Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Soul Flames Lit, in Business.

This week I had the privilege of addressing a business meeting. A group of women, small business leaders in various industries, in a very large community, was gathering. Buzzing with brilliance  in the businesses they are building. I was invited there to talk about Loving Psyche, and what it means to business.

A wonderful hour was spent imparting, and focusing, poetically and artistically, on navigating new territory in the world of business today. And the circumstances of our lives transforming, rapidly, from old paradigms, shifting, to a new age.

I explained that the meaning of Psyche is Soul. And that both they and their businesses have an energetic soulful existence.

And I also reflected on Psyche as the Goddess in Greek mythology, in the story of Eros and Psyche. Psyche is the Goddess of the Soul. And the myth is relevant because it talks of the tasks a woman must take to become whole. Tasks that are also fundamental to each woman who is a leader in business.

Psyche had spiritual tasks to achieve to succeed. And I explored one task in the timeframe from Psyche's story for the audience. Psyche's first task. To sort the seeds.

Psyche had to spend the night in a granary filled with seeds of different sorts, and to sort them by daybreak.

And what that means in modern day is to choose what is right in the whole scheme of things. Learning to set priorities and decide what really matters, as a whole soul human being, doing the leading in business and a life of meaning.

Fortunately for Psyche, when she grew most hopeless, ants appeared and taught her how to sort them, and helped her in need.

It gives us a message, as all good myth stories do, about making choices more lovingly to succeed, holistically. Getting help when in need. Taking care of what's important and critical when dealing with people.

And that became the analogy for how to live a life purposefully. And run a business more mindfully. To take care of leadership holistically. And to think about business in a new way. Lovingly, humanly, and the why of it's being, in context of a complete life living.

And also, that every business has a soul, a collective, that reflects the people in it. An energetic system as well as the tasks, skills and products in it. All the intentions, choices, and actions, that are made, constitutes the prayers that create, or break, momentum.

How the story translated pragmatically to the group, in summary, from the hour long reverie, was to focus on four priority seed sorting areas for being holistic leaders, that you may also consider:

Love Yourself : Sort your needs and wants. Each cycle in your life, and each event that presents to you or confronts you can test you, and your limits as human beings. It can require re-setting daily how to act, and react compassionately. Sometimes it's a breeze, and sometimes it's not easy, to do it lovingly. Sorting the seeds of what is important in each moment for your health and wellbeing as a living, breathing, person helps build joy and resilience.

Love Your Families : Know that those you go home to, deserve the best from you. If you have children, they are your dharma, and primary purpose, as the lives you put on earth to nurture. And each change in the family paradigm requires adjusting, communication, hugging, and building a sanctuary, of friendly fun, and safety. Considering removing pressure that is unnecessary, simplifying, and sharing responsibility.

Love Your Work: The place you spend much of your directional time, and external purpose, acting in the world. Building happiness as the key to success in what you do. Knowing your strengths, ambitions, and inspirations, and the why of your business and career existence. Know what activities make you happy, flow through you, and energise you. What naturally draws you. And build those into the scheme of things. To reveal your path and what you are here to do. Sort the seeds that work in business. And get help that you need.

Love Your Surroundings:  Mother Earth is also an energy body, and is calling on our assistance for her being-ness and beautiful existence. And caring for her, loving her as our collective home is important. For longevity and healthy, creative living for now and eternity. The seeds of what grow, what needs harvesting in the world around you, to create thriving people and community is necessary. And the decisions made in business, the product chain, ethics, and practices affect humanity and what you bring to it.

By focussing on the tension that can present between serving your purpose and taking care of yourself and those around you, it allows you to evaluate the seeds for sorting, and supporting, you. When things go well, or when things are challenging, sorting the seeds of support differently for optimum healthy living. Consider it daily, and when necessary, as you are intending, and building the busy-ness of business right for you.

May you sort your seeds lovingly and joyfully.

Much love

SaraSwati Shakti

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Photo Artwork: Fraternity, Soul Flames Lit in Unity, by SaraSwati Shakti © 2014, from her Heart Art collection. Heart Art is a registered therapeutic service trademark of SaraSwati Shakti.

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