Wednesday, 2 April 2014

What's in a Name?

One of the elements that is covered in the beginnings of a psychotherapy training module, when undertaking preparation to assist others in their self examination, is a thorough process of self awareness and life evaluation. An observation, and penetration, into the deeper meaning aspects of the therapist in training, so that the rigours of self knowledge clarifies patterns and unresolved expectations.

A theme that I explored in my training, was the meaning of naming. And the impact that infers, on the person, their surroundings, and their real or perceived life mission, and patterns, here on earth. This is a traditional concept familiar in spirituality and in psychotherapy. It forms a natural component of self awareness and learning.

I have had three names in this lifetime, that coincidentally, quite neatly, fit into the three phase feminine journey of maiden, mother, and wise woman.

I was named at birth Marija Vesela Dusevic. A labelling from my European cultural heritage. Taken quite literally, each in turn mean Divine Mother, Happy, and Of the Soul. My fate sealed in those three words. Feminine. Happiness. Soulful. The aspects of this life to fulfil.

My name changed when I married, to Marie Bonney, and created a second phase of my emerging, attached to another family, and building a professional identity. Still Marie, and becoming a mother, in the mix of activity.

Now single, I have adopted SaraSwati Shakti, received at a beautiful ceremony, with a Sydney Spiritual community. Defining my wise woman stage. Essentially meaning Essence of Self, Knowledge, Artistic, and Feminine Spiritual energy. The gifted acknowledging of my ongoing unfolding.

The circle turning. I am all three, as part of my identity. Appreciating all parts of my journey, and what I learned and know from each delivery. Content to continue my purpose of soulful happiness, feminine, artistic, and wisdom elements. And a passion for all things healing, and hope in humanity.

And why have I told you this? Because questions about my name persist.

Much love

SaraSwati Shakti

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