Saturday, 11 January 2014

Smouldering Sacredness

'I cannot see my soul, but know 'tis there', said the poet Emily Dickinson.

Poets and artists have known it since time immemorial. Their connection to the soul. An invisible encounter with their personal and prophetic experience.

And as the natural progression of creative expression more readily permeates the world a smouldering sacredness is expanding our existential dimensions. People are tuning in to an invisible energetic flow.

The physical body is surrounded by a living, pulsing, smouldering energy body. Eastern traditions are familiar with these systems. And the West is increasingly catching on.

Sacred body and Sacred soul are intimately connected, in communion, and communication. And if they are not. If they are blocked. There is dis-ease, illness and unease. As Caroline Myss in the Creation of Health so clearly insists:

The Time Has Come to assert one primal fact: The human spirit is real. Beyond the chemical, physical and physiological study of disease, there comes a point, as we are led directly to the core of the person's soul.

The Soul or Psyche are pivotal to a thriving life. And this is becoming more evident as people tune in to the greater reality that there is more than physical dimensionality. And as the health and medical fraternity increasingly blends complimentary therapies and traditional remedies with medical inventories. Honouring the patient's experience and deeper existence.

At some level we are increasingly facing an intuitive knowing, an intrinsic understanding, of this smouldering sacredness. One that keeps calling.

That which is Spirit is imploring our inner resources to tap into our spiritual sources. Urging each of us to meet our real to goodness selves, and make our unique and valid blueprint on our world. One that requires a deeper attention to our inner qualities and mysteries, unmasked by externality. Living honestly, wholly holy, and healthy, in soul flame, completely.

What a marvellous journey.

May you smoulder in soul sacredness and passionate ecstasy.

SaraSwati Shakti

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