Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Blessed Contentedness

This week I sketched a picture of two representational mandalas, one called Family and the other called Home. Together they combined as Family Home.

It presented for someone who requested a mandala of her own. And with graceful intervention I let go of artistic flow to see what would evolve for her to know.

She received the two mandalas as a reflection. Representing the place of her heart, of her attention and intention. An understanding of where her primary fires burn. She, and her family home. One representing her and her family members, individually and enJoyning in their pleasures. And the other of her InJoying blossoming, of herself, as her home.

Her home, her heart centre, and the collection of passion amongst all the members, including her own, that together are one whole.

And I mingled with other families, at end of year gatherings leading up to Christmas. Noticing the passions of each person, contributing to the entire mix, of purposing their pleasures and treasures individually and together. Processes of blending, mending, communicating, and treading beautifully, and appreciatively around the important, connective, things.

And I realised oneness more definitely, more completely intrinsically, in maintaining the rhythm of the members of the family and what goes on in it. Gently, acceptingly, and experimentally, learning about each other and understanding their passions and needs, gracefully, and carefully. Listening, and developing.

We often think of the term Oneness as something quite amorphous and enormous, as something global, and unattainable. And while it has a large universality, it also occurs finitely, and starts in families. In the ones of origin, as well as others we create intentionally, and blissfully, with harmony, and loving beauty.

Understanding group dynamics, for everybody.

When things go less smoothly, adjusting.

When things go right, celebrating.

The experience of individuals impacting the whole. Being conscious of the dynamics.

Creating space for individuality, to hold grace, for each person, and what they each need, as well as everyone collectively, for well-being. Prioritising, balancing, and ridding things unnecessary. That's the creative rhythm of a family.

Creativity in how we live our lives. Opening up to solutions, options, flowing essence as the heart opens to greater importance of the value of a happy, fulfilling essence for each, and all combined. A blessedness of contentedness.

As we lead up to Christmas and other events we naturally think of family and what it means, as part of the rituals we involve ourselves in.

Perhaps an openness to the uniqueness, and preferences of each member, and the blending of the quirkiness, in and amongst all the rest, can enhance a harmonic oneness and lovingness for everyone for a Christmas blessed.

May you create and find the blessedness of family home at Christmas, in whatever way that happens to be for your contentedness.

SaraSwati Shakti

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Photo: Family and Home mandala's coupled as 'Family Home' by SaraSwati Shakti, 2014.

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