Saturday, 15 February 2014

Love Finds You

I was recommended a book some time ago. A book by Roger Housden. Someone I have been interestedly following. His poetry commentary, and his travels in writing.

I received a message yesterday. His book Chasing Rumi had arrived via an inter-library loan that I had ordered more than 2 months ago. All the way from Brisbane. How perfectly timely. A great rainy day gift, was right here, in Sydney. An ideal way to spend a rainy afternoon in.

A Fable About Finding the Heart's True Desire.

A story of a young man's journey of mystery, and Rumi. And how this poet, who knew him by heart, took him through chance meetings, into his own lover's heart destiny.

As an appreciator of Rumi, And a free afternoon for me. I swung around among early errands. To the local library.

A feeling of anticipation emerging within, elated, and restless to begin. The groceries left to unpack downstairs. My soul urged, later, it can stay right there.

Ascending up the stairs, I reclined with this book, for a good part of the remaining afternoon.

It is littered with Christian and Islamic mystic mentions, and reinforcement of my own heart mind intentions. I wanted to tag and mark many pages, as I do in my own books that contain wise feeling phrases. Instead, numerous bookmarks I left in place, to revisit my own heart's phase, until it returns to the library in twenty-one days.

And it quietly said...

'Can you describe this love you are seeking?'

'I know it when I feel it...It is a love in which nothing is left out.'

'Yes, And that kind of love is the greatest work a man can do. Yet for everyone it is a different journey....'

Indeed. And oh, what a journey it is. In the finding, the listening, and the receiving.

May you too, continue on your journey, as love finds you.

SaraSwati Shakti

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