Thursday, 15 May 2014

Healing Meaning

It is here that you will find meaning in the unexplained, and the strength that guides you to the close of another day.

These were the words that inspired me to open and read Gregg Braden's 'Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer'. It gave me an answer to what I was looking for at the time. To guide my heart and mind. And the secrets to traversing a coming apart of my life. The hidden power of beauty, blessing, wisdom and hurt. The transformations, the lessons, and the feelings they brought.

I had just completed a course of study into the stages of grief, to help my client's gain relief, through the tasks they would take, through their own heart and mind fields of change they newly needed to shape.

Then my turn came. To put those skills into my own gain, and receive the blessings that came from prayer. To get through another day.

We all must find a way to work through the grief, the endings, the closures, we may need to traverse when they arrive some days. The letting go of old so that we can walk nobly toward our next stage.

Prayer is essentially what we feel, and think, and the words we say. They have power to create or to break another precious day. Honouring the process of pain, and taking responsibility for managing the tasks that grief entails, is a noble and necessary human process when it enters the day.

Facilitating the grace that each stage takes offers an experience of great humility, and dignity, when dealing with the work of healing. The wishing. And thinking. Meditating. And grieving. Reflecting. And affirming. Of our heart's long held yearning.

And coming to a place of knowing, in hindsight, that the closures, were the answers to the prayers of our heart's longing.

The heart yearns
For what it most deeply desires
The yearning itself is the prayer
The innermost truth
The passion
Clearing the mire
And fuelling the fire
Of living's desire

May your prayers exquisitely lead you to a life truly and passionately well lived and give meaning to your living healing.

SaraSwati Shakti

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