Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Lustrous Best

It has been a week of being struck by and appreciating the beauty of people in the medical and healing professions. A most needed devotion, and valuable vocation.

The world is moving more rapidly. Vibrations are accelerating exponentially. People are being placed under greater pressure to sort through and purify, so that their energies are clarified. And the work of transcending and ascending is moving smoothly.

That is why those of you in the healing professions need to invest in your own skills, care and rest. So that the benefits you can pass on, can better help others you serve to repair and move on.

I was told of a story in pictures this week. About a piece of furniture. Lovingly restored by the craftsmanship of an artisan. It required investment, of time and effort, to bring it back to new lustre, which is now brilliantly present. A metaphor of the benefit of putting work into the tired, and creating a life re-woken.

That is the work for many of the people healers greet. And the work of the healer to stand alongside. And hold the hearts and hands of those who must traverse the tasks and challenges they meet. Investing in both yourself and those you serve. And with that skilled effort you each play a part in an expansive development. One that can generate moments and achievements that you can venerate.

We never really know what our lives will bestow. And as you are tasked with the duty and passion to help fashion a gentler journey for those who need help and healing, your obligation is to maintain your own life of heart and meaning, love and clearing.

I feel so privileged to be a part of an amazing wide spreading healing and creative community, from many walks of life, and numerous modalities. All doing the best, to keep the light burning, for a world that needs mending.

I salute you all. May you shine brightly.

And may you be blessed, and willing to invest, in what you need to maintain and create your lustrous best.

Much love

SaraSwati Shakti

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