Sunday, 9 November 2014

Drawing for Humanity

Drawing is ancient. What has been presented on paper, parchment, rocks and stones over centuries, has educated humanity.

Like writing, it demonstrates cognition of an idea. And stores information, throughout civilisation, in a picture. It offers images that stir from sleeping dreams, mythological, ritualistic, and symbolic meaning. As well as a range of pictorial archetypes, for seeing, feeling, and connecting to the inner holy being.

And as life moves, evolves, and changes, drawings generate reflectively. So that creation perpetuates. And the images that resonate, deeply, and humanly, repeat. Maintaining and encouraging a life force of something higher, deeper, and more meaningful. Updated, and relevant, reinforcing messages, for humanity's evolving benefit.

When the eyes and an art piece really meet, something interior has been touched, and reached. Visibly and invisibly.

And that can be a peak experience, aha moment, and an amazing event. As well as an ordinary, daily, lovely, simple, thing.

Yet the value of the simple and ordinary can often be overlooked, as un-extraordinary.

I have worked with many people. Helping them to tap into and understand their inner landscapes. And the biggest thing I have learned is that so many feel an innate unworthiness, an un-extraordinariness, and a dissatisfaction. At a loss to find their innate loveliness, and innocence. They puff up with layers of achievements, competitions, justifications and unnecessary busyness. And while the big things are most definitely worth celebrating, they occur intermittently.

It reminded me of an anonymous quote I read recently. Anyone loves a rose, but it takes a lot to love a leaf. It's ordinary, but it's beautiful to love the ordinary. 

The human heart knows that. It does not judge. It connects. To what is uniquely important to the person whose body it is in. No matter how seemingly ordinary. The intrinsic, significant, things. And, in listening to it, it allows you to find discernment and clarity. To what is really important, in every moment. To life, and deeper values. Enacting and practising, wholeness. And discovering, intrinsically, and symbolically, that the leaves are also roses.

I invite you to tap into the language of your heart through the art in Heart Art mandala'verse, now available in a book depository for humanity.

The book is being used to educate others to find and connect to their heart's discernment, meditatively and sacredly. 

Sample poetry describing the drawings from Heart Art mandala'verse, can be seen in the latest edition of Spirituality and Health magazine

Heart Art mandala'verse is available from major on-line booksellers. And you can order it at your local bookseller. Softcopy ISBN 978-1-4525-9478-1.

May it connect you to your extraordinary ordinary heart based personal, and universal, experience.

SaraSwati Shakti

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