Thursday, 14 April 2016

The Gift of Wonder

The school holidays have been upon us. And with it a dramatic change in the neighbourhood scenery. So many more children are mixing and mingling in the parks and walkways of surrounding greenery. Out for fresh air, in the open, playing freely, and venturing in pleasures with friends and family.

Today I met two of them. Two little girls filled with childlike wonder in a park during my lunchtime break. Sisters. Twins. Keen to meet me face to face, as I was about to make my way by them. They said hello, they shared their stories, they glowed with happiness under the large umbrella they held big enough for both of them. They were delighting in the wonder of their own joyousness. It was infectious.

And their joy turned to what I was holding. Two feathers. Small ones. Identical. And perfect for each of them.

One of the girls held out her hand to hold one. And the other did the same. They gasped, and giggled, in delightedness, and ran to show their mother the treasures that they now held.

The beauty of child like wonder, a gift of existence. The gift it engendours in our daily presence is unmistakebly brilliant. The innocent nature of children in the natural environment is so incredibly sacred. A richness it brings in spirit.

And acknowledging the richness that the world around us freely gives, like those two girls so ably did, is also a prize, worth treasuring, and cultivating, in a world that can be challenging.

Feathers in themselves have such a lovely meaning. I collect them often, and have a selection. They remind me of many things, and particularly, of the headresses that native Americans created as marks of earned wisdom, and honourable acts of Spirit. Acknowledging the meaning that each feather brings to the entire piece is a mark of leadership.

It didn't escape me that perhaps that is why the girls innately knew that they had earned their feathers today. Keeping their Spirits buoyant, and spreading the joy in the world around them, in a wondrous interplay.

Blessed be the children.

Much love

SaraSwati Shakti

Copyright © 2016. All rights reserved.


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