Friday, 21 February 2014


I had a beautiful conversation with a friend this week. We had just participated in an International Coach Federation meeting. The topic was on breathing.

And, as it would, all that breathing led to increased meaning, and connecting at a deeper level, and a kind of clearing. The group more honest, and focussed, on the truth of their experience.

We spoke, he and I, of the difference between just speaking sentiments, and actually feeling them. Knowing intrinsically a truism of meaning. And shifting to holistic communicating. How it is so easy to stay in the head, connecting the dots, and to forget to also bring it back to the feeling intuitive bod.

And that was reinforced by a gift I received on the night. A prize. Of a notebook. A journal. With Leadership Wisdom about the merits of spirit, emotion and feeling. Valid tools in decision-making. Yet a challenge, in linear world view making. Where the head and logic rules, in absence of holistic heartfelt views.

We are all leaders. Of our own lives, and in the roles we have in our families, the organisations we work in, our social networks, and our friendships. Putting equal communicative share in the directions and decisions there.

And what if leaders were to contemplate, if they have not already done, the notion that the heart body is an equal ally to the mind. That the heart body and mind can work as one. A connective human mindful thinking feeling sum.

A combined intelligence worth collecting. A surer road steering. More meaningful dealings.

A world more soothing, amidst larger changes looming, and new opportunities booming.

Closer, and closer, to divine heart mind. Clearer hearts and more focused minds.

What a wonderful world to make and find.

And for those of you interested in the notion that leadership is about emotion, I found an article for you to contemplate , with a number of ideas to deliberate, and open, the feeling gate.

SaraSwati Shakti

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