Monday, 16 December 2013

A Future to Love

In 2011 Alan Clements published 108 reflections on the Art and Activism of Freedom in his book 'A Future to Believe In'.

Not only is the book a marvellous reflection of numerous aspirations and inspirations for planetary cultural movement, it has a large selection of sayings, and blendings of brilliance, from numerous writers, poets, teachers and activitists, in one wonderful book. You can dip your fingers, find your feelings, and create great mind maps, among a collection of many sections.

Yet the best part in it for me is one, simple, beginning.

It opens with a dedication. One of my all time favourite quotes from the poet and artist e.e. cummings:

'i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)'.

It is so wonderful. Not just because it is so beautiful in its simplicity and poignancy. But also because it reminds me of how strong and how vulnerable we are. And of what a privilege and a responsibility it is to be caretakers of another's heart.

Holding our own heart in esteem. As well as that of another.

And while my heart belongs to me. As yours does to you. We have an opportunity. To hold others' hearts in loving care, compassion, and energetic communication whenever we offer ourselves in friendship and companionship.

And that opportunity entails trust. And an obligation to ourselves to choose who our heart soul companions are. Those who understand how important it is to honour our soul heart. Who hold it dear and precious. And protect it from derision. Who choose authentic service to an entrustment to it.

Soul companions, together, in allegiance to the heart.

Creating A Future to Believe In. A Future to Love.

What a wonderful world that will be.

SaraSwati Shakti

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