Friday, 4 October 2013

Dark Light

This morning I was reminded of the importance of the dark work. I do it regularly. Yet I needed to be reminded again. Of course. It's the new moon tonight. A time to release and let go of what has been suppressed. So that more light can get in, and spread.

When we focus purely on the light and ignore the dark work we can get sidetracked into thinking everything is sweet and neat. And then kapow! Something hits. Something we haven't worked through. An old wound, a repressed state, a negative blackness. It can feel hard, & get ugly.

Yet it is the dark night that can bring the greatest riches. That requires us to face things, to recalibrate to what is true for us.

When we do not take responsibility for our own dark, our own shadow, it can leak out in ways that can damage us and others. We protect and project. And do not embrace our own inner turmoil or discomfort so we can transmute it.

That is why there is day and night. Spiritual maturity knows this to be true. So we can deal with the subconscious suppression lurking to come out. To purify our inner intent so the light can continue to come about.

Go into yourself. Find what's irksome. What fears and attitudes limit your progress. Name them. Write them down, draw them, dance them out. Choose your method. And burn it. Let it go. Let it out. Safely. Then replace it, with what you want for yourself so that it waxes with the growing light of the moon into the next cycle of life.

So sweet the hour, 3 am
Awake and open, New Moon again
Releasing all tension
From eons past
Remastering intention
Raising new mast
Steering again
On course, to last

And given that spiritually we need to work in deeper cycles until the levels are released for certain, you may wish to keep using the new moon cycle for that cleansing. It's a lovely and potent calendar reminder. All you need to do is look up!

All love

SaraSwati Shakti

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