Friday, 29 January 2016

Dreamtime Present

I have been away. On a Walkabout. Into the centre. Of Australia. The spiritual centre. Of Dreamtime Present. Kata Tjuta and Uluru. A beautiful view.

It has been on my list for many years. A dream that has come true.

And of my being, connecting, to the inner space projecting. My heart touched unfathomably by experiencing indigenous sacred space, and surrounding community.

January...taking the Pace of Peace with me that my pre-Christmas spirit intentions brought with me.

Have you noticed? A Pace of Peace helps you deal with the shadowy things. So you can focus on the beauty.

Going to Uluru in January is hot. There are flies to swat. The weather is intense. My regular activities are curbed for a different intent. Slow, Slow, Slowing down, walking my body around. Feeling the intensity, with loving propensity.

And, oh what joys the bright side brought. Stormy, rainy weather springs. Sensationally dramatic. Waterfalls and rainbows, rich red soil. And aliveness. In the heat, and the heart, of the semi-desert.

A Dreamtime Present.

There is something so magical about listening to the stories of an ancient land. The Dreamtime. As it's called in Australia. Many layers revealed of traditional values, morals, and virtues that are perpetual to honouring people.

Allowing for the beauty of navigating inner and outer landscapes, relating.

And how are you relating? How is your dreamtime story transpiring? Has your own January soul walkabout been inspiring, as you lean deeper into the new year. Readying for the Year of The Fire Monkey, actioning your purpose, and why you're here?

Take the time to jot down what has inspired you, values, pastimes, and passions too. Acknowledge what was great about January. What you learned about yourself, and others too. And take it with you into the love month of February. Add any desires and actions that prompt you to continue to unfold your life story : with friends, family, community, and the work that you do. Loving you and those around you.

And keep it flowing as your dreamtime bliss list, in your heart, mind and body, as your evolving year continues, with each precious present that it gifts you.

Much love

SaraSwati Shakti

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