Sunday, 2 February 2014

Mandala Magic

I have been immersing myself in the magic of mandalas, again.

Previously, I drew them as a meditative practice, keeping me on my mission of the heart during a time of great turbulence in my life. Allowing them to produce subconscious images that needed to come about. My inner child happily ensconced in the colours and what amazing prophetic pictures came out. Letting go, and seeing the emerging insight.

I am now in preparation, to publish some of those original drawings, as an ode to the heart. An inspiration to stay on the heart path, no matter what.

I am not a fine, nor trained, artist. Yet, as a therapist, I know the power that all art forms play in the healing and thriving process. I have participated in, and been trained, in many art and serious play therapies that can be applied personally, in groups, and in workplaces. It is a marvellous and powerful tool for unearthing, opening, and healing, simply and clearly, a range of issues and solutions. A playful, gentle and fun process for everyone, no matter what age. Complex matters often brought to a simple, core, and powerful message.

And I've taken the brave decision. To publish my drawings in their raw, basic, undressed form. And that is the beauty in them. They are real. Not touched up or stymied by technique. Unhindered in its basic message. With accompanying poetry inspired by each image.

And meant to show that anyone can be creative, anyone can see something miraculous and beautiful, through their own artistic process no matter how it looks compared to the masters. It gives an important message from the depths of our knowing, our inner wellspring of being, that is a valuable beginning to inner wisdom revealing.

For me my mandalas are meditative, prophetic and integrative.

And certainly art plays its role in revealing the eyes of what is going on inside, or coming from a higher perspective. The core message in the evolving colours, image and flowing. It is the universe of the artist in the making. The artist in the centre and the periphery of the drawing.

I have been posting some of my more recent drawings on my new Loving Psyche Page, which is being slowly built personally and in its very early gestation days. I hope it inspires something in you. I invite you to 'Like' it on

Much love

SaraSwati Shakti

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