Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Sprints, And Marathons

Dealing with the emotional elements of change is like running Sprints, and Marathons, in the psyches of people adjusting.

And assisting coachees to manage change and transition has a number of very important elements.

When people are dealing with personal and professional events, such as a redundancy, leaving work to have a new baby, entering the workforce initially, returning to work after maternity leave, dealing with a death in the family, finding themselves in corporate restructuring, managing a challenging divorce, dealing with an illness, any number of things, there is an adjustment necessary.

And a beautiful emotional component of loving that is important to be incorporating. Because we are human beings.

Each adjustment can require subtle manouvering around emotions and decision-making. And there can be a need for dealing with a number of concurrent events that can be triggering.

Anyone who has ever dealt with, or supported someone with, the intricacies of planning a funeral after a death in the family, knows how taxing it can be, and exhausting emotionally.

Anyone who has returned to the workforce after having a baby, understands the tugs of loyalty between work and family, and finding the balance that is so necessary, particularly if there have been birthing and growing difficulties.

Anyone who has experienced an unexpected redundancy knows the importance of acquiring skills, and stamina, for applying for new things. And the managing of rejections, perseverence, and persistence it often brings.

Change entails decision-making, and action taking. Sprints, and Marathons regularly.

Managing the pressure to continue, adequately dealing with the processes of feeling, accepting the tasks of preparing, repairing, and self motivating, is a fine human art, of the mind, and heart.

And working co-operatively with coachees, for emotional resilience, and brilliance, becomes an important process.

As human beings, emotional resilience, is important. And self-compassion, to get through the many aspects and challenges of changing, and adjusting, to new conditions, needs pacing. Because emotional, and physical Sprints, And Marathons are usually racing. And need managing.

It often surprises me that people need permission, to take it easier, to seek help, to care for themselves, to manage their anxieties, and to calm themselves in storms of emotionality. Perhaps it is a function of a perfectionist, driven, society that doesn't recognise the importance of feeling, and loving, in adjusting.

Taking time to self-care, and to live more beautifully and self-appreciatively through changes, is a human necessity. Self-compassion an ideal, and essential, reality.

Therapuetic coaching can assist with this. It gives the space to help manage the pace, and keep moving forward through the highs and lows, optimally, and gently.

I help people learn to take care of themselves through the Sprints, and Marathons, of change, and adjustments, in which they find themselves. And taking adequate steps to re-create their optimum, in new circumstances, again.

SaraSwati Shakti
Copyright © 2016. All rights reserved.


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