Monday, 7 October 2013

Reclaim HeartFlame MindFrame

I often find the world out there
Over stimulating
I come home
For a holiday
In my Temple
Where I can reclaim
My Laughter
My Play

in Nature
To break the illusion
of Reality
& Find
with my Soul Self
my psyche
Authentic Inner me

When complete
I can venture out
On wider terrain
The circle moving around
My secure frame
Peaceful gain
Spreading it out there
Lighter HeartFlame
Clearer MindFrame

Inner Outer
Sweet Neat
Resplendently Complete

These are a couple of the ways that I like to reclaim my HeartFlame MindFrame.

May everyone be blessed with the wisdom of knowing how to reclaim their HeartFlame MindFrame so that the world can continue to be a better beautiful place.

How do you reclaim your HeartFlame MindFrame?

SaraSwati Shakti

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