Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Coaching Camino

Change changes you. Isn't it true.

And that's what I observed in some beautiful tales of journeying in the stunning documentary Walking the Camino, Six Ways to Santiago, that I watched last week.

It helped me to ponder on the Coaching Camino's I witness with my coachees while on their coaching journey with me. An opportunity, for change, changing them, authentically.

The Camino de Santiago. Described as 500 miles. A Journey of faith. A journey to self.

Just like therapeutic coaching. Through Change. A Coaching Camino beckoning. For transforming.

Many years ago a colleague said something to me, and it has remained with me. He said that we live like ghosts...essentially going to work, going through the motions, unconsciously accepting societal notions, and commotions. Living in auto-mode. Dying.

And for many it is true.

Something is missing. A hole in the soul deepening. Devoid of a richness, of life experience. And the sensations it brings. Of the joy of learning, and challenging where we have been, and making the changes, that are needed, to come alive within.

For 1200 years the Camino de Santiago has been walked. And I marvelled at the descriptions of the process...it's not easy, it's not always sunshine, it can be rain, there are parts of the road that are difficult, it's not a stroll, it's not just about arriving at a place. It's living, it's feeling. It is indeed like transitional therapeutic coaching can be, if taken seriously. It is real. In the moment true, to the person, as they peel away what seems gruesome.

And as everyone is trying to be somebody. I like to remind them that they already are somebody. And to seek and find that somebody that they are already. And may have forgotten. Those parts that have laid dormant. That deeper edge that has gone missing along the way. That wants to come out to play again. The bigger Self that's already there. That wishes to come alive.

To me Life itself is a Camino. A marvellous opportunity to live deeply and appreciatively along the travelling no matter how hard or easy. And I wrote about it previously in my blog Pilgrimage Begin. You can read it here.

And as the film reiterated so beautifully...

'It's an internal Camino. It's a process toward the heart, towards what's inside, and we discover the expanded universe'.

'Transcending corporeal concerns and celebrating the hero within'.

That's where it begins.

And that's why I love what I do, helping people come to see that it's true. Being their witness. Seeing them do extraordinary things, both small and big, in their dreams and schemes. Awakening to the possibilities that has, and can present for them. In the trials and tribulations they surmount, the roadblocks they encounter, and the combination of action and surrender, that come about for them. Working through to their next world view.

Profound moments often present as people travel their unique Coaching Camino's. The transformation it brings, the opportunity to change...and to live again. When their Pilgrimage Begins.

SaraSwati Shakti
Copyright © 2016. All rights reserved.



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