Sunday, 15 February 2015

Travellers of Love

Yesterday I visited North Sydney. I was surprised by it's silence. Unlike the busyness of it's normal business mecca weekdays, it was possible to smell the sea air from the harbour as I walked along the streets there. To my destination. To Sunday slow, in a day out in a city environment.

And the occasion was a visit to Mary McKillop Place. So quiet, and beautiful to sit and contemplate, and listen. In the peacefulness and reverence where her body is now laid to rest.

Churches are lovely places for rest and contemplation. And in that contemplation I was reflecting on her words 'Crois aux paroles que Dieu murmure a ton coueur'. To 'Believe in the whisperings of God in your own heart', she said.

The listening to whisperings of inner wisdom, the Godliness, Source, Universe, Higher Power, Mother, whatever your flavour, undisturbed, inside the pureness of our own hearts, in us. Quietening for the answers as we keep considering our next steps. To help us with attention and reflection. Silencing out the distractions and focussing on the heart's power.

The last time I visited Mary McKillop Place was a few years ago when a friend asked me to accompany her there on her birthday. To spend time with the memory of her mother, who had not long passed away. It was a moving day. The image from the most beautiful stained glass window, of Jesus with his Sacred Heart above the altar, provided welcoming whisperings to my own heart's love path.

This visit was with my own mother, alive and well, to share a Sunday day out together. A peacefulness and playfulness that we both appreciated. A time of bonding and reflecting, separately on our own journeys, and the one we've had together. Reminiscing and spending time quietly on our travels, alone, and together.

And as we sat at the side of Mary McKillop's tomb I read on it the words 'Remember we are but travellers here'.

Indeed. Travelling the travels that matter to us. The decisions we make each day. The actions that our hearts relate to us, and that become the path for us, and those around us. Our travels of love. As travellers of love.

May you too be true to the quieter travels of love within you.

SaraSwati Shakti
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Saint Mary McKillop was the foundress of the Order of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart, and their many works of compassion and action in the world.

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