Thursday, 29 August 2013

Blessings Blooming Blossoms

I was woken by boisterous birds this morning. A pleasantly noisy dawning. It's almost Spring!

And on a day like today I can feel the new season leaping out to get a jump start. It will be 26 degrees, and stunning.

One of my most popular retweeted and favourited micro poems on twitter is 'Blessings Blooming Blossoms'. I hope that means there are blossoming lives everywhere...

Many of my poems are prayers, affirmations and/or gratitudes. And, in homage to this delicious day, here is the full version of my prayer for our happy leap into Spring.

Read it with your heart and body. And park your mind.

Blessings Blooming Blossoms

Blessings dropping Blossoms
Beautiful Lakshmi Blooming
Abundance Expanding
Boundless Bounty Exploding

Harvesting Seeds Planted
Well Rooted, Well Watered
Well Tended, and Selected
And Lovingly Sorted.

Admiring the Plenty that
  Preparation found
Bursting forth from Sacred Ground
Lustily reaching Lofty Heights
Shining, Glowing, Regal, Bright.

Golden Wattle, White lily, Bird of Paradise
Each gifting it's Heavenly slice
Bouquet of Colour, And Fresh Air
Sunshine, for your Body to wear.

Receiving all that is Now Ripe
Picking, and Choosing
A Fulsome, Happy Life.

So many metaphors for our personal transformations as we move into our springtime nature. All we have prepared and anticipated now bursting forth in colour and sunshine.

And, in case you are not familiar with Lakshmi, she is the Hindu Goddess of prosperity and beauty. What a perfect reflection she is for the coming season.

Bountiful Love Abundance and Beauty

SaraSwati Shakti

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