Saturday, 20 February 2016

Upon Reflection

At dawn this morning, by a river that runs alongside my neighbourhood, I noticed something new. Something irregular.

The river, was absolutely still.

So still that the water was a perfect mirror of the scene above her.

A complete, unadulterated, reflection. No exception.

And it didn't escape me, that my inner river, was similar. Still. And present. In the moment. Of contentment.

A mirror.

Stillness, within, and without, everywhere, about.

A clean slate, for a new day, as I sat, to contemplate.

A lovely observation. And a grateful contemplation.

And as I proceeded to walk along that lovely, still river, it changed. As I too had changed.

My mind was becaming busier. Passing by, I spoke briefly to people familiar. I made plans in my head for the day, and my week ahead. I noticed old ruminations, entering the field of stillness, coming into play.

And I noticed the river, had begun to ripple, as my mind had too.

A mirror.

Energy reflecting.

Reinforcing an awareness, that cultivating stillness, has an impact. And that what we bring as energy affects the world around us, and vice versa.

Watching how energy moves, as a reflection.

Knowing that it can be difficult to maintain stillness, with the movement through an ordinary day. And being aware that the ripples inside us, and those surrounding us, in leading a contemporary life, can contribute, or get in the way.

Learning to cultivate stillness, in the moment, can create a peaceful richness. And a self-awareness that is valuable for wellness.

Creating the time, to refine the mind, and emotions, has a marvellous affect on the world around us.

Through meditation, mindfulness, and creative immersion, or whatever practice satisfies it, in a personal way, can instill a peacefulness for blissfulness, as part of the day.

A lovely lesson, upon reflection.

And a beautiful motivation, for creating a peaceful projection, into the world today.

Much love

SaraSwati Shakti

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