Friday, 27 December 2013

Anam Cara Family

I have been sitting in silence today.


For all the people with whom I have been spending the past year.

And the seasonal Christmas period.

Sharing meals. Telephone calls. Ideas. Friendships new. And those of many years.

My Anam Cara family.

Anam Cara refers to the Celtic spiritual belief of souls connecting and bonding.  Taken literally it means 'soul friend' and comes from Irish monasticism regarding a monk's spiritual advisor.

In each of our lives we can open to people who guide us. Souls that radiate from an aura of openness, trust and flow. Forming a deep bond by acceptance of us as we truly are.

The Irish poet, philosopher and Catholic priest, John O'Donohue in his 1997 book Anam Cara talks about being blessed with your Anam Cara as knowing that you have arrived home.

And to know your Anam Cara in another requires that you know the Anam Cara in yourself. That you have reached a deepened love of yourself. In doing so you open to a deepened level of love of another.

Many of us have experienced significant and transformative life changes over the past recent years. Ones that have challenged us to confront the meaning of our relationship with ourselves and with others.

In reflecting on where we have been it seems opportune to remind us of where we are headed as we move into 2014.

And, as John O'Donohue writes with such enormous beauty about the Celtic Wisdom of Anam Cara, his words perhaps speak most succinctly...

When love awakens in your life, in the night of your heart, it is like the dawn breaking within you. Where before there was anonymity, now there is intimacy; where before there was fear, now there is courage; where before in your life there was awkwardness, now there is a rhythm of grace and gracefulness; where before you used to be jagged, now you are elegant and in rhythm with your self. When love awakens in your life, it is like a rebirth, a new beginning. 

May you be blessed with the ever new beginnings of a deepening knowing and emerging of your Anam Cara self and family.

Much love

SaraSwati Shakti

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