Sunday, 1 February 2015

True Self Knowledge

All true knowledge is self-knowledge.

How you act, react, feel and function.

How you think, decide, plan and relate.

Your wants, desires, disappointments, and automatic responses.

They each make up a kaliedescope of the who that is you.

And there is no other like you. You are the totality of an individual of remarkable existence and potential.

One of the things I like to do in my work is to help you to unearth what is the trueness of you. 

I have found that as soon as people begin to befriend themselves, it makes a difference, in their self-perception, and with those around them.

It has an enormous impact on them when they discover, and validate parts of themselves, that they have not yet consciously embraced. An identity that is enhanced, and advanced with self-knowledge.

I help you to come home to yourself.

A tool I sometimes use to help do this is the MBTI, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. Used extensively for decades by qualified practitioners worldwide.

And while no tool is foolproof in identifying the complexities of you, it has helped me show people the beauty of some of their natural elements, and to normalise those as part of the way they operate.

MBTI focuses on personality, personal preferences innately, as a basis for self-acceptance and self-knowledge. The benefits from which people can operate more wholeheartedly with themselves and others. It's the soulful work of defining the personality in which your soul is operating.

As a qualified MBTI practitioner I  have used it privately in sessions when clients desire it, in workshops for building co-operative, fulfilling and more vibrant teams, as well as for the beginnings of understanding couple differences, and families.

This year I am offering workshops for groups and organisations interested in learning more about who they are, and who their colleagues are, as a way of better understanding themselves and those that work close by. Building awareness, co-operation and a greater appreciation of the nuances of everyone in the group creates an easier flow when people know you, and you know them, more innately and appreciatively.

And for change and improvement in group dynamics to take place in any organisation, it requires the inner power of self-knowledge, inspection and reflection to enhance co-operation and empathy with self and others. It refines the people aspects of the skills set of members of  a team or group.

My colleague Josephine Luna from Helping to Restore Balance and I are joining forces again this year to run MBTI sessions as part of the Loving Work series. Details of the sessions are in the flyer below.

If you are a leader who wishes to get the best from your team, I urge you to consider the benefits it offers as a wonderful opportunity to validate and enhance everyone's contribution to a group, and how the group can operate more brilliantly as a team.

Josephine and I love working together, and have done so on numerous projects over many years. We have had great fun, and success running workshops and helping organisations build more self-awareness and related benefits. We look forward to working with you in relationship too.

Please contact for further details.

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And may you always find a way home to your true self individually and collectively.
Much love
SaraSwati Shakti
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