Friday, 12 December 2014

Christ Consciousness Connection

The Christ mass is upon us at this pivotal time of year. I love this time of injection, more deliberately, and memorably, in Christ Consciousness Connection.

It encourages and challenges us to stay focussed on what the birth and life of Jesus The Christ meant, and means, to all of us. What this great teacher and master demonstrated and strengthened in the psyche of man and woman. To find and complete our individuated wholeness, and create a new human race, of grace.

And in that reflection I opened again a present I received last year, relevant to the flavour of this anniversary, and the rituals surrounding the birth of this human, mystical, holy, divine, being and doing, Christ saint.

The present was a book, about a series of interviews with Carl Jung. Miguel Serrano's C.G. Jung and Hermann Hesse, A Record of Two Friendships. Amongst many topics it offers a lovely extrapolation and explorative perspective of Eastern and Western Traditions. In one particular extract, Serrano's first interview with Carl Jung in February 1959, Jung describes Christ, as the archetype, for the Western world.

'The Self,' said Jung, 'is a circle whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.' Dr. Jung spoke that sentence in Latin. 'And do you know what the Self is for Western man? It is Christ, for Christ is the archetype of the hero, representing man's highest aspiration. All this is very mysterious and at times frightening.' Jung fell silent for a moment.

And indeed it is. For Christ taught about, and acted from, the Sacred Heart.

And to live and speak from your heart takes courage. To stay in your truth takes strength. To stay in your I Am'ness when all around seems senseless, that is the path to wholeness.

And sometimes that can feel treacherous. Yet that is a part of the journey of the hero and heroine. Which we all are. It is essentially the transfiguration of the human species, led by the heartmind, into an era of greater humanity and grace. No small feat. It's that big. And every step is relevant.

As you are facing the final days, leading into the season of Christmas festivities, where views can be differing, tensions may be heightening, where compassion seems emptying, and where soulful presence seems mystifying, breathe in, and take smaller steps, in each present moment. A gentler, simpler pace, for the highest good, is where the blessing and transformation is.

Select what your wholly holy Self needs best, in amongst the activity, for you and humanity. So you can make it a more meaningful and relevant event. And that is time well spent, in Christ Consciousness. That is the Present.

And should you wish to read a previous blog I wrote called 'Your Unique Self', with an extract by Hermann Hesse, you can find it here

Much love for a Happy Graceful Greatful Christmas Self Present.

SaraSwati Shakti

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Blessed Contentedness

This week I drew a picture of two representational mandalas, one called Family and the other called Home. Together they combined as Family Home.

It was drawn for someone who requested a mandala of her own. And with graceful intervention I let go of artistic flow to see what would evolve for her to know.

She received the two mandalas as a reflection. Representing the place of her heart, of her attention and intention. An understanding of where her primary fires burn. She, and her family home. One representing her and her family members, individually and enJoyning in their pleasures. And the other of her InJoying blossoming, of herself, as her home.

Her home, her heart centre, and the collection of passion amongst all the members, including her own, that together are one whole.

And I mingled with other families, at end of year gatherings leading up to Christmas. Noticing the passions of each person, contributing to the entire mix, of purposing their pleasures and treasures individually and together. Processes of blending, mending, communicating, and treading beautifully, and appreciatively around the important, connective, things.

And I realised oneness more definitely, more completely intrinsically, in maintaining the rhythm of the members of the family and what goes on in it. Gently, acceptingly, and experimentally, learning about each other and understanding their passions and needs, gracefully, and carefully. Listening, and developing.

We often think of the term Oneness as something quite amorphous and enormous, as something global, and unattainable. And while it has a large universality, it also occurs finitely, and starts in families. In the ones of origin, as well as others we create intentionally, and blissfully, with harmony, and loving beauty.

Understanding group dynamics, for everybody.

When things go less smoothly, adjusting.

When things go right, celebrating.

The experience of individuals impacting the whole. Being conscious of the dynamics.

Creating space for individuality, to hold grace, for each person, and what they each need, as well as everyone collectively, for well-being. Prioritising, balancing, and ridding things unnecessary. That's the creative rhythm of a family.

Creativity in how we live our lives. Opening up to solutions, options, flowing essence as the heart opens to greater importance of the value of a happy, fulfilling essence for each, and all combined. A blessedness of contentedness.

As we lead up to Christmas and other events we naturally think of family and what it means, as part of the rituals we involve ourselves in.

Perhaps an openness to the uniqueness, and preferences of each member, and the blending of the quirkiness, in and amongst all the rest, can enhance a harmonic oneness and lovingness for everyone for a Christmas blessed.

May you create and find the blessedness of family home at Christmas, in whatever way that happens to be for your contentedness.

SaraSwati Shakti

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Saturday, 22 November 2014

A Reassuring Poem for a Child at bedtime

If truth be known
I can bestow
A blessing on your brow
To shield you well
From harmful spell
And peacefulness bestow

In loving space
You have a place
To feel safe from harm
To know with cert
Your heartful strain
Will soon come to calm

Be reassured
And be spared
From worry and distress
You're home again
Come to rest
Relax in loving balm

Your mum is near
And all is clear
Your shine will soon return
Just breathe muck out
And clean the guff
Flush all the murky goo

And soon you'll find
That glowing spark
Will be all fresh and new
With spring in step
Regained with help
Your soul will be renewed

A gentle caress
Will cleanse the mess
And serenity return
To give you all
So you recall
The pleasantness in your chest

A calm mind and happy heart
A peaceful bod and soul
All at rest, and at its best
Soft, gentle is the goal
It is achieved, as you recede
in slumber, back to whole

And in the morn
No more forlorn
The yuckiness is gone
You will return
Fresh and cured
of energetic scorn

So rest my love
Let all recede
And heal over night
With dreams of bliss
And one more kiss
Upon your resting brow

Your Angels and your Spirit guides
Are always ever near
To guide you well
And calmly tell
You what you need to hear
Be still, and listen, dear.

One final thing
While breathing deep
In sleeping solitude
You're deeply loved
Just as you are
And so loving too.

No need for pretence
or stoic tense
Just let it all hang out
Your authentic self
is welcome here
It's nice to have you back.

Good night my love
Sleep tight my love
Good Night
Good Night
Good Night

SaraSwati Shakti

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

InJoy and EnJoyning

Several years ago a positive psychology professor asked me a question. How do I reconcile the combination of positive psychology and Jungian depth psychology as part of the preferences of modalities I enjoy using.

The question implied to me that you can only exist in one camp, or another.

But to me, that is denying the full spectrum of life.

To me they are part of a continuum on which life oscillates. And part of a range of tools to get us through challenges in the greatest and gentlest way possible.

Life, by it's true nature, includes endings, death, deeper yearnings, as well as births, soarings, high points, and fun things. And that is what makes it whole, and complete. Understanding, accepting and  working through the spectrum of what is happening, when it presents, in the moment. Embracing it entirely, is what makes it relevant and aids self-awareness and decision-making.

And life is an evolving and involving journey. What is needed may shift and change depending on our development and the events we may be experiencing.

Ever since I can remember I have understood the marriage between life and grief. That joy and pain co-exist. That hope and dread are real. That there is light. And that there is shadow. Knowing that when we are born, we are also going to die. And consequently how valuable life really is.

Finding joy through positivity when we need it, and creating it as a setpoint, is one aspect. Finding compassion and deeper understanding when joy is hard to see with a more troubling element is another option.

And that clarifies and unifies the use of different modalities as part of a toolbox. It's a topic I wrote about in a previous blog

Positives are great. Staying focussed on positives helps us to appreciate our lives. And there is so much to appreciate. Yet when it is inauthentic it can deny stirrings that are unpleasant, and that need to be noticed. And while it may help to stay positive to transcend what may be too difficult to deal with for a time, at some point these stirrings may need to be addressed. That's when the depth is the beauty. Finding what is hidden. And realising an InJoy for a truer self, and the value it brings.

Likewise staying in the depths can drown us. Keep us away from a wider perspective of broadening, giving, receiving, and applying the learnings into a richer, fuller, life connection. Offering the learnings and knowledge as gifts of maturing. Embedding the understandings and wisdoms that we can pass on as being our authentic selves with others. That creates the EnJoyning as a real positive for a richer, more robust society.

And while that somewhat oversimplifies things, working this way allows for a broader developmental approach. Using mindfulness, and heartfulness to connect to options for finding InJoy. And EnJoyning that is relevant.

This is the case for both individuals and organisations. Scanning for what are positive, and the hidden elements, for both the individual and the collective. Using relevant tools and modalities for EnJoyning InJoy.

Our individual and collective soul signatures are here on a mission. To live life fully. To compel us to embrace the endings and birthings, joys and discomforts, and to remind us of our humanity. To tune in authentically, to ourselves, each other, and to choose to create greater, more fulfilling, joyful and purposeful living.

May our best, most rewarding, and fulfilling, InJoy and EnJoyning lives persist beautifully, compassionately, and creatively, positively and deeply, for a better humanity.

SaraSwati Shakti

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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Drawing for Humanity

Drawing is ancient. What has been presented on paper, parchment, rocks and stones over centuries, has educated humanity.

Like writing, it demonstrates cognition of an idea. And stores information, throughout civilisation, in a picture. It offers images that stir from sleeping dreams, mythological, ritualistic, and symbolic meaning. As well as a range of pictorial archetypes, for seeing, feeling, and connecting to the inner holy being.

And as life moves, evolves, and changes, drawings generate reflectively. So that creation perpetuates. And the images that resonate, deeply, and humanly, repeat. Maintaining and encouraging a life force of something higher, deeper, and more meaningful. Updated, and relevant, reinforcing messages, for humanity's evolving benefit.

When the eyes and an art piece really meet, something interior has been touched, and reached. Visibly and invisibly.

And that can be a peak experience, aha moment, and an amazing event. As well as an ordinary, daily, lovely, simple, thing.

Yet the value of the simple and ordinary can often be overlooked, as un-extraordinary.

I have worked with many people. Helping them to tap into and understand their inner landscapes. And the biggest thing I have learned is that so many feel an innate unworthiness, an un-extraordinariness, and a dissatisfaction. At a loss to find their innate loveliness, and innocence. They puff up with layers of achievements, competitions, justifications and unnecessary busyness. And while the big things are most definitely worth celebrating, they occur intermittently.

It reminded me of an anonymous quote I read recently. Anyone loves a rose, but it takes a lot to love a leaf. It's ordinary, but it's beautiful to love the ordinary. 

The human heart knows that. It does not judge. It connects. To what is uniquely important to the person whose body it is in. No matter how seemingly ordinary. The intrinsic, significant, things. And, in listening to it, it allows you to find discernment and clarity. To what is really important, in every moment. To life, and deeper values. Enacting and practising, wholeness. And discovering, intrinsically, and symbolically, that the leaves are also roses.

I invite you to tap into the language of your heart through the art in Heart Art mandala'verse, now available in a book depository for humanity.

The book is being used to educate others to find and connect to their heart's discernment, meditatively and sacredly. 

Sample poetry describing the drawings from Heart Art mandala'verse, can be seen in the latest edition of Spirituality and Health magazine

Heart Art mandala'verse is available from major on-line booksellers. And you can order it at your local bookseller. Softcopy ISBN 978-1-4525-9478-1.

May it connect you to your extraordinary ordinary heart based personal, and universal, experience.

SaraSwati Shakti

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Coherence Appearance

Tomorrow I have a meeting with a group of wellness providers that I am leading. And we are concentrating on the theme of LinkedIn as part of connecting to our audience, who needs our services, and the technicalities of attracting, communicating, and reaching them.

And the word coherence came up for me. Suggesting the importance of aligning with everything, coherently. With the values we hold dearly. Selecting that which illuminates and resonates with our paths, and the paths of significant others like our families, our clients, our communities, moving brilliantly. Adding flowingly to how the world can be continually evolving lovingly. And peacefully.

And I drew it in a mandala. What coherence looks like in a picture. Visually. People holding hands, moving, forward. From left to right. Across a path united. Rising, and dipping or resting, for decision-making when need be. Intersecting and connecting with the flowing beauty of an energetically seamless heartbeat, along a bright horizon.

Perhaps you can connect to the picture. In your own individual way. What it may mean to you. And meditate with it. That is what I will be doing with the group tomorrow morning when we begin. Linking together some themes of our group cohesively as we move on with our individual and collective illuminated journeys. Refining, fortifying, and deepening, our co-creative relating.
And in your inquiry, with the meditative mandala in heartmind, you may also like to consider:
1. Who are your coherence friends, families, colleagues, customers and communities?
2. How do you energetically and purposefully connect mindfully, heartfully, and taskfully?
3. Where do you flow rhythmically, and how do you intersect abundantly, so that opportunities for co-creation present seamlessly.
4. What are the benefits each person is bringing to the transactions and interactions that are supporting a jointly fulfilling higher purpose into being.
Such a lovely inquiry to be undertaking as you move into the last parts of the year. 
Much love on your coherent connecting.
SaraSwati Shakti

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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Isn't it funny...

I came across a quote today from the legacy of C.S. Lewis. And it said...

Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different.

And it was funny, to come across that quote today, because I had just finished writing a list of all the things I have achieved this year. And the list is longer than I had thought. And more meaningful than I have given my life credit for. Energetically, relationally, and tangibly.

But in every day, it seemed not much was happening, not much was changing.

In the big scheme of things, much has shifted. I feel different. Because daily, mindfully, I was making choices that were right for my life, my values, and my purpose. And from that place, more of what I love has surfaced. And more energy and space is available to give to those around me that I love.

My love list might not be valuable to anyone else. It is personal to me, and very precious. It entails the foundations I am building on for my next steps.

And your life, to you, is precious too. It is truly valuable. And what you do now is foundational to your next steps, and the contributions that you continue to make.

So, with the partial Solar eclipse on our doorstep as a motivation, perhaps it is opportune for you to do an 'Isn't it funny' list to see just how much has been achieved, in your precious life.

1. Write down your achievements and the things that have been working in your life. This makes it real, and encourages more to appear.

2. Acknowledge the foundations that you have built that you know are solid and sound. The things you have focussed on this year. And look at it with gratitude for You and what you do.

3. Define what you now want to build on those foundations, personally and professionally, and what you wish to next see happening.

And may you continue to witness your unfolding as precious and divine, and keep building a brighter new life.

Much love

SaraSwati Shakti

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