Sunday, 6 September 2015

Father Love Legacy

It has been a week of connecting to fatherhood, with Father's Day a key feature this weekend.

It's Father's Day, Early Spring
What seeds of life those men brought in!

Their children are sprouting all over the place
Spreading more blessings for the world's embrace

How important their guidance
  And their protection
Building the best
  Of paternal connection

Happy Father's Day all daddy's true
Your Legacy is in front of you.

It's a poem I wrote some time ago. And it came to mind again as I sat down to write this weekend. Thank you to daddy's true.

And contemplating on it again on many levels, two particulary stood out for me with events this year.

For families without fathers: Legacy Week this past week, highlighted, and raised the torch, for widows and children of fallen soldiers. An annual appeal, and a perpetual need. For me I am lucky, I still have my dad, and while I see him regularly, we spent time together especially, to celebrate him. For Legacy families theirs are no longer here. Supporting women to lead their growing families, in the absence of fathers who risked everything in the call of duty, continues their legacy.

For fathers looking for safety and hope for their families: The message was brought home so potently with the plight of refugees as they move across roads, borders and seas. Searching for a better future, and a safe haven for their families as their priority. My own dad was a refugee, and as I witnessed the stories on the news reels, I wondered what may have become of him and his future family, had he not found himself with my mother safely on the shores of Sydney. 

A moving week indeed. Knowing that in one instant, or through a series of events, everything can change for a family. And appreciating Father Love blessings.

Much Love

SaraSwati Shakti

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