shift Network to participate with his latest offerings.

His topic this week was on The Vision of Mary. He spoke a most beautiful soliloquy of the journey of Mary, as a woman, and her passion and beauty, and how she was written into Christian tradition.

After spending a number of years on other traditions, I am returning to study more deeply my own Christian origins. Not that it ever left me. Jesus, and his mission, was always cool to me. And I have an intense love for his message, transfiguration, and teachings.

What I appreciate about this course is the depth of study that I am gaining into the Gospel of Thomas, and the mystical aspects, of Christianity. Jesus, the Marys, and all the historical contraries, around their lives, and other perspectives.

Most illuminating has been the experiences that other participants have also shared about their own converging, and blossoming, connection, to all things spiritual and Christian, on the Christ path mission.

Soon after the session, I had an urge to draw The Vision of Mary, as it was presenting in my mind's eye. And for me to share it more widely.

Having started some rudimentary experimenting with stained glass mandala designing, this seems to fit that theme. It compliments a desire I have for spreading the feminine more widely into our perspectives, around us. The Earth, and Woman, in our consciousness. Complimentary, and side by side, with Man, and the built environment.

And here is my mandala Vision of Mary. That came tapping into my scheme of things. Rudimentary, but fully vital. It is so much nicer in real life. But I trust you get the drift. With my basic photographic effort.

She is Awesome.

Her beautiful Feminine. Rising again. Her power, taking us out of our winter, of discontent. Into a new consciousness. With a Passionate Compassion, as Andrew Harvey puts it. Shining the Light widely, blessing, blaze trailing, even more brilliantly, again.

Much Love

SaraSwati Shakti

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Monday, 4 August 2014

Intuitive Listening

Yesterday brought me face to face with mindfulness.

I had the privilege of meeting up with a colleague who embodies it. And teaches it through equine assisted therapies and leadership.

We shared a great discussion about our interest in heart based therapies, about our corporate coaching backgrounds, and had a beautiful nourishing meal in the sunshine on the horse property on which she now lives. Rabbits, and birds, chiming in, and interrupting, regularly. What bliss.

And we pondered the transformation of our own lives toward greater authenticity, and how we now assist others to tap into their authentic selves, using various methods involving heartfelt therapies.

Yet the equine process was new to me. It is named professionally as Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy and Learning. EFPL, for short. And it involves working in relationship with a horse. The silent language of connection. Offering a powerful capacity to dissolve all distractions, and be completely in the moment.

Where it appealed to me was the capacity it offers of working with the beauty of horses in connecting to the wisdom of the heart body. Really listening.

Many people struggle to connect to their heart and body wisdom. A skill that is so important for emotional intelligence. Yet we seek it. Because the soul and evolution depends on it. A more heartfelt, and love-filled life of existence. One of greater Spirit. And an intent to really live it.

If you are seeking the heart more intently, and more purposefully, so that your life or workplace becomes more lovingly authentic, this modality offers a place to consider. An offering with a beautiful, relational, reflective animal.

And working relationally with the heart can be extraordinary. Leigh Shambo, in her book, The Listening Heart, acknowledges that the process involves vulnerability. And that living in authentic, dynamic discourse with our own feelings will change us. And it does. It is courageous. It is adventurous. To make the necessary changes, towards the truer self.

If you are curious about this in the moment, gentle, guided and reflective process, you can get further information about mindfulness using equine assisted development, at

May you continue to explore your heartfelt dynamic self. And may we all do it with gentleness, mindfulness, in a way that inspires us.

In Love

SaraSwati Shakti

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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Love is my business

What we feel deeply leads us to the lost kingdom of the imagination. That is where we will find the genius of love, the stirred heart, the spark of joy, the flare of the charged imagination, the incandescence of the creative life, the heat from the soul aflame.

These words written by Phil Cousineau, in his Introduction to his book, The Soul Aflame, a treasure on my bookshelf, are the words that resonate when I think of what I do.

Love, pure and simple, is my business. I love what I do. And I love that I feel. An empathy for the human condition. And a desire to lift the human spirit.

My professional label and qualification is psychotherapist. Taken literally it means Soul Healer. And while I have had several professional incarnations they all have one thing in common - to bridge, to change, to improve, and then to move on. Like an artist creating a work of art, and leaving an energetic imprint, that transforms and creates a spark that continues after my leaving.

As a psychotherapist I am person centred. I have the privileged position of being with people at their most vulnerable, at their deepest essence, at their secret sensitive place, and hold the space so when their hearts break, their souls can transcend and create, in bodily action, so their life has new meaning and passion.

I do not limit my toolbox. Some of my clients have needed just to talk, some have needed activity, and always, they have a humanity that needs connecting. And a desire to learn to trust their own wisdom and spiritual essence, to make decisions, to lift out of the mire, and rely on their pathfire. To find what they love, manage, and follow their bliss, in whatever way they can blend it into their lives.

In doing so, and because we all have many preferences, I have a multimodality approach for my clients. And offer a range of methods, and refer them to options, when I work with them.

And I practice that same intention. To keep my soul aflame and in passion. And my spirit lifted. It's the best way for me to stay connected. To the beauty of humanity.

That is why I love arts, and nature, poetry, music, and the feminine, and so many, many inspirational things. They bring me to life. Stop me from burnout. They reflect what I love. And keep me in Spirit.

And it is why I hope to expand my business to spread the inspirations from my own art more widely. As a writer, a poet, and an artist, intrinsically, and publicly in the making. I have many creative ideas that I now hope to manifest in my wisdom years.

You are welcome to follow my journey, and my own artistic expressions, born from my deeper soulful experiences, my healing experiments, and my expanding joyful expressions. A personal labour of love.

You can see more about me professionally at

May we each love the core of our personal and collective business. And may it inspire our bliss.

SaraSwati Shakti.

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Love we have

This week, in my schedule with my publicists, I had listed a topic for my readers about how I focus my business as a psychotherapist.

But right here, right now, that feels limiting to me. Right here, right now, I am struggling to stay upbeat, about what contribution I can meet, by focussing on that topic. As the state of the world keeps gnawing.

And while so many of my personal dreams are manifesting, my responsibility to maintain my focus on the bigger calling, keeps beckoning. To focus my words more therapeutically, and beneficially, for those affected by grief, sadness, and unease.

And my message today is that of maintaining a loving psyche. A call to duty for all loving communities. To stand lovingly firm, and strong, and in unity, as the world spins in difficulties.

The great grieving among many people affected by world calamities.

And as words carry such power, I cannot bypass the words of Anthony Maslin and Marite Norris who lost their beautiful family in the MH17 disaster.

No hate in the world is as strong as the love we have for each other.

Their public statement has asked us to remember this. And I honour their wishes, by repeating it.

No hate in the world is as strong as the love we have for each other.

With love

SaraSwati Shakti.

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All rights reserved.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Heartfelt Bonding

When my son was little, I created, and narrated, stories for him. At sleep time. The lights out, we would go on an imaginative adventure together. Side by side. I'd make up the words as I'd go, with him as the hero, and he would have a chance to steer the process. Adjust the story, ask questions, and make observations, about how it was unfolding. Sometimes funny, sometimes bold. And always a precious time for the two of us to bond.

Real one-on-one bonding time between parents and children is always precious. Neither of you will ever forget it. How it felt and what it reflected. When you are together in the creative life process.

The child and the adult, indulging in the innocence, and the brilliance, of the wonderland of existence. A marvellous gentleness and expressiveness.

Those moments of connectedness, between individual souls. Where discussions, imaginations, questions, options, temptations, and truisms can come to the fore. Through stories, poems, pictures, and drawings.

Reading, sharing, and communicating. Reciting, creating, and looking. At pictures. For revealing who each of you are, at heart. And how you see things.

That is why Heart Art mandala'verse is so useful. You, and your child, can sit with it, look at it, and read it together. And if you are both big and brave enough, go on your own together adventure. Of then drawing your heart art universe in a picture. Each separately, and put them together. Or a combined adventure. With a chance to talk about the evolving art story, and writing the words as they are emerging. Creating your own story picture at a point in time.

What a wonderful, real, and intimate way to indulge in the moment.

Talking of dreams, and feelings, and what it's like, to flow through the creative process that is theirs, yours, and 'together ours'.

Sharing a bonding visually. And a word, a rhyme, or a picture to steer you, with a meaning,
and your evolving, solving, creative life story.

Just like Early Bird, well groomed, in Heart Art mandala'verse, the book.

I invite you to obtain a copy and share pictures and poems together. And then try your own. And see. Where it takes you. On your own artistic adventure.

Much love

SaraSwati Shakti

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All rights reserved.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

In the Raw

People have asked me why I draw. And why it is hand drawn, and in the raw.

And the answer is, because it gives me authenticity. Just me, the pencil, and the evolving story, on a piece of paper. A reflection, and observation of my artistic, meditative and creative orientation. At a point in flowing time. To easily connect, with my raw emotions, inner and higher consciousness, and create space, for peaceful embrace. Of what's going on inside. And leaving the rest of the world behind. Honouring my body heart spirit and mind. In creative flow.

It is a great way to get out of my head, and into my authentic heart. Honouring my inner sacred art.

And for each of us the process and the outcome will be different. Mimicking another is not our gift. It is to find what we are developing. Within ourselves. And processing our inner landscape externally. Trusting. And being true, to what's going on for you.

So for those of you who would like to start. Creating your own unique heart art. Here are a few tips

1. Experiment with art things. Paper, pencils, and drawings. Get familiar with what feels good to you. Is easy, economical, and available, for when you're in the mood.

2. Tune into the comfort you prefer. Where and how is your body at its most relaxed. Is it better for you to sit at a desk, or do you like to stand, to flow at your best. What feels easier for your body and hand. Define and create your own creative wonderland.

3. Start somewhere. Breathe. Clear your mind. Bow your head to your heart. Put your pen on the paper. Perhaps in the centre, and then follow the flow of your hand. Let go, and see what transpires. A little like doodling, and following. And occasionally resting, and changing colours, intuitively, if you like.

4. Enjoy what is evolving. Go with the flow. See it as a treat. Don't criticise. Just embrace the space of creative grace.

5. Keep going. Even if you think you have made a mistake. You just don't know how brilliant that can make the whole creation. Move yourself beyond self critique so you can just enjoy your creative peak when it comes.

6. Tune into your body. Breathe. Enjoy. Learn what you like and where you prefer less and more. Adjust. Colour, curves, lines, or texture. Each experience, like you, will be new. And in the process you are learning and evolving the true, in the moment, you.

7. And when you feel done, and relaxed, sit back, contemplate, and celebrate what has come. A beautiful reflection of what is real for you at that time.

Enjoy your own raw, in the moment, art. And see what it tells you from your heart.

If you would like to see more, of when I first began to draw, my Heart Art in the raw, you can get my book Heart Art mandala'verse from major bookstores.

Much love

SaraSwati Shakti

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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Inner Beauty

Last week I drew a mandala. Of a Swan. The Swan, itself, a symbol of reflection. She reflected back to me my inner beauty. And the messages I needed to feel. And to give me confidence. That I was doing ok. On that morning. Reassured by the presence of her, and my own beauty, during a new experience for me. I was being filmed for an author video of Heart Art manadalverse, my book. Itself a collection of drawings that reflected for me my heart and poetic art yearnings.

And this Swan in the mandala I drew last week, while she was gliding gracefully, was not the traditional pure white. She is also fuschia and pink. Unique. Like me, and You. Each of us our own interpretation of beauty in whatever is evolving within.

The image of a Swan is meant to enhance the divine qualities of the higher self, and the soul, such as light, love, grace, inspiration, intuition, and self-transformation. It reflects femininity, beauty, sensitivity, and melancholy. I know, they are all parts of me. I am calling her Pleasantly Poised and Pretty. And here she is

And you can interpret it anyway you wish. Because your point of beauty reference is to you unique.

The deeper meaning for me is that the Swan is the companion of the Hindu Goddess Saraswati, my spiritual namesake. Watching over me. And Saraswati when broken up as Sara and Swa means Essence of Self. That is why I emphasise the two elements of her name. As that's what each of us is. The essence of our unique self presence. Artistically, uniquely, our own present, to the world.

Art helps us find our beauty. In whatever way we experience it. As drawing, doodling, or simply observing.

Heart Art mandala'verse is a range of my drawings from when my life was messy, and the drawings themselves were uneasy. Yet, in the messiness, and un-elegance, I still found beauty. That is the book's message. Even in the darkness, there is light. Even in the messy, there is sight. Even in the imperfect, there is beauty. Surrendering to it helps us discover our own unique 'pretty'.

Devoid of my story, the book allows the experiencer to reflect on the images, and the words in it, so they can see what the reflection is for them in it.

May you always find your unique inner expressive beauty in whatever place and space you find yourself experiencing. And may we all find our unique creativity.

Much love

SaraSwati Shakti

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