Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Crafting Heartfully Mindfully

On the school run this morning I was listening to boys discussing their hottest iPad app Minecraft. They were working in tandem. They were deciding whether to create their own new world. Or join each other in building a new world. Ultimately they decided to join each other. Individually together.

They described how it works. 'You mine. And then you craft'. Fabulous metaphor reinforcement of the subject of my last blog. Find the treasure. Create a new world with the virtues unearthed and found.

On continuing to listen I also discovered that apparently Minecraft has a sensitivity feature. You can either keep the feature, which apparently slows things down. Or you can block it, so you fast pace ahead. A personal choice.

It made me think of the bigger picture.

The world we are in now.

People are being called to build a new world.

Russell Brand is leading intensely, using his firey brand, of Spiritual Revolution.

Andrew Harvey is preaching more quietly, a Sacred Activism.

The Vatican is moving more popularly, taking social media by storm.

Jeff Brown is spreading more intimately, ascending with both feet on the ground.

Everyone has a brand, so to speak.

The core for each of us is about getting to the Truth. Mining for that. Crafting with that. Digging deep for it. And following that. The Way. And the Light.

I see it as a necessary and inevitable evolution of the world needing to improve itself.

There are choices we will necessarily and voluntarily make as the world changes. And those choices will be based on our own preferred sensitivity. What speaks to us personally. Our own truth and validity. And who we will build the new world with.

We can burn off quickly, or more slowly. The pace can be firey. Or it can be gently. Both are significant and powerful energies.

Whatever your choice, consider crafting it lovingly, gracefully, heartfully, mindfully, with sensitivity. We are all in this together.

Perhaps, as the Dalai Lama puts it, we can do it kindfully, and peacefully.

Much love on your spiritual evolution solution. Crafting Heartfully Mindfully Lovingly.

SaraSwati Shakti

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