Sunday, 5 January 2014

Wisdom Season

I have worked with hundreds of people who have been in career decision, and what I call mid-life transition.

Where they decide that what they have built no longer sufficiently fits the bill, nor adequately fulfils their destiny's will.

They have come to a turning point.

A chance to consider again the calling of their souls.

An opportunity to act and live their life for a deeper reason.  Unearthing within them what I call a new Wisdom Season.

Taking what they have learned and bringing it all together for a better purpose built world.

And deciding what they want to do, how to live, and what to contribute for their next significant stint.

To take stock of where they have been, and what they have achieved with their knowledge and skill.

Looking backward, in order to move ahead. This time with more love, and heart, and inner thrill.

And Joy. That keeps blossoming.

There is so much for each of us to contribute to the world no matter when we find ourselves reconsidering.

Through exploring and expressing our own interest and joy. And expanding the quality and joy in others' lives we make a difference.

When the heart is giving, opening, and joyously energetically transmitting, we make a difference.

We are blossoming, and those whose lives we touch benefit enormously.

We live a life of renewed clarity. And we can't help but bloom, such as the grateful joy that so inspired a poem by Siegfried Sassoon

A flower has opened in my heart -
What flower is this, what flower of spring,
What simple, secret thing?
It is the peace that shines apart,
The peace of daybreak skies that bring
Clear song and wild swift wing.

May we all find the miracle of clear song, and inward joy and spring. Our reason. And wisdom season.

SaraSwati Shakti

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