Tuesday, 25 February 2014

All it takes.

One step, is all it takes.

One step at a time,

In the right direction.



In tempo

With the positive rhythm

Of a beating heart.

One step at a time.

And watch it fall in place.

Right place. Right time. Right people. Right. Now.

SaraSwati Shakti

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Friday, 21 February 2014


I had a beautiful conversation with a friend this week. We had just participated in an International Coach Federation meeting. The topic was on breathing.

And, as it would, all that breathing led to increased meaning, and connecting at a deeper level, and a kind of clearing. The group more honest, and focussed, on the truth of their experience.

We spoke, he and I, of the difference between just speaking sentiments, and actually feeling them. Knowing intrinsically a truism of meaning. And shifting to holistic communicating. How it is so easy to stay in the head, connecting the dots, and to forget to also bring it back to the feeling intuitive bod.

And that was reinforced by a gift I received on the night. A prize. Of a notebook. A journal. With Leadership Wisdom about the merits of spirit, emotion and feeling. Valid tools in decision-making. Yet a challenge, in linear world view making. Where the head and logic rules, in absence of holistic heartfelt views.

We are all leaders. Of our own lives, and in the roles we have in our families, the organisations we work in, our social networks, and our friendships. Putting equal communicative share in the directions and decisions there.

And what if leaders were to contemplate, if they have not already done, the notion that the heart body is an equal ally to the mind. That the heart body and mind can work as one. A connective human mindful thinking feeling sum.

A combined intelligence worth collecting. A surer road steering. More meaningful dealings.

A world more soothing, amidst larger changes looming, and new opportunities booming.

Closer, and closer, to divine heart mind. Clearer hearts and more focused minds.

What a wonderful world to make and find.

And for those of you interested in the notion that leadership is about emotion, I found an article for you to contemplate http://www.forbes.com/sites/meghanbiro/2013/12/15/leadership-is-about-emotion/ , with a number of ideas to deliberate, and open, the feeling gate.

SaraSwati Shakti

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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Love Finds You

I was recommended a book some time ago. A book by Roger Housden. Someone I have been interestedly following. His poetry commentary, and his travels in writing.

I received a message yesterday. His book Chasing Rumi had arrived via an inter-library loan that I had ordered more than 2 months ago. All the way from Brisbane. How perfectly timely. A great rainy day gift, was right here, in Sydney. An ideal way to spend a rainy afternoon in.

A Fable About Finding the Heart's True Desire.

A story of a young man's journey of mystery, and Rumi. And how this poet, who knew him by heart, took him through chance meetings, into his own lover's heart destiny.

As an appreciator of Rumi, And a free afternoon for me. I swung around among early errands. To the local library.

A feeling of anticipation emerging within, elated, and restless to begin. The groceries left to unpack downstairs. My soul urged, later, it can stay right there.

Ascending up the stairs, I reclined with this book, for a good part of the remaining afternoon.

It is littered with Christian and Islamic mystic mentions, and reinforcement of my own heart mind intentions. I wanted to tag and mark many pages, as I do in my own books that contain wise feeling phrases. Instead, numerous bookmarks I left in place, to revisit my own heart's phase, until it returns to the library in twenty-one days.

And it quietly said...

'Can you describe this love you are seeking?'

'I know it when I feel it...It is a love in which nothing is left out.'

'Yes, And that kind of love is the greatest work a man can do. Yet for everyone it is a different journey....'

Indeed. And oh, what a journey it is. In the finding, the listening, and the receiving.

May you too, continue on your journey, as love finds you.

SaraSwati Shakti

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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Sat Chit Ananda Gift

I have been pondering tomorrow's Valentine's Day, and how Divine Love interplays. They go hand in hand for me. Romancing with the Universe, and Eternity.

Thinking on that, I came across a teaching for this year.

Valentinus, a teacher, poet and early Christian Gnostic theologian, said that God is essentially indescribable. Yet God comes from silence as a source ineffable.

For me this is true.

We are divine beings on planet earth. Playing our role in it's evolving worth.

And it is in the silence that we hear the real view, of our own divine truth. Trusting implicitly in ourselves and our own divinity. And the connection to universal clarity. Clearing past the dross of critique. Sensing our nature as lovingly unique. And applying that as our earthly gift.

And while I have been in this internal pondering, I have also been listening. To poets through song. For me a romantic thing. And learning, from others' journeying. What their silence connection brings in.

And a lovely one presented this week. Some of Maitreya's devotions in Songs from Beyond the Sea, was speaking to a place within me. Reminding me of a favourite prayer that I recite regularly. Saint Germain's Violet Flame. A lyrical, meditative verse that inspires intimately. Bliss beyond my own past seas of emotionality.

The snapshot from Maitreya's lyrics that inspired me...my own vocal chords singing along loud and clear...

Bliss, beyond beyond
Bliss, bliss beyond the sea
Geometries of light and sound above the sky, beneath the ground
From the point of love within the infinite heart
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men
I'm ready to receive
The flame is lit and I'm passing it on
I'm going to play my bit,
I'll always sing your song
Sat Chit Ananda
I hear you calling, I hear you calling

May we each know our personal calling, and that our flames are lit. Sat Chit Ananda. Truth Consciousness Bliss. May that be the world's collective Valentine's Gift.

SaraSwati Shakti

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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Heart in Hand

I had the most delightful experience this week.

I was set to stay in a service queue for over an hour, and needed to determine what to do. It was not something I was relishing. But I surrendered to the experience of waiting.

Scanning the large waiting room, my instinct pulled me clearly to a particular empty seat. Right behind a barefoot girl, dressed in white and pink.

I sat down and settled in. And then. A small hand reached out from beneath the chair in front of me. Palm open, ready to greet.

I placed my open palm on hers.

For an entire minute we linked.

A tiny African hand and mine. Open. Energetically transmitting. Mother and Grandmother beside her conversing. While she and I, heart to heart, through the palms of our hands, silently communicating.

Until she was ready for our faces to meet.

She turned around. Inviting eyes, ready to play, beckoned me. We became friends immediately. Chatted briefly about pink and purple and princesses. Then moving beside me, with her supplies of art and playthings, we tickled hands and feet, and drew pictures, of each other, as pretty as could be.

Not talking, just doing, the important work, of being.

The hour passed quickly, and pleasantly. And reminded me, of how the innocence of an open hand and heart, instils calm presence and peaceful things.

An intimate opening to our brief friendship. A delightful hour of kinship. This little soul of enormous heart and connection. Knew I needed her caring attention.

May you all connect with soulful presence, and a peaceful heart in gentle hand, whenever you need it.

SaraSwati Shakti

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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Mandala Magic

I have been immersing myself in the magic of mandalas, again.

Previously, I drew them as a meditative practice, keeping me on my mission of the heart during a time of great turbulence in my life. Allowing them to produce subconscious images that needed to come about. My inner child happily ensconced in the colours and what amazing prophetic pictures came out. Letting go, and seeing the emerging insight.

I am now in preparation, to publish some of those original drawings, as an ode to the heart. An inspiration to stay on the heart path, no matter what.

I am not a fine, nor trained, artist. Yet, as a therapist, I know the power that all art forms play in the healing and thriving process. I have participated in, and been trained, in many art and serious play therapies that can be applied personally, in groups, and in workplaces. It is a marvellous and powerful tool for unearthing, opening, and healing, simply and clearly, a range of issues and solutions. A playful, gentle and fun process for everyone, no matter what age. Complex matters often brought to a simple, core, and powerful message.

And I've taken the brave decision. To publish my drawings in their raw, basic, undressed form. And that is the beauty in them. They are real. Not touched up or stymied by technique. Unhindered in its basic message. With accompanying poetry inspired by each image.

And meant to show that anyone can be creative, anyone can see something miraculous and beautiful, through their own artistic process no matter how it looks compared to the masters. It gives an important message from the depths of our knowing, our inner wellspring of being, that is a valuable beginning to inner wisdom revealing.

For me my mandalas are meditative, prophetic and integrative.

And certainly art plays its role in revealing the eyes of what is going on inside, or coming from a higher perspective. The core message in the evolving colours, image and flowing. It is the universe of the artist in the making. The artist in the centre and the periphery of the drawing.

I have been posting some of my more recent drawings on my new Loving Psyche Page, which is being slowly built personally and in its very early gestation days. I hope it inspires something in you. I invite you to 'Like' it on https://www.facebook.com/LovingPsyche.

Much love

SaraSwati Shakti

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