Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Bringing Them to Life

Yesterday I dipped into the world of Natalie Merchant, and her stories of nursery rhymes. Of innocence, experience, adventures, and word-of-mouth traditions. Of poems, stories, and songs. Bringing them back to life, in her labour of love project, Leave Your Sleep.

What is so wonderful to me is that she linked the stories of the art and the artists so eloquently, putting the added dimension of musicality, to the beauty of the poetry.

It reminds me of the wonderful role of the arts in living, healing, and leaving a legacy, for the world. In it's infancy, growth, and eternity. And the wisdom passed through generations from numerous traditions, that teach us the core values and lessons of life's tests and virtues.

The most touching parts of her project for me was the research and descriptions of the lives of the poets. Bringing them to life. And recreating the meaning behind their artistic contributions, still relevant now and here. A universality of our human frailty, and ability to mend and transcend, through our own art and heart stories.

I have appreciated, and absorbed the beauty and revelations of so many poets, poetry, and music, that have lit up my life. Bringing me back to life, in the sometimes hum drum of existence. Throwing myself wholeheartedly and sensually into the experience, and the brilliance, that the words and communication bring. Hearing, feeling and listening. Dancing. Dipping, into favourites, and finding newness, regularly.

We can learn so much from the stories of others, and how parts of their life experience can touch our own lives as witnesses, creating a resonance and genuine compassion for the universality of living's passion.

May the purity of words and music bring you life and reverie. And what your heart, mind, and body need, as inner sacred and holy rememberings, touching you wholly, soul-ly and deeply.

SaraSwati Shakti.

And, for those wishing to dip further, one of my favourite TED recordings will add reality to this brief log description, bringing you into the experience of Natalie Merchant. It is quite long, so you may wish to get a cup of tea, and lose yourself in the experience utterly, totally, quietly, and completely. Right here http://youtu.be/vXVCf5VTHrw

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  1. And with the news of Maya Angelou, May her legacy, her story, her poetry, for humanity, live largely, on, and on, and on....