Thursday, 22 May 2014


Yesterday I spent the day out with a friend. Walking the curves around Sydney Harbour. A lovely meditation and reflection of the combined beauty of nature and architecture. I have always had an interest in how these two elements combine, when lovingly, harmoniously refined. So easy to marvel at how it has evolved. Both planned, and organically designed.

So many artists, designers and architects have spent marvellous time and effort building and creating structures to house and enhance our hearts and minds. And it made me think, of the process, of what it is to have a home composed of the feeling that builds within structural meaning.

For me it is about the centre. Like the mandala. And how it feels, and is created and built from the central seed. And how it radiates into its surroundings, to a physical and auric periphery, of wider ground.

As with the heart. The seed from which all grows. Creating true and right from the pure start, and spreading out from the centre of what it holds, and is evolved and found.

And as it is with humanity, and nature, as it grows and radiates, in heartfelt organic stature.

Building, and rebuilding, solidly, foundationally, from deep core, central ground, and around.

The essence of design, of a world, a life, a building, a workplace, and a home. Any space, to capture and reflect, the true character and preferences, of the owner and occupant. And the meaning, and feeling, it has for them. And those they welcome.

How beautiful it is to really connect to the way a sense of being home feels. As a true reflection, of the personhood it reveals. Wherever, and whoever, that is.

How sweet the sound

SaraSwati Shakti

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