Monday, 9 February 2015

Different Name. Same Soul.

The last week has been spent changing my name. Progressively. On all of my public profiles. To SaraSwati Shakti, officially.

My friends and newer community colleagues are used to it. The transition that they have been witnessing of my emerging has been a normal aspect of the fabric of our lives evolving. It has been a graceful process with them in the intervening years between Marie Bonney and SaraSwati Shakti.

This marriage to my Spirit self publicly has created many new endeavours that have been fulfilling for me and those around me. I have started to receive increasing requests for articles, and public speaking around my book, my art, and the journey that led to this new name, this new beginning.

And it was time. To make a choice. To draw a clear line in the sand. To adopt one name. And to alleviate any confusion of the path my life was taking. A name accompanying the introduction of Loving Psyche, a suite of services of my trademarked business launched last year, with a renewed energy that it brings with it.

And while it initially challenged me about how I would bridge the distance between those who knew me with a different name, as I re-enter the marketplace among them, I have found that it has been easy.

I have been embraced wholeheartedly.

'Different Name. Same Soul' was a response I received recently.

Indeed. Different name. Same Soul.

I am still doing what I came here for. Making a positive difference in a changing world.

I look forward to doing that with you more.

Attached is my updated profile on my website for those new among you.

And for those concerned about making a mistake, and how to get used to it, as I say hello again, I have retained Marie as my middle name.

And, it's Sara, for short.

So all is easy and right with the world.

Much Love

SaraSwati Shakti

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