Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Coherence Appearance

Tomorrow I have a meeting with a group of wellness providers that I am leading. And we are concentrating on the theme of LinkedIn as part of connecting to our audience, who needs our services, and the technicalities of attracting, communicating, and reaching them.

And the word coherence came up for me. Suggesting the importance of aligning with everything, coherently. With the values we hold dearly. Selecting that which illuminates and resonates with our paths, and the paths of significant others like our families, our clients, our communities, moving brilliantly. Adding flowingly to how the world can be continually evolving lovingly. And peacefully.

And I drew it in a mandala. What coherence looks like in a picture. Visually. People holding hands, moving, forward. From left to right. Across a path united. Rising, and dipping or resting, for decision-making when need be. Intersecting and connecting with the flowing beauty of an energetically seamless heartbeat, along a bright horizon.

Perhaps you can connect to the picture. In your own individual way. What it may mean to you. And meditate with it. That is what I will be doing with the group tomorrow morning when we begin. Linking together some themes of our group cohesively as we move on with our individual and collective illuminated journeys. Refining, fortifying, and deepening, our co-creative relating.
And in your inquiry, with the meditative mandala in heartmind, you may also like to consider:
1. Who are your coherence friends, families, colleagues, customers and communities?
2. How do you energetically and purposefully connect mindfully, heartfully, and taskfully?
3. Where do you flow rhythmically, and how do you intersect abundantly, so that opportunities for co-creation present seamlessly.
4. What are the benefits each person is bringing to the transactions and interactions that are supporting a jointly fulfilling higher purpose into being.
Such a lovely inquiry to be undertaking as you move into the last parts of the year. 
Much love on your coherent connecting.
SaraSwati Shakti

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