Wednesday, 19 November 2014

InJoy and EnJoyning

Several years ago a positive psychology professor asked me a question. How do I reconcile the combination of positive psychology and Jungian depth psychology as part of the preferences of modalities I enjoy using.

The question implied to me that you can only exist in one camp, or another.

But to me, that is denying the full spectrum of life.

To me they are part of a continuum on which life oscillates. And part of a range of tools to get us through challenges in the greatest and gentlest way possible.

Life, by it's true nature, includes endings, death, deeper yearnings, as well as births, soarings, high points, and fun things. And that is what makes it whole, and complete. Understanding, accepting and  working through the spectrum of what is happening, when it presents, in the moment. Embracing it entirely, is what makes it relevant and aids self-awareness and decision-making.

And life is an evolving and involving journey. What is needed may shift and change depending on our development and the events we may be experiencing.

Ever since I can remember I have understood the marriage between life and grief. That joy and pain co-exist. That hope and dread are real. That there is light. And that there is shadow. Knowing that when we are born, we are also going to die. And consequently how valuable life really is.

Finding joy through positivity when we need it, and creating it as a setpoint, is one aspect. Finding compassion and deeper understanding when joy is hard to see with a more troubling element is another option.

And that clarifies and unifies the use of different modalities as part of a toolbox. It's a topic I wrote about in a previous blog

Positives are great. Staying focussed on positives helps us to appreciate our lives. And there is so much to appreciate. Yet when it is inauthentic it can deny stirrings that are unpleasant, and that need to be noticed. And while it may help to stay positive to transcend what may be too difficult to deal with for a time, at some point these stirrings may need to be addressed. That's when the depth is the beauty. Finding what is hidden. And realising an InJoy for a truer self, and the value it brings.

Likewise staying in the depths can drown us. Keep us away from a wider perspective of broadening, giving, receiving, and applying the learnings into a richer, fuller, life connection. Offering the learnings and knowledge as gifts of maturing. Embedding the understandings and wisdoms that we can pass on as being our authentic selves with others. That creates the EnJoyning as a real positive for a richer, more robust society.

And while that somewhat oversimplifies things, working this way allows for a broader developmental approach. Using mindfulness, and heartfulness to connect to options for finding InJoy. And EnJoyning that is relevant.

This is the case for both individuals and organisations. Scanning for what are positive, and the hidden elements, for both the individual and the collective. Using relevant tools and modalities for EnJoyning InJoy.

Our individual and collective soul signatures are here on a mission. To live life fully. To compel us to embrace the endings and birthings, joys and discomforts, and to remind us of our humanity. To tune in authentically, to ourselves, each other, and to choose to create greater, more fulfilling, joyful and purposeful living.

May our best, most rewarding, and fulfilling, InJoy and EnJoyning lives persist beautifully, compassionately, and creatively, positively and deeply, for a better humanity.

SaraSwati Shakti

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