Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Yum Yum Yum

It does not seem insignificant to me that there are so many amazing events these weeks. A lunar and solar eclipse, a Cardinal Grand Cross alignment, and an Easter weekend. The sacred feminine, the symbolism of the cross, and the resurrection. And, upon reflection, an ever present reconnection of my love for Jesus and his teachings, of the sacred heart, and the return of the feminine feeling function, in alignment with masculine consciousness. Christ consciousness, in energetic immersion.

I cannot tell you how much Jesus, the disciples, the Mary's, shepherds, wise men, the symbolic stories of the bible, and the gnostic gospels mean to me. I was brought up in the Catholic tradition, left it for a period, and have reconnected, in a more personally satisfying and more refined understanding of its mystical condition. The traditional literal, mystical, and symbolic meanings, always ignite my interest. As does the new age reflection of Jesus as Ascended Master Lord Sananda. All understandings clearly suggesting the power of this great master's teachings of the heart, and its important part, in our own resurrection and ascension. Part of the Easter mass celebrations. The Sacred Heart, this lovely, expanding part, of life as a feeling functioning art. A centrally large part of the breadth of spiritual traditions that always peak my interest.

It was during the week that I attended and participated in Kirtan, sound yoga and a fire puja, of another, more ancient, tradition. One that I have come to more personally know and appreciate. Another connection to a deeper and wider heart based intention. We chanted in Sanskrit, the most ancient language, while focussing on the Vedic chakra system. Richly poetic, technical and ceremonial in ritual, it struck me for the first time how delightful it is that the seed sound chant for the heart chakra is Yam, pronounced repetitively as Yum Yum Yum... And surely, when we are in our healed heart and in love, it is indeed Yum. A blissful, beautiful, experience, healthily and heartfully fun. Opening more widely and intentionally as bright as the Sun. Itself the symbol of the Christed One.

May you all be blessed with heartfelt experiences this Easter, April and Lunar and Solar Eclipse season. And may it all be Yum Yum Yum.

Much love

SaraSwati Shakti

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