Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Dreams. And Landscapes.

The ultimate faithfulness of life is the faithfulness of landscape. Landscape is always there...Your body is made out of clay, so your body is actually a miniature landscape that has got up from under the earth and is now walking on the normal landscape. If you go out for several hours into a place that is wild, your mind begins to slow down, down, down. What is happening is that the clay of your body is retrieving its own sense of sisterhood with the great clay of the landscape.

I love these words from the marvellous writings of John O'Donohue. They came to me after a walk in a new neighbourhood last week. An early walk. In a new landscape. Of slow, slow, quietude. Breaking the clay of the day.

As the sun was rising I climbed a hill. My body was struggling at that early hour in the morning, resisting, the incline. Yet it was also insisting, that I reach the top. Nicely, Slowly, Surely. Honouring the pace that I could embrace. And, as I did, the breeze came up. Lifting me to where the vista was opening.

Stunning me. With a valley, in it's iridescent beauty. Gasping, in gratitude, for the scenery unfolding. The landscape of my body that had been carrying me, released itself to the amazing scene. Breathtakingly serene. Wonderfully green, with an early mist, newly fresh and clean.

And on reflection, it reminded me of the hills we climb, in faithfulness, in attempting new enterprise, developing new relationships, and pastimes. And listening to our body's wisdom. It's own landscape of attention, intention, and insistence. Towards a wondrous brilliance.

Pacing the landscape of small hills, graceful thrills, and beauty, of the soulful journey. Moving through temporary difficulty. Honouring, with a grace, and rewarding positivity. Remaining pliable. Persevering, and gaining traction, for a renewed pace of loving action.

Developing. Dreams. And new landscapes.

Dreams. And Landscapes.

We each have them...a healthful body, a finer mind, more genuine companionships, happier families, travelling broadly, working kindly, creating beauty, healing calamity, leading a new earth rebuilding, moulding a new clay of well-being, career pruning, a life budding, or flowering or re-newing...they are numerous, and of personal value and importance. A landscape that perfectly reflects your own wishful orientation. Beyond limitation.

Keeping an eye on that landscape, staying refreshed by its presentation. Taking action, steadily, and thoughtfully. Shifting the clay.

May you continue gracefully, and faithfully, on your soulful travels. Enjoying your inner and outer landscape. One that is breathtakingly brilliant. And a truly remarkable place.

If you would like some help with your dreams and landscapes my diary has new openings. Please contact me via my website here http://www.lovingpsyche.com/Contact/index.html

Much love

SaraSwati Shakti

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Photo: A Landscape Scene, original artwork by SaraSwati Shakti © 2014.

Note: John O'Donohue was the author of Anam Cara and the repeated immortal words in it: 'Come home to yourself'. Anam Cara was the subject of a previous Loving Psyche blog in 2013 titled Anam Cara Family, which you can read here http://www.lovingpsyche.com/Blog/index.php?id=5716603032541595480.

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