Monday, 14 October 2013

Right Now. Now Right.

It amazes me how often we take ourselves out of real life.

We ruminate over the past. And that is gone.

Or we worry about the future. And that is unknown.

We forget what is truly real. And that can only be, Right Now.

Right Now is really the only reality.

Right Now in every moment is what it's really about.

Each precious moment as we are in it, is what is so rich, so palpable, so infinitesimally, immeasurably, real.

The past is a memory, and the meaning we put on it. And while memories are always important, they can also be distorted, in the present.

As for the future. We can't really control it. We can make plans. And reliably take actions to secure the best for future days. We can predict. Yet we really have no idea what will actually transpire. Our world can change in an instant. It is our vision and feeling in the now that will precede it. Negativity will hinder. Positivity will linger.

And that is the power and the prayer.

Holding respectful acknowledgement of the past and an ideal vision for the future is important. Yet staying in one or the other keeps us somewhere else rather than right here and right now where the only real wisdom and power resides.

In this moment check in with yourself. Right here, right now, how are you? Acknowledge it. Honour it. Accept it.

If it feels good and right, appreciate it. That allows you to appreciate life. And have gratitude. Acknowledging that all Right Here Right Now is good and right. That is your gratitude prayer. For more Now Rights.

If it is not tolerable, acknowledge it, express it to yourself, feel it with your body and your heart. Free it. Then make a choice to change it, leave it, or just accept it. Choose wholeheartedly, and stay in it knowing that your choice or action will work toward making it Now Right too.

Energetically and intentionally you are then Now Right. On track. Right Now. The inner condition of satisfaction, gratitude and relaxation perpetuates itself. You are Being, Right Now.

Wishing you all wonder and self appreciation in the right now, real life, now right, delight.

SaraSwati Shakti

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