Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Centred, and Whole

An invitation resulted in a lovely occasion over the last week. A visit to the Masonic Centre in Sydney. And while I have visited there regularly for conferences and meetings, this one was different, satiating a long held curiosity.

The Freemasons, the Masonic Lodge, it's symbolism and it's history. A museum, and active community, passed through many generations, in the heart of the city of Sydney. Demystifying, and enlightening this most interesting fraternity, that built so much structure, with spirit, globally.

I have always been excited about experiencing and learning about different traditions, and the rituals that surround them. Their living history, in the present. It is part of what helps me to understand the diversity of the world I appreciate, and it's impact on the world we live in.

And the symbols, emblems and allegorical meanings, unique to the tradition, of freemasonary, yet linked to so many other traditions universally, is fascinating. The quest for Masonic light, or knowledge, is explained as a journey. Just like any we take in finding the value we create, in whatever group, organisation, or community, to which we belong and participate.

Being birthed, initiated, serving, resting, and transforming, as our lives generate.

I have so many favourite components of what I learned, it would be too much here to elaborate. Instead I will focus on the one most meaningful element that stood out for me. The place of ceremony and initiation of a candidate, or lodge member, and their representative reality.

On a floor of chequered black and white squares representing light and shadow, which we each must traverse in our changing worlds, an important spot, in the centre. A Star emblem. Or what I saw as a five pointed pentacle, in a circle. A central, protective, whole, mandala symbol.

And directly above, hanging from the ceiling, the capital letter G.

G. For God.

And in between, stands the person, individually, singularly, and wholly, signifying so eloquently the connection between the Higher Mind, and their Earthly Being.

Solidifying the importance of the link each individual has to the higher dimensions, while grounded on sacred Earth reality.

What rich symbology, of the power we each weave! To impact, and impart, our centredness, directly.

As Above, So Below, reflectively.

Our vertical, upright, upstanding bodies, and beings, linking to the higher Self, with our worldly work and worth, connecting.

Embracing that knowledge, and the responsibility it brings, in the evolution of humanity.

Linking the wonders of Earth, with Heavenly beauty, and connecting centredly, and wholly.

The privilege and responsibility we hold, as human beings.

The Higher Purpose, on Earth, as we each evolve. How wonderfully extraordinary. Reinforcing, for every body the practice of vertical connection, with reverence, as important. Centredness and Wholly holy.

Much Love

SaraSwati Shakti

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