Friday, 18 October 2013

Last night, I had a dream...

There is nothing like the creative force that is the dream. It can provide amazing breakthroughs and revelations.

There is the big dream. For the future. The one that inspires us. Keeps us on the superconscious, big picture, path. What I want to be and achieve in the world. The day time dream.

And then there is the night time dream. The one that swells from our inner resources, from our alternative to logical living state. This dream provides its own fodder. Its own creative information about the process that is going on for us. It's often related to the big dream theme, aimed at getting our attention, and getting on with it. The issue needing clarity is seeking our attention, so it can be identified or transcended. And so our worldly work can better come about.

The day and night dreams often work in tandem. Influencing one another in deeper, wider cycles.

Today, I am talking about the latter. The night time dream. Excellent topic for a powerful eclipse full moon night tonight. The full moon being the rich, symbolic representation of the feminine. Of deeper issues coming to light. Those gurgling below the surface. Wishing, to come into sight. When dreams can certainly become more potent over those few nights.

In doing so, I will take a step back in time...

Many years ago when I was confronted by a significant and very painful change in my life, and told a friend at the time, she described a dream she had.

I had a dream about you night before last, then the next day your email arrived...which serves to remind me that dreams are far more than I give them credit most of the time. The general gist of the dream was about living in a new environment which was full of glassed walls but all on different levels like a sunken lounge room that opened onto a huge garden with many people and lounges surrounding, open fires but there was exotic jewellery for sale and the treasures were abundant. You went for a walk to the end of the street and returned...

The dream captured my attention. I was intrigued by it. I took it to my clinical supervisor who, like me, revels in psychodynamic work and symbology.

This dream preceded the richest, deepest, multilayered and most necessarily Self indulgently subconsciously experimental part of my life. A metaphor for the time I immersed myself willingly and compellingly into the deepest, darkest, and most painful parts of my psyche, desperate to come out. And finding the many rooms, and layers of abundance buried deep within, opened, revealed. The garden of blossoming jewels and treasures, within and without.

I called it my night work. Because that was when I was free to enter my many inner rooms.

As a parent and as a professional I had a busy day schedule. It was at night, how appropriately, when all was asleep and quiet, that I could learn, integrate what I explored in the day, and clear many of my inner states, using tools that I learned from various sources and traditions.

It was safe work. I was well supported in the shifting paradigm, to understand and to mine the learnings from my deeper self. And to tune into a new wisdom. Listening, and honouring, my own intuition.

Others were out
I was within
The Sun and the Moon
The Light and the Dark
The Day and the Night
The Sky and the Sea
To have, and To Be

Staring into Space
Peering at Life, looking
  Squarely in it's face
Knowing without a doubt
Something important
Was playing out

Revelling in the passion
for the Self, in compassion
And of Ages, and Sages
Sifting through pages
Esoteric, Religious Wisdoms
Wonderfully divergent &
  united schisms
Separating out, re-uniting
Without doubt
The Inner Self is Out.

Rich dreams. Not all is as it seems. From the dark arises much light.

SaraSwati Shakti

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